Lighten smart life for the visually impaired (experience · new era · dream chaser · “urgent and worried and hope to solve this”))

Lighten smart life for the visually impaired (experience · new era · dream chaser · “urgent and worried and hope to solve this”))

Liu Biao likes to collect all kinds of voices and re -arrange it to make a song.

Wang Mengqi is conducting barrier -free testing.

Zhou Fugui is developing the program, and the line code condenses countless efforts.

The team of visually impaired engineers cooperated tacitly, and Wang Mengqi was communicating with colleagues.

Figures of the Shenzhen Information Cabier -free Research Association

In a building in the Futian Bonded Zone in Shenzhen, a reporter is interviewing Wang Mengqi, an visually impaired engineer of the Shenzhen Information Cabinaries (hereinafter referred to as the “Research Association”).

A heavy rain was suddenly, and the raindrops crackled on the window. “It’s raining, is it convenient for you to go home in a while?” The reporter asked Wang Mengqi. He is an engineer and a visually impaired, and he can see almost nothing. After get off work, he would take a bus to Yitian Metro Station two kilometers away and go home with his girlfriend. But at this time, it is somewhat inconvenient for people with public transportation.

“It’s okay, I’ll take a car.” Wang Mengqi heard the reporter’s concerns, smiling and comforting. He picked up his mobile phone, approached his ears, slid his thumb on the screen, and looked serious and serious. After listening to a rapid prompt sound, he skillfully completed the taxi operation.

Behind Wang Mengqi, in the office of the Research Association, many engineers are working to work to optimize code for different applications, obstacle testing … The life of the visually impaired is colorful due to the Internet. Some of them, like Wang Mengqi, strive to let the Internet illuminate more people.

Screen reading software takes a bridge

Experts from the Research Association introduced that visual disabled refers to the damage to the visual function. In addition to the blind people, the visually impaired also includes many amblyopia people who need to use auxiliary appliances such as a magnifying glass. Statistics from the Chinese Blind Association show that there are more than 17 million visually impaired people.

For this group, the use of the Internet is equivalent to opening a new door for them.

Wang Mengqi mainly relies on listening to the Internet. What text is on the page, which window is opening, what programs are running, etc., screen reading software will be read one by one. Due to the hearing, he used his mobile phone and was no different from those with normal vision.

Eight years ago, in the last year at Henan Vocational College of Punishment, Wang Mengqi went to an internship of a massage hospital in his hometown Xuchang. It is only 500 meters away from home, and the work is stable, and the parents and family are very satisfied.

Unexpectedly, a recruitment of the research association changed Wang Mengqi’s life trajectory. “I heard that the research club recruited visually impaired engineers, just want to try it. Young, curious to the outside.” Wang Mengqi said, taking a resume and the interview with his family. When he was going to work in Shenzhen, his mother was anxious: “One person You can’t see it so far, how can you take care of yourself? “Wang Mengqi explained with a smile:” You can do a lot of things on the Internet, buy things, take takeaway, know new friends, and keep it. “

This is 8 years. Wang Mengqi was very adaptable to work and life, and met his girlfriend in quality expansion activities. Last year, parents came to Shenzhen to play, and they depended on Wang Mengqi as a tour guide.

There are many studies like Wang Mengqi. Liu Biao, who was slightly fat, laughed, showing two “squirrel teeth” with a smile. Once, Liu Biao was afraid of going to the supermarket, could not find things, and easily hit the shelf. “Now surfing the Internet now, you can buy anything.”

Traveling is more convenient. Liu Biao tells the story of a friend. “I have a friend who can distinguish whether the car or a private car can be distinguished according to the subtle difference of the engine. “,”

“It’s okay now, use a taxi software, people don’t find a car, and the car comes to me. I often laugh at his” special feature ‘. “Liu Biao’s eyes narrowed into a line and continued,” A few years ago, I After getting in the car, the driver will be very surprised. In the past two years, they will not inquire about how I call a car and chat with me along the way. “

Screen reading software is like a “blind stick” on the Internet on the Internet, but it has to lead a good way, and it is indispensable for a smooth “network blind track”.

Calling out the screen reading mode of the mobile phone, the reporter quickly experienced the obstacles on the “blind track”. The “play” key of a certain audio software reads only the word “button” after recognition; some pages express the “+” key that means “more”, but it is a bunch of garbleds; Text can basically not read. Wang Mengqi said: “For these contents, people with normal vision understand it at a glance, but it is an obstacle to us. Some key links are blocked, and the product may not be used.”

Optimizing the Internet experience is not easy

As a public welfare organization, in the past, the research association mainly taught visually impaired to use computers. After the rise of the mobile Internet, mobile phones slowly became the main tool for surfing the Internet. Where is the obstacle, the user is the most clear. Why not understand the visually obstacles of the computer to optimize? In this way, Liu Biao and Wang Mengqi joined the research association and became the earliest group of visually impaired engineers in my country.

Unblocked the “Internet Blind Road” is not just a point of view. Reading, interactive, and design obstacles, no one knew at the beginning. The visually impaired engineer studied one by one to explore solutions.

Liu Biao’s main work is to write code. He didn’t need to turn on the computer screen, wearing a headset, and writing a line of code while listening. Most of the time, he lowered his head, with his hands on the keyboard, cracking down the characters. Sometimes when he encountered Kaner, he would take off his headphones and think about it.

In college, Liu Biao learns acupuncture and massage. “I am 8 years old Chinese medicine.” He revealed two “squirrel teeth” and recalled the days of self -study programming.

“My programming knowledge was asked by my sister as a child when I was a kid.” The sister read it over, and Liu Biao recorded it with a tape, recording a paragraph, and carrying it. After listening to the first textbook for 50 days, I wrote more than 200 pages of lame notes. “I started to listen to Tianshu, and then I slowly found some feelings.” Liu Biao said, now thinking of those code, there are all my sister’s reading sounds in my mind.

Wang Mengqi does a barrier -free test work. After joining the research meeting, he summarized a set of test methods. With the assistance of colleagues with normal vision, he also learned to use screenshots, labeling and other methods to convert the problems found and submitted to visual expression.

“Do this, the technical content is actually quite high.” Wang Mengqi said proudly. On one occasion, a large Internet company found a research club, hoping that a certain product was suitable for visually impaired people to operate with keyboards. Wang Mengqi and colleagues of the Research Association wrote a thick barrier -free keyboard interaction, and the other party was surprised: “I didn’t expect you to be so professional.”

Another visually impaired engineer Wu Yiming, tall and thin, and also had the strength of unconvinced body. In 2015, after graduating from Zhejiang Special Education Vocational College, he started a massage work in order to make a living. During that time, I went to work during the day and learned to program myself at night. More than two years later, he joined the research meeting as expected. On December 26, 2017, he clearly remembered the days when he received the call, and he was so excited that night.

The cooperation of the research disabilities of the research association is becoming more and more tacit. Everyone cooperates closely. Every day at 10 am until late at night, in the 200 -square -meter office of the research association, the sound of the keyboard and the sound of telephone rises. When you are busy, you say a word, like a lively market.

Looking forward to gathering more strength

In the research meeting, there is also a 25 -year -old visually impaired engineer Zhou Fugui. He has developed an application called “Handling World”, which is the first product developed by the visually impaired. In March last year, he joined the Research Association and hoped that his work would help more people.

“Thank you for letting all kinds of software use without obstacles and help me read a PhD.” This is a feedback from a user of visually impaired by the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Despite the hard work and busy work, there are more feedback, and the staff of the Research Association have more appreciated the meaning of doing this.

What makes them gratitude is that more and more institutions and individuals are consciously participating in the construction of the “Internet Blind Road”. In response to the optimization of the product, the visually impaired engineer gives suggestions and plans, and to make the “network blind track” more unblocked, it is necessary to adapt and adjust software and hardware companies.

For example, Liu Biao said that at the software level, some commonly used social software, shopping software, online banking software, etc., have cooperated with the research associations to refine the product according to the needs of the visually impaired people. At the hardware level, in accordance with the advice of the visually impaired engineer, Huawei and other mobile phone manufacturers made deep optimization of barrier -free mobile phone systems and formulated barrier -free design specifications.

Today, Liu Biao’s life is no different from ordinary people. He likes this job, the atmosphere of cooperating with colleagues, does not feel that he is low, nor does he think he needs to help deliberately. Every time, he also pondered some new things. He was obsessed with collecting all kinds of sounds, wind, rain, and traffic at the middle of the night. When it rains, collect the sound of rain on the street, record the traffic sounds on the road at one or two in the middle of the night, and then arrange these sounds to make a song with friends.

The rain continued until night. At a restaurant near Yitian Metro Station, reporters and Wang Mengqi, Wu Yiming, and Zhou Fugui ordered a simple meal. Zhou Fugui just returned from Hefei to Shenzhen on the same day. A company who was concerned about information -free information invited him to record public welfare promotional videos.

In the past two years, they have been invited to attend some activities to share the story of visually impaired engineers. Wu Yiming admits that sometimes he feels a little tired, but he can think of people who can understand the “Internet blind road” and get up again.

Wang Mengqi is also a frequent visitor shared by public welfare. “The media came to interview me. At first, I felt very stretched, but it took a long time, and I felt more responsibilities.” He told reporters that I hope more people will understand the needs of the visually impaired. For more strength, promote this meaningful job together.

Let the Internet benefit more people (reporter’s notes)

Before the group did not contact the visually impaired group, the reporter did not realize how important the Internet was for them. Similarly, most of the obstacles caused by Internet applications to visually impaired are unintentional “passing”. Because many developers do not realize that visually obstacles will still use their mobile phones. In fact, the visually impaired aspirations may be more urgent than those with normal vision. This is a window for them to know the outside world, and it is also an important bridge that they integrate into society.

Build a well -off society in an all -round way to prevent one person from getting behind. Right now, the Internet is integrated into all aspects of life, allowing the Internet to benefit more people, which can improve people’s sense of gain and happiness, but also a sign of social civilization. Statistics show that there are more than 17 million visually impaired people in my country, including all blind and amblyopic people. What’s more, everyone may need to obtain information with the help of hearing because of aging and eye diseases. When designing and developing network products, you must always remember such a group.

During the interview, the reporter deeply realized that the spiritual world of visually impaired was equally rich. They are eager for everyone, self -reliance, self -reliance, and self -reliance, and to win respect with hard work. They use their efforts to break the inherent prejudice -in addition to becoming a blind masseur, they can also become IT engineers and musicians, showing a colorful struggle.

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“Monster Nutrition” actively cooperates with the “Chinese Resident Diet Guidelines” | Create a new national tide brand

“Monster Nutrition” actively cooperates with the “Chinese Resident Diet Guidelines” | Create a new national tide brand

Recently, the big news in the nutrition industry is the latest version of “Chinese Resident Dietary Guide”, which is known as the “Identification Guide” of the Chinese people! So what is the difference between the release of this new version and the old version?

According to reports, the “Chinese Resident Dietary Guide (2022)” has refined eight criteria for balanced diets: 1. Diverse food and reasonable combination; 2. Eat and balance, healthy weight; 3. Eat more fruits, vegetables, milk, whole valley , Soybean; Fourth, eat fish, poultry, eggs, lean meat; 5, less salt and less oil, sugar control restrictions; 6, regular meals, drinking water in full amount; seventh, the cooked will be selected, the label will be seen; 8. 8. Public chopsticks are divided into meals to prevent waste. The changes in the content of the new version reflect the nutritional and health conditions of most people in my country at the moment, and also provide more dietary inspiration to Chinese residents.

(2022 “Chinese Resident Diet Guidelines” new change)

It is understood that Monster Nutrition (Guangdong) Life Science Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Monster Nutrition”) actively responded to national policies, together with nutritional authority advocating a “reasonable diet, scientific matching” lifestyle, and relying on the group’s “Suntree Zhan Cui Food” Under the conditions of serving global R & D, manufacturing and product control advantages in 33 years, build a unique “monster nutrition laboratory”, and is committed to providing consumers with more nutritious and delicious functional leisure foods. The company’s persistence and dreams have always hoped that more scientific patent technology innovation is used to achieve more professional, more effective, and more secure delicious food and leisure foods through more secure natural raw materials, bringing consumers a more intellectual and healthy life experience.

In addition, the products that are currently listed on “Monster Nutrition” are: eye -catching and nutritious nutrition “blueberry lutein ollen sugar”, skin -skinned nutrition “cod collagen peptide sodium sodium sodium sodium”. Each product gathers global nutrition technology, preferred and safer nutritional elements, actively advocates balanced diet, reasonable nutrition, and helps consumers choose more nutritious and healthy leisure snacks.

(“Monster Nutrition” Fund Sugar Series Product Map)

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alert! Monitoring records the thrilling scene of playing children’s community

alert! Monitoring records the thrilling scene of playing children’s community

Some time ago

A thrilling scene occurred in a community in Phuket

A child is lying on a balanced car

Sliding across the community

Unexpectedly, a private car came at this time

The child is too late to dodge and get involved in the bottom of the car

Live danger on the spot

The surveillance video of the community records the entire process


The child’s body is unhappy, just knee scratching

After the vehicle leaves

The child gets up and walks to the roadside

But this incident is enough to give you a warning

Whether to go out

Still in the community

When children’s traffic safety hazards exist, exist

Parents must not be careless!

The property has been at all intersections

Set the reducer and warning logo

The reporter learned from the community property office

After the incident, the property quickly contacted

Parents and car owners

And notified 120 for processing

Fortunately, the child is just a knee abrasion

The body is not a big deal

The property said that it had been at various intersections before

Set the reducer and warning logo

And set up zebra crossing sidewalks

On the one hand, remind the driver

On the other hand, I also remind parents to pay attention

The person in charge of the community property

After this incident, many owners also made a lot of suggestions in the group. With good suggestions, we will also adopt it to avoid similar incidents.

Parents of children: I also told my child, paying more attention to safety in the future. Both sides work hard. We have responsibility ourselves. The child is lying on the balance car. It must be invisible. It is the blind spot for the driver’s sight. Of course, it is recommended that the driver still observe the road conditions.

Vehicles in the community often enter and exit

Children are always in the community

Play skateboarding, balanced cars, cycling, etc.

Dear owners must observe the surroundings carefully

Parents have to tell their children

Remember to cross the road

The accident cannot be predicted, but the accident can be prevented

Traffic accidents are fierce than tiger

Your child may not have such consciousness yet

But your parents must have!

Reminder of Ten Children’s Traffic Safety

Parents and children must watch


// The red light stops, the green light line

When crossing the crowded crossway, it is necessary to pass quickly under the premise of ensuring safety. If the red light is still on the sidewalk, do not retreat or run, so as not to danger. Pay attention to the observation situation at the same time, or wait on the center of the road to wait for the centerline of the road. The next green light is turned on and passed.


// Go to the road to take the zebra crossing

Before passing the zebra crossing, pedestrians should first observe whether there is a signal light control. If there is no signal light control, the civilized gesture of “invasion” can be used to remind the driver to park for the turn.

Pedestrians should quickly nod or beckon the driver or beckon the driver or beckon when the vehicle where the vehicle is in front of the parking concession will be quickly passed through the zebra crossing.


// Keep the child’s hand at all times

Children’s safety awareness is relatively weak, and it is easy to be attracted by all kinds of things around because of curiosity. In addition, the child’s behavior is greatly uncertain, and it is easy went.


// Stay away from the blind area of ​​the vehicle

The blind spots can be roughly divided into “fixed” sight blind spots and “moving” blind spots outside the car. The “fixed” blind spots in the car include blind spots of the front of the car, blind spots formed by A -pillar cover, and blind spots of the rear of the car. When the child is squatting and playing in a blind spot, he cannot see it in the cab, and it is easy to collide.


// Unswatter to ride a bicycle at the age of 12

According to relevant laws and regulations in my country, children under the age of 12 cannot ride a bicycle on the road. Article 72 of the Implementation Regulations of the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China stipulates that “driving a bicycle on the road must be at least 12 years old.”


// Put a safe helmet correctly

(Slide view)

① After wearing a head circumference or test helmet, determine the helmet size. When wearing, you need to drive the back mediation device to the maximum.

② Put the helmet horizontally, do not lean forward or back. After the helmet, the front of the helmet will block the sight, and the security of the back position cannot be protected. The front of the helmet will cause the helmet to protect the security of the forehead position.

③ Tighten the regulator until the helmet does not shake and feel comfortable.

④ Adjust the height of the black fork buckle on both sides of the helmet, so that the position of the ears is exactly the middle of the two woven straps.

⑤ Adjust the position of the chin socket and tighten the length. There is a method of wearing a finger gap at the jaw below.


// Use safe seats and seat belts correctly

Be careful not to let children under the age of 12 sit alone in the co -pilot position or embrace the child in the co -pilot position, because the co -pilot is usually equipped with airbags. When a collision occurs, the instantaneous airbags that pop up will cause the child’s head and cervical spine to cause the child’s head and cervical spine Deadly damage.

When children ride a car, they need to be height, weight, and age according to their physical growth.

Select safety seats or seat belts to protect children’s passengers in four stages.

Students of the age need to be tied to the seat belt correctly. The seat belt should be tied to the hip and chest as much as possible, pulling it from the shoulders, spanning it on the pelvis and chest cavity, forming a horizontally placed V -shaped. Only one person can be used, and it is strictly forbidden to share multiple people.


// Do not expose your body out of the window

When the child extends his head or body out of the window or the sunroof, the child is easily harmed due to sudden brakes and scraping. Parents should always take good care of their children, try to close the vehicle’s sunroofs, doors and windows, and do not let the children extend any part of their bodies out of the car.



Pay attention to the traffic rules during cycling. Do not speed the speed of the vehicle. Do not drive on the curve. When turning, slow down in advance and extend your hands. You should get out of the car when passing by the pedestrian crossway. When the two bicycles are side by side, be careful not to hook their shoulders to prevent traffic accidents.


// Not retrograde, not super

When riding an electric vehicle on the road, you should drive according to the road. You cannot travel in the opposite direction and cannot overload. The dangerous driving electric vehicles not only disturb the traffic order of the road, but also cause inconvenience to the normal driving vehicles and form a major hidden danger of road traffic.

Parents, please take care of your children

Teach children to avoid risks

Hold your child’s safety in your own hands

(First scene)

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The benefits of cleaning the vegetables with a bubble cleaning machine

The benefits of cleaning the vegetables with a bubble cleaning machine

Introduction to equipment:

Bubble vegetable cleaning machine

The cleaning machine uses air bubble cleaning, which is effectively separated from the surface of the cleaning object, simulated the basic movements of artificial cleaning and effectively avoiding the phenomenon of touch, bumping, and scratching in artificial cleaning. Suitable for all kinds of fresh vegetables, salted vegetables, fungi, and seafood. Depending on the proportion of the cleaning materials, two models are designed: the entire network belt type and semi -network belt type. The semi -mesh belt type is suitable for materials with less than or equal to water. The entire network belt type is suitable for materials that are greater than water or are afraid of injury.

Instructions for use:

Structure: The device consists of the main part of the trough, the inner groove, the sediment isolation net, the improvement device, and the bubble occurrence device


(1) Wash the water tank clean and fill the water; inject water from the main slot to the water overflow.

(2) Start the conveyor network band motor to make the net band run normally and the direction is correct;

(3) Start the vortex pump, inject the air into the water tank water, and turn the water in the box;

(4) Open the spraying valve to make the water spray evenly on the mesh;

(5) Check the operations of each operation to determine the normal operation and work.

Customized green pepper cleaning machine dumpling filling equipment

It is mainly used for cleaning of fruits, green leafy vegetables, fungi, and seafood. It can be washed in stages and removed sediment, debris, and rinsing. The high degree of washing is high, and the original color can be maintained. The bubble cleaning machine is a fruits such as strawberries, jujube, apples and other fruits. Vegetable water produces an important part of the production line. The principle of the bubble cleaning machine is to use the appropriate amount of water in the box in front of the box. When the raw material passes through the box, it will be rolled with the bubble machine and water. When the water is out of the water, there is a spray head with high pressure rinse.

In addition to the standard parts such as motors and bearing, the equipment is made of stainless steel SUS304 materials, which fully meets the requirements of export food hygiene. There is an air bubble installation in the device to make the material rolling and remove the agricultural residue of the product surface. At the same time, an appropriate amount of potions can be added to disinfect the color. Floating objects can be overflowed from the overflow slot, and the sediment is discharged from the sewage port to achieve the purpose of cleaning. It has the characteristics of high cleaning, energy saving, water -saving, stable and reliable equipment. Increase the purpose of removing pesticide residues and sterilization. The appearance size of the device can be customized according to the output.

Except for standard parts such as motors and bearings, the national standard 304 stainless steel is used, which meets the food hygiene requirements. Fruit and vegetable bubble cleaning machine is equipped with a bubbler device to make the material rolling under the action of bubbles. Through the impact of water flow, the remnants of the product surface are eliminated. You can also add a cleaning machine to disinfect and fix the product.

The sand on the surface of the material sinks into the bottom of the isolated warehouse, which will not cause reappearing to cause pollution again. The impurities and small worms in floating water will be collected by the mesh of the miscellaneous mechanism. After the water is out of water, it will be cleaned to achieve the effect of secondary cleaning.

The use of food -grade materials is safe and reliable, no pollution, stable transportation, adjustable speed, and moving movements with the transportation belt, which can avoid damage to the conveyor and small noise. Maintenance, small energy consumption, low use of Chen Ben.

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The top ten rankings of international car refrigerators in 2017

The top ten rankings of international car refrigerators in 2017

With the diversification and deepening of self -driving tour, the requirements of car owners and friends on the quality of self -driving travel are also getting higher and higher. Began to pay attention to this car refrigerator with the advantages of refrigerating freshness, obvious refrigeration effect, and mobile portable. They are not large, easy to carry, and have a very powerful function. They have been on the must -have list of self -driving tour. At present, there are more and more vehicle refrigerators on the market. Hundreds of car refrigerators with large and small, large and small, have allowed many car owners to start when choosing. How to choose a car refrigerator today. In 2017, the top ten rankings of the refrigerator brand.

Yingder car refrigerator

The Berry car refrigerator originated from European Italian technology. Since the invention of the first car refrigerator of human beings, Yingder has gone through 50 years of history. In addition to Mercedes -Benz, Lincoln, Volvo, Cadillac and many other domestic and foreign auto companies, it is also a supplier of the NASA refrigerator of the American Aerospace Office. Products are currently widely used in cars, yachts, RVs, trucks, business, medical care and other fields. They are one of the most important car refrigerators in the world. The product of the German SECOP compressor is strictly selected as the core accessories, which can be reduced to 0 ° C in 30 minutes, and the minimum can reach -18 ° C. It can achieve intelligent temperature control technology. There are almost no other car refrigerators that can match. At the same time, the after -sales policy is also relatively complete. The entire product is guaranteed for one year and the compressor is three -year warranty. The powerful refrigeration effect+complete after -sales, Yingder’s car refrigerator is currently sitting on the market for sales.


Meigu is an electronic refrigerator, which is generally priced at 300-500 yuan, but it does not reach the cooling effect, and the minimum temperature can only reach 5 degrees. It is difficult to achieve the fresh effect in the hot summer. It can be said to be a good insulation box.


Kemin mini refrigerator is a good cost -effective product. It can be bought without 200 yuan on the Internet. The sales volume is very hot. It can basically play a thermal insulation function and suitable for the owner of the economy.


Tingwei is a Ningbo electronic company. Its Ting micro -car refrigerator is also done well. Its core advantage is that the capacity is large, and the price is cheaper. Therefore, it is also loved by many users, and the sales volume is more powerful.


Pu Nengda launched a SUV -specific car refrigerator, which also uses the German ECOP vehicle compressor to achieve wireless remote control, but the price is relatively high.

New Fox

As one of the manufacturers in the field of car refrigerators earlier, New Fox has good products, mainly to produce semiconductor -based car refrigerators.


Michelin car refrigerators and Michelin tires are not produced in France, but are produced by a domestic brand. Its products are mainly semiconductors and their main is the 200-800 car warm and warm thermal insulation box.


Furither uses advanced semiconductor refrigeration technology. Its products can not only refrigerate, but also heat and heat up; the noise is small, easy to carry, and it is difficult to achieve the refrigeration effect.

Ao Baijia

Aoba is a car refrigerator that uses semiconductor refrigeration technology. Its products are cost -effective, workmanship is good, functional, and easy to defrost. However, many users also report that some of their products are relatively rough and cool down.


Cabaijia is also a car refrigerator that uses semiconductor refrigeration technology. It is a domestic dual -use mini refrigerator brand in China. Its product pricing is low, and currently has a good sales performance in e -commerce.

At present, there are many brands in the car refrigerator on the market, and their functions are distinctive, and the price is very different. When purchasing, consumers should choose according to their own needs. Do not blindly pursue the price cheap. When buying The minimum refrigeration temperature, buying a reliable quality and excellent car refrigerator can truly experience the self -driving tour of Bing Shuang for a summer.

The above is the introduction and description of Car Refrigerator, I hope it can be helpful to you.

The most comprehensive knife -loading and blade grinding technology

The most comprehensive knife -loading and blade grinding technology

The quality of the car knife installation directly affects the size accuracy and surface roughness of the processing parts. If we do not pay attention to the correct installation of the car knife, we will reduce the cutting effect and even damage the tool and workpiece.

1. Basic requirements for car knife clamps

(1) The knife cannot be extended too long. In the case of satisfaction, as much as possible. Because the car knife extends too long, the rigidity of the knife is relatively weakened, which is prone to vibration, making the surface of the car out of the workpiece of the car out of cleanliness. Generally, the length of the car knife does not exceed 2 times the thickness of the knife. The length of the cutting knife knife is 2 to 3mm deeper than the groove. The length of the cutting knife knife is 2 to 3mm thick than the wall thickness of the workpiece.

(2) The tip of the car knife should be aimed at the center of the workpiece. The installation of the car knife too high or too low will cause changes in the angle of the car and affect normal cutting.

(3) The knife and knife pole should be vertical with the axis of the lathe.

(4) The pads for loading knives should be flat. Use thick pads as much as possible to reduce the number of pieces, generally only 2 to 3 pieces. If the number of blades is too large or uneven, it will vibrate the car knife and affect the cutting. Each pad should be in the front of the knife rod, and the front end and the edge of the knife seat are aligned.

(5) After putting on the car knife, the knife rack screw should be tightened, and two screws must be tightened. When fastening, the dedicated wrench rotation should be tightened one by one. Do not need a force rod to avoid damaging the screws too much and damage.

In order to improve the efficiency of the turning work, the blade grinding the car knife fully considers the comprehensive application of each blade of the blade. The car knife is installed on the blade frame, and the work is done as much as possible without turning or less. Here are several ways to load the knife during the production of batch production.

2. How to install the knife

(1) As shown in Figure 1, the workpiece requires the outer circle, the end of the car, and the chamfer.

If the front of the car knife is grinded as shown in Figure 2, you can complete the car circle, car end surface, and chamfering work without turning the knife rack.

(2) As shown in Figure 3, the workpiece needs to be drilled and the hole is chag up.

Under normal circumstances, a twist diamond, a round car knife, a knife of the pores, and a 450 partial knife (or the end surface of the car -turn car knife deflection)

If the front of the car knife is grinded into Figure 4, when the end of the car, from the workpiece to the car to the center of the workpiece, move 2.7mm vertically at the workpiece center, and then the skateboard retract the knife to the hole backward to the requirements, thereby reducing the tool installation Picks, reduce working procedures and improve efficiency.

(3) As shown in Figure 5, the two ends of the trough and grooves on the shaft.

Generally, the slot knife is needed, and the polarized knife standing corner is needed, and the backward angle at the left end is easy to touch the card, which is extremely unsafe. If the left and right blades of the cutting knife are grinded to meet the requirements of the chamfer (as shown in the front diagram of the car knife in Figure 6), the cutting and chamfering work can be completed without a deflection knife rack.

(4) As shown in Figure 7, the workpiece requires the outer circular, the end of the car, the slot, the chamfer, and the inverted circle.

The front blade in front of the car knife is grinded as shown in Figure 8, and all operations are completed in the case without turning the knife rack. The AD blade car is rounded, and AB blade has the effect of repairing the light. When the end surface of AB Blade is close to the center, DE blade is rounded. When AB Blade cuts slot, BC Blade falls.

(5) As shown in Figure 9, the pipe pores are chagling and chamfering.

The front blade in front of the car knife can be grinded as shown in Figure 10. The car knife is installed on the blade frame to adjust the fixed slide position. Adjust the size of the axial falling angle through a small skateboard. You can only move the small skateboard to complete the chamfering of the hole and the end of the end surface.

(6) The catheter shown in Figure 11.

According to the feed shown in Figure 12. During the preparation, the two cuts are sandwiched on the blade. The right -end cutting knife is used for cutting surface and positioning. The left -end cutting knife is used to cut off. The spacing spacing of the two blade is 28mm, so as to ensure that the skateboard is completed at once.

(7) Put the saw blade milling cutter on the knife rod and clamp it on the self -determined heart machin.

As shown in Figure 13, put the fixture on the knife rack, the upper hole workers and the inner hexagonal nut are locked, the lower hole is worn on and the inner hexagonal nut is locked (so that the material size can be quickly determined). The slider can complete the feeding work, so as to change the lathe to a simple milling machine.

3. Blade grinding precautions

The timing of mass production does not necessarily meet the driving requirements. Generally, the blade is grinded according to the pattern requirements. When the blade is grinded, pay attention to the following aspects:

(1) Selection of sand wheels: alumina and sand wheels (white) are suitable for the blade of the blade grinding high -speed steel car knife and a hard alloy car knife. (Green) Silicon carbide wheel is suitable for the blade grinding hard alloy car knife head. Choosing thicker abrasive particles during rough grinding can increase productivity. Choosing thinner particles during fine grinding can reduce the surface roughness.

(2) The trimming of the sand wheel: The surface of the sand wheel is trimmed with a sandwicker, a sand strip, or a diamond pen before the blade, and the pressure of the wheels is added slightly during trimming and moved back and forth.

(3) The height of the car must be controlled in the center of the wheel. The tip of the knife is about 3 ° ~ 8 °, and the knife should move in the left and right directions. When the car knife leaves the grinding wheel, the tip of the knife needs to be lifted up to prevent the grinding blade from being injured by the sand wheel. At the back of the master, the tail of the knife bands the angle of the main partial angle towards the left. When the auxiliary horn is grinded, the tail of the knife is biased to the right angle to the right. When repairing the tip of the knife, the front end of the car knife is usually used as the fulcrum, and the tail of the car knife is turned with the right hand.

(4) When the blade grinds the car knife, hold the car knife with both hands, rotate the surface of the sand wheel, and move slowly to the left and right in the horizontal direction, so as to avoid concave pits on the surface of the wheel, until the blade grinding angle is completed.

(5) When the blade grinds a hard alloy car knife, do not put the knife head in the water to cool it to prevent the blade from suddenly cooling and cracking. The blade grinding high -speed steel car knife must be cooled at any time to prevent annealing.

(6) Rough grinding: grind the main partial angle and the main corner of the main corner; the sideline and the auxiliary corner are grinded at the same time;

(7) Fine grinding: Repair before and behind the main and behind, and the tip of the knife.

(8) grinding: The cutting blade is sometimes not smooth enough. At this time, the cutting blade is grinded with a small amount of oil with oil stones and a small amount of oil, which can improve the durability of the tool and the processing quality of the workpiece surface. Put the oil stones with the knife surface when grinding, and then move the oil along the knife surface or left and right. When grinding, the movement is required to be stable and uniformly, and the blade mouth is not destroyed.

(9) Check whether the tools meet the requirements through the visual inspection method, model method, and angle measuring instrument. During batch production, the blade blade is grinded to meet the requirements of the pattern, and the processing efficiency can be improved as much as possible without rotating the blade rack or less rotating the blade frame. However, the requirements for the operator are high and need to be continuously summarized and improved at work.

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Simple luxury steel and wooden room, natural wood

Simple luxury steel and wooden room, natural wood

The appearance of this home is definitely gorgeous and grilled noodles. The wood we admire and the surrounding greens are actively looking at the wonderfulness. In addition to amazing wood, the appearance of the home has a high -end window. The pattern on the door is beautiful, adding a significant interest amount to the family.


In the house, we found an open plan and steel room. In the kitchen, the open space of the arched ceiling. The wooden cabinet provides a dreamy storage volume, and the pleasant room of stainless steel has brought more luxurious rooms. The dark gray floor, the gray countertop adds a bit of cool color design and large windows provides charming scenery. The bar area is magnificent, inside this wood. Its style design brings the feeling of industrial, smooth and fashionable stools.


The living room is simple and chic. A dark leather sofa, beautiful brown and high -back chairs, a brown carpet, a coffee table, and an attractive wooden wardrobe to complete the design. The arched ceiling and large windows are also in this wonderful room to continue to open the house


The bathroom inside this kind of wood is a natural luxury definition. Lighting is the lighting used in the kitchen and a united home design. Outstanding tables and magnificent wood filling space and large windows are provided to provide natural light. We are in love and bathtub. The bathtub platform is unique and beautiful. It is a gorgeous bathtub. The opinions provided by the window are that the world is simply incredible.

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Vitality Knight: Didn’t hurt? Because it is not a full form, the condition is activated to meet the conditions

Vitality Knight: Didn’t hurt? Because it is not a full form, the condition is activated to meet the conditions

Speaking of the “bubble guns” partners, will there be a colorful bubble in the minds of the “bubble guns”, filled with a childhood toy with joy? Although most players have passed the age of playing in the foam, if they mention it, they can still think of the happy memories in many memories. In the popular mobile game “Qi Knight”,

“Bubble Gun”

But in the form of another special weapon, it appears in front of the player’s eyes, but the positioning of this remote weapon is really a bit a little bit.

It’s hard to say …

The “Bubble Gun” meets everyone in the autumn version of “Qi Knight”. Its weapon mode is quite similar to the initial weapon “sleeping bubble pump” of alchemists. However, as a purple martial arts foam gun far higher than Chuwu level, the strength is quite unsatisfactory. Even many players have expressed their loss of confidence in it, leaving an evaluation of “not as good as Bai Wu”. Personally, the main reason for this phenomenon is to blame its extremely low basic attributes. Although a single attack can release ten bubbles and also comes with elemental damage, the short attack range and only 1 point are only 1 point. The initial attack attributes really make it unable to love.

Then the problem follows, this “unbearable” weapon,

Is it true as “Chinese is not true, nothing but nothing” as what the player said?

In my opinion,

That’s not like this

Essence The meaning of this point of view is that: a single bubble gun does not have room for rise, and the “chicken rib” evaluation is indeed well -founded. Instead of agreeing to this view, it means:

Is the bubble gun harmless? Because it is not a full form, it can activate the true form of the customs clearance artifact!


Bubble guns: Zi Wu, the category of elemental weapons, criticism cannot enjoy double damage bonus, and can only be added with toxic elements. Its 4 -dimensional attributes can be described as “terrible”. What is the index such as blue consumption, crit, offset? It depends on a single attack attribute to make people unable to be interested.

Fortunately, the bubble gun is not completely unavailable. Fortunately, it is a scattered weapon and it is still the one with a large number of releases. The comprehensive damage can maintain a medium level. Even if it is not embellished in the hands of the old players, it is time to spend some time. Use as a normal model. But what if your friends want to activate it like the old house as the power of “artifact”? You need to enter the next stage of occupational adaptation.

Adaptation hero

In the game “Qi Knight”, the attacking characteristics of the bubble gun are small distances, and the release of bubbles will stay in a area for a long time, so if you want to cause high damage, you need to output in the close. Bubble full. If you choose the “Master of Weapon” in the game, although he has the most powerful firepower, it is easy to not protect himself when he is not close before he is close, and it falls midway. If you choose the ranger who is called the ranger in the game, although the rolling and the dimension can approach the goal quickly, it is difficult to get the full hit.

Regarding the adaptation of the hero, the old house recommends that players choose the “Vitality Vortex” vampire hero with 100%of the “Vitality” in “Qi Knight”. His perfect skills of control, battery life, and adsorption can be fully used to fully play the comprehensive damage of bubble guns.

Although the heroes have been adapted, this is just the beginning. After meeting the three major conditions, all seals can be lifted.

Condition 1: Side weapon

It is said that a single bubble gun is not a complete form of this weapon, which meets a simple condition and activates the true power. And this simple condition is the adaptability of the second weapon, the old mansion old house recommendation: fertilizer.

Fertilizers are used as one -time props used in the game to water the plant. I believe that each player has and does not need to spend extra costs at all. But I do n’t know if the little friends have forgotten that it is also positioned as a member of the “Qi Knight” weapon, and it is powerful!

Condition two: Operation skills

In the game, there is a reason for choosing fertilizer as a second weapon, because the attack characteristics of bubble guns and fertilizers need to be combined into one to complement each other. And this way of integrating it is not to use skills or props, but the player’s operating skills and speed, because we need to use “double cut”!

Taking the battle BOSS as an example, operating the vampire to turn on the vortex of the alien cause the hard control effect on the target. Under the blessing of this operation technique, the weapon not only separates the attack speed limit, but also can also hit the full amount of water.

Condition three: strengthen

Fortunately, the two weapons are positioned in “Qi Knight”, so most of the enhanced talent is common. Players can choose: ability +100, bullet ejection, mad soldier statue, attack speed improvement, poison shield, bomb increase, element crit, element crit , Precise crit, crit penetration and other skills to strengthen.

After the morphology activation, the initial damage is only 1 point bubble gun can also be transformed into a clearance artifact!

The above is all the contents of this issue. Also welcome friends to share your fun gameplay and gaming experience in “Qi Knight” below.

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Is the fingerprint recognition lock more secure at the same time? Xiaoyi T750 Installation Experience Book

Is the fingerprint recognition lock more secure at the same time? Xiaoyi T750 Installation Experience Book


▲ At present, the popularization rate of fingerprint door locks is getting higher and higher. When the wedding rooms of young people are decorated, they are willing to buy fingerprint locks to replace their own old -fashioned locks after the decoration. Some elderly people install fingerprint door locks for the situation where I often forget to take the key. Anyway, more and more families around them have chosen fingerprint locks. The author has installed two Xiaoyun smart fingerprint locks (T500 and S8) launched by De Schmman. It is very convenient to go home and go home and go to the parents’ house (no need to bring two keys). Opening the door unlock. Therefore, the new house decoration still chooses a small fingerprint lock, but this time the installation model is the Xiaozhang T750. As an upgraded version of the Xiaozhang T700, what are the functions of the function? Next, I will bring you the experience of the small t750 cloud smart fingerprint lock.


▲ The packaging of the Xiaozhang T750 cloud smart fingerprint lock still inherits the brand design spirit -simple is not simple. The entire packaging is a square shape, and the handle handle is also designed. The Logo LOGO is obviously marked in the middle. The lock body and the required accessories required are placed in two layers in an orderly manner. I received three small fingerprint door locks, and there was no problem of deformation and compression inside.

▲ Let’s start with the accessories: Xiaoyi T750 Yunshen Fingerprint Lock can also be installed by itself, because you need to measure your own door data before buying, and to inform customer service before buying. Many users with strong hands -on capabilities can get installation by themselves, so the accessories also formulate the installation guide. The fingerprint lock is equipped with four batteries No. 5, which can generally be used for about 18 months. The author recommends that you buy four -section battery as a backup. If you have no power in 4 sections, the 4th section of the backup can be smoothly topped.

▲ In addition to the fingerprint and mobile phone Bluetooth unlocking method, it is also equipped with three C -level keys. Note that this key cannot be lost, because the lock shop cannot be copied. If the key is lost, you can only find the door lock manufacturer to make a new one to make a new one. Come with the pair key. The model that Xiaozheng T750 is in contact with the author has been equipped with a Bluetooth key! The shape of the square is particularly small, how to use it, and the author will say later.


▲ Let’s take a look at the main body of the lock core of the Xiaozhang T750 fingerprint lock. The first is the lock tongue. The material is solid stainless steel. It is a cross type and can effectively prevent external violence unlocking. There are three solid stainless steel tongues from the separation of the division. Even if the world’s world hook can’t be used, you don’t have to worry about violence pry open.

▲ In general, the T750’s lock body is not much different from the T700. If there is a difference in appearance, it is the red circle and red dots in the figure above. Does it have other functions? Or is it just a bit change? You need to know in the later experience.

▲ The inner and outer door panels are equipped with rubber pads and metal pads, so that they will not hurt the paint surface of the door during installation, and protect the left and right. The metal cushion is a tight panel, which plays a more firm installation.

▲ If the T750 is different from T700, I am afraid that it can be seen in appearance. The first is more details of the lock body, not just rectangular. The trapezoidal shape of the outer plate can make the three -dimensional sense stronger. At the same time, the shape of the door handle is more rounded, and the corner arc has a larger angle, so that the entire panel does not look thick benzene, but it feels dexterous. At the same time, the use of zinc alloy materials, while ensuring the strength of the lock body, can also bring better visual perception to users.

▲ The effect of the inner and outer door panels is shown in the figure. After the outer door panel is opened, the fingerprint and password keys are displayed. After the inner door panel is opened, you can see the 4 -line battery box, which can be stored at the same time at the same time. From the function area, it is no different from the T700.

▲ At the bottom of the outer door panel, the Micro USB interface and C -Class lock core (ultra -B -class lock core) are still designed. When the fingerprint lock is out of power, it can be used to open the door by connecting the charging treasure. It is almost impossible to use the C -Class lock core to unlock it with tin foil technology, and it takes a long time to open it with violence. At this time, Xiaoyi had already reported to the mobile phone on the mobile phone. Users can choose to go home immediately to check or call the police.

▲ The back of the inner panel has metal reinforcement. In the middle, there are also inner lock plug -in. The effect is to rest at home at night, setting up the lock, and the inside and outside the door cannot be opened. The author also noticed that the inner and outer plates are still reserved with data cables, which are mainly used for power supply transmission between inner and outer boards and locks, and the data wiring materials are protected by weaving, making the installation more reliable.


▲ Then it was hard installation. Why is it difficult? Because the door of the author’s new house is the Wangli Safety Gate installed uniformly in the developer. Because the lock is small, the master needs to install the destructive project such as cutting openings, which is time -consuming. Moreover, after installing the Xiaoyun smart fingerprint lock, Wang Limen’s hook is useless. The installation master also needs to work hard to pull out the iron bar connected to the heavenly earth to prevent the installation of the fingerprint lock. The author believes that the lock body installed by the developer is really poor, and it is safer to replace it as soon as possible.

▲ The inner and outer side of the gate is cut, in order to install the inner and outer board, and also cut the middle, but the screw installation position is retained for the lock core. When you finally install it, insert the square stick into the groove of the inner panel, so that you can achieve the function of the anti -lock door.

▲ At the edge of the door frame, you also need to reinstall the lock cover. In addition to cutting, the fastener tool is also used. Finally, after adjustment, the Xiaozhang T750 fingerprint lock is installed. Compared with the general safety door, it takes more time to install king power security doors, and the requirements are higher. Therefore, if you need to make an appointment master to install, you need to reserve a little more time, which can be installed in less than 2 hours.

▲ After the battery is installed, the Xiaozhang T750 cloud smart fingerprint lock is complete. You can see that the fingerprint area and key password area contained in the door handle are not much different from the T700, and there will be a blue little LOGO below. Woolen cloth?

Smart app

▲ Next is the management software picker who experiences the small fingerprint lock. Prior to this, the author has been upgraded to the highest version 2.2. At the same time, a APP software can manage the two small fingerprint door locks installed before. In terms of experience, version 2.0 has been greatly improved than the earliest version 1.0 version. So what are the functions of the 2.2 version of the T750 fingerprint lock? Scan the QR code inside the panel first, bind the software and fingerprint locks, and take the name to start with the name management. At present, in addition to smart door locks, smart access control and safe can be added to the Xiaozhang APP. At the same time, the cat’s eye can also be connected through the APP to achieve video transmission and other functions. Essence

▲ In the personalized settings of the lock, you can set the name of the lock, unlocking prompt sound, and unlocking method. You can use Bluetooth, numbers and graphics in the phone. It can also be authorized to open the door. This is a temporary way to open the door. It can open the door for visitors, family members, and tenants without having to worry about safety issues. Because there are cloud records on the door and closing, the real -time feedback on the mobile phone is clear at a glance. At the same time, in addition to the mobile app will be updated from time to time, the fingerprint lock also reserves the firmware update channel. If there are more features in the future, you can update the firmware of the T750 fingerprint lock through the APP.

▲ At the same time, the lock can also be set up directly with the wifi of the home to open the record upload function. You can query the opening and closing record of the door on the mobile phone. At the same time, an important function will be the alarm function! If someone prys the door, fake locks, and low -voltage small crickets will pass the wireless network to inform the mobile phone app, which can let the homeowner know quickly. At the same time, the T750 also adds a function, that is, you can set up alarm fingerprints and passwords. When hijacking (the body and property are threatened), you need to open the door. Time knows that there is a dangerous situation.

▲ The fingerprint recognition of the Xiaozhang T750 fingerprint lock is adopted, but in 2017, the fingerprint head of the new five generations in 2017 is no longer afraid of the fake fingerprints that everyone worry about open the door. The protective power of the general semiconductor fingerprint head is greatly increased. And it is very casual when entering the fingerprint. When recognizing, it can also be identified at 360 ° rotation. The recognition time is only 0.1 seconds, which greatly improves the efficiency of opening the door.

Unlocking experience

▲ For the author, the most convenient way is to take out your fingers and unlock your fingerprint. Unlocking with a mobile phone is more troublesome, so fingerprint unlocking is the most convenient way. However, in the case of drying in winter, the elderly in the family had a low recognition rate because of dry skin or lack of fingerprints. In particular, the children have grown up, but the fingerprint has not grown well, and it is also a problem in entering and leaving the house.

▲ The biggest feature of the little tanasus t750 fingerprint lock is probably configured with a Bluetooth key. This key needs to be paired with fingerprint locks before use. Whenever you go home, you only need to approach the small logo with a blue light with a Blu -ray lock. Then press the button on the Bluetooth key, Blu -ray display, indicating that the unlocking is successful. From then on, the elderly and children are not afraid of going out. The Bluetooth key is physically and mentally. Just don’t get 2 more? Really need it!


▲ Xiaoyun’s smart fingerprint door lock is rich in functions and affordable. Before installing the T750, the author found that the neighbors next door had installed Xiaoxi’s T700 and smart cat eyes. Because if the cat’s eye is not handled well, it is easy to let the thief open the door from here, so the next step should be dealt with the cat’s eye.

▲ Judging from the installation experience of the Xiaozhang T750 fingerprint door lock, it is indeed upgraded than the appearance and function of the T700 face value. The deepest impression to the author is that the sound of opening and closing the door has become smaller; the Bluetooth key is particularly practical to the elderly and children; the appearance value is improved, the more beautiful the appearance is; the function upgrade, the hijacking alarm is intimate and safe; the fingerprint unlocking is safer and faster; The price is not expensive and the cost performance is also very prominent. In general, the functions of Xiaozhang T750 cloud smart fingerprint lock can meet the author’s requirements: not only convenient, but also safe!

In order to answer your doubts, the above is what we have organized about Zinc Alloy Mortise Lock With Rose, hope it can help you.

Which kind of wok is healthier and durable? It’s about health, don’t choose wrong

Which kind of wok is healthier and durable? It’s about health, don’t choose wrong

A good pot can improve the happiness of cooking. The types of pots on the market are rich and diverse. There are several types of wok alone. As far as the most usable use rate is concerned, which kind of wok is healthier and durable?

1. Iron pan

The iron pot is divided into cooked iron pot and raw iron pot.

Cooked iron pot lightly heating fast, convenient spoon, suitable for stir -fry, raw iron pot feels crumbling, is

A few times the iron pot,

In addition, the heat conduction ability is poor, it takes a long time to heat it, it costs time and gas, which is generally suitable for soup and stewing.

If you are too lazy to maintain everyday, your arm strength is small, then it is best to choose a cooked iron pot.

2. No sticky pot

The name of the non -stick pot, as the name implies, is a pot that does not stick to the pan,

Suitable for fried egg -fried fish pancakes.

The reason why the non -stick pan is not sticky is because its surface has a special layer of coating: Teflon

Coating or

Ceramic coating.

3. Stainless steel pot

Stainless steel is a pot containing a certain alloy composition. The material of the stainless steel pot is available

304 stainless steel or 316 stainless steel, of which 316 stainless steel is better.

Which pot is good?

1. Comparison of convenience of operation

Non -stick pan > Stainless steel pot = iron pot

Stainless steel pot and iron pot: relatively heavy, high requirements for heat, if you don’t master well, it is easy to smash the pan, suitable for people who cook often

Non -stick pot: Because of the non -sticky attributes, it is convenient to operate and it is not easy to burn the pot.

Convenient cleaning,

And most of the non -stick pots are light, and the kitchen Xiaobai can also come in hand.

2. Maintenance requirements


Non -stick pan > Iron pan > Stainless steel pot

Stainless steel pot: As long as you don’t bump strong, there is no problem with daily use, cleaning, and drying.

Iron pan: After use, it is necessary to dry the water in the pot in time, otherwise it is easy to rust.

Non -stick pan: require more requirements when used. For example, you cannot clean it with wire balls. If the pan is hot, you cannot rinse directly with cold water. The maintenance requirements are high.

3. Life life comparison

Stainless steel pot > iron pot > non -stick pot

Iron pan: good maintenance is very durable.

Stainless steel pot: more corrosive and durable than ordinary pots, and long service life.

Non-stick pan: Short life, do not use it if the coating is dropped. Generally, it must be replaced for 1-2 years.

Be careful not to buy when buying a pot:

1. Aluminum pot

The aluminum pot is light and labor -saving, it will not be burnt or sticky, the heat transfer speed is fast, and the price can be accepted by most people.

And at high temperature heating, it is prone to toxic substances.

And aluminum elements will also be precipitated during the heating process, and too much intake will be threatened to our health.

It may affect bone and nervous system health.

So reduce the use of aluminum pot daily.

2. glass pot

The glass pot is high, and it is convenient to observe the state of food during the cooking process, but the shortcomings of the glass pot are also obvious.

The first is the seepage,

The color of the seasoning is easily adsorbed on the glass, and the pot gradually becomes gray.

The second is sticking the pot. As long as the temperature is high, it is easy to paste the pot. The third is that the pot is sinking.

focus on


, Get more home improvement information!

The above is the introduction and description of Mini Electric Skillet Multi-function Noodles Rice Cooker Stainless Steel Cooking Pot Frying Pan Hot Pot, I hope it can be helpful to you.