Finally, I figured out! We found the reasons for girls who are difficult to buy lipsticks.

Girls are really easy to step on this red, such as:

The color number of others is very good, and I will catch it.

Online trial color is quite good color, buy home and catch it.

The counter is very good, I will catch it.

Seriously, why is it so difficult?

As a straight man, although I don’t understand the pain of the girl’s opposition, I have a profound knowledge.

This time, we came to @ ignition photoelectric, preparation and experts with an optical knowledge to answer color problems.

01 Why is it painted on someone else’s face, I am painful?

This is because the effect of lipstick is finally presented, and

Lip color, skin color

The relationship is too big!


We found two colleagues in two skin tones, first coated with (thin coating 2 layers) on their arms.

On the skin of the skin, the color of this lipstick is obviously deeper.

. Description Different background

(Lip color)

It will affect the show effect of the lipstick.

In order to exclude the effects of the color pair of lipstick, we also on the two arms on the color block.

turn out,

On the skin color, the color is dark; on the skin of the skin, the color of the color is high.

. It seems that even if the lip is similar, the same lipstick will have a lot difference under the color of the different skin colors.

How do you choose the lipstick? The doorway inside will be more. We are simple from lipstick

Tone, Ming, Saturation


Let’s talk about it.


According to most girls, lipsticks can be roughly divided into




. When the red orange ingredient is more, it becomes tangerine; the blue ingredient is more blue.

We have collected more than 30 hotter red, and their L, A, and B values ​​were measured with distant color analyzers with telephoto color analyzers. in

B value

The higher the

Note The more yellow ingredients, more biased to tangerine.

Through testing and @ 远 光光 研究 研究 研究 的, the following colors are more typical blue-tone / orange:


If your skin is yellow, you can choose orange tuning; if your skin is shining, you can choose blue tone lipstick. The reason is very simple, only the hue on the face is consistent, it will not be visible.


If the skin is not too obvious, congratulations, the child of the selection! You can freely swim from different makeup style.

Mingxi / saturation

This explanation is more complicated, and everyone only needs to keep this 2 rules:

The lower the brightness of the lipstick, that is, the color of the color is, the less you pick your skin.

for example

“Aunt Color”

It is the color number that is low, most of your skin color can control your own style;

“Death Barbie”

It is a color number that is high, how bad is the style, don’t need me to say more …

The lower the saturation of the lipstick, that is, it looks dark color, the less picking skin color.

“Bean Sha Color”

It is a color number with a low saturation. Most people are used together; and the saturation is slightly higher. After the red is red, the requirements for complexion will be much higher.

In fact, the color of the research and development of the red, has already been included in these color mystery. Recently hot

Aunt color, dirty orange, car censor, plum color, eat soil

It is all referring to this rule.

02 Why do I have a good color number on the Internet, and I will catch it.

We randomly found a very high-grade psychthrich with a very high number of lipsticks, using different models of mobile phones (close eye protection mode, brightness to the highest), and found that the trick is really different:


Screen type, set parameters


Wait, will decide to affect the screen color.

Mobile phone screens generally have two models:



The color of the OLED will be more realistic. Quietly tell you: iPhone11 is the LCD screen, the iPhone 12 is an OLED screen.

How do you know how to choose this?

However, sometimes the trigue is different, and it is not all the mobile phone.

We investigated the surrounding girls and found that everyone widespread lipstick wins over the lip glaze.

The lip glaze is really easy to step on the thunder!

We found two moisturizing lip glaze (Nars Agagon, Lancome 274), tested them

Just finished

Apply 15 minutes

The post-spectrum reflectance.

As a result, two lip glaze were foundated for 15 minutes, and the reflectance of the red wavelength region increased, indicating that they were more red than the color.

We have two reasons for guess:

1 The water content of the lip glaze is high, after coating on the mouth, the moisture continues to decrease, causing the color to deepen.


2 The surface of the lip glaze is uneven, and the light to the lips will run around eight squares, and this phenomenon is called diffuse reflection. After the lip glaze is formed, the diffuse reflection is weakened, and the number of light received by the human eye is reduced, so that you think the color of the lip glaze has become deep.

However, from the map and naked eye, Nars lip glaze after 15 minutes, the color was significantly red; and the change of the Lancome glaze was not very big. It seems that the color changes, it is

Be a glaze


In addition, the effect of the lip glaze is still still

Lip temperature, pH environment

There is also a difference in the final developments.

If you are a newcomer to send a girlfriend lipstick, it is recommended to refer to this priority:

Moisturizing / Mute / Velvet Lip Cream> Mute Lip Glaze> Moisturizing / Mirror Leze.

03 Why is the colors that the counters are very good, and when I go home?

The lights of the cosmetic counters are generally yellow, which will make the lipstick color more bright. And the counters use a multi-light source, which makes the face look more soft, and the harmonic is higher.

Simply, let you apply a lipstick.

We specialized to go to the cosmetics counter to give a few lipsticks, and observe them


Counter, outdoor, indoor environment

The color change is changed. Obviously, the color of the lipstick in different environments does have a difference.

Is that the environment affects skin color change, let us have a deviation of color’s perception?

We can measure the spectral irradiance meter of the light parameters,

3 cosmetics counters (Lancome, Dior, Chanel), Outdoor, Office

Their ambient light parameters were determined separately.


Then import the parameters into

Remote Optoelectronics HACA-3800 High Accuracy Color Analyzer,

And measure the color parameters of the 3 hotter color (thickness), through the instrument simulation 3 brows in different light source environments. The results are as follows:

It seems that different lights do affects our colors that we have licking.


If you buy it

Coral color, sand color

This type of color saturation is not high, and the skin color requires not high (such as NARS DV), you can buy it with confidence to buy.


Rose red, red, orange

This type of color saturation is high, the colorful color number (such as Lancome 196), it is best to test a colored colors in the counter, then go to different environments.


Counter lights determine how beautiful it is, and the sun determines how ugly.


The girls can leave the beauty light, and then look at this color number is still suitable for yourself.

Summarize the three points above, girls have done red, really too difficult. No wonder they love to buy red,

After all, there is only a “trial” to find successful experience ~

Said that there are so many, how do you choose a red. Tutorial

Women’s articles & boys

I welcome everyone to rebirth to my boyfriend.


1. Select the appropriate color number according to your skin color. We organize a guide, you can choose to choose the skin color of the small person:

2. When going to the counter, it is best to feel it in different light, see if it is acceptable.

3. If there is a separate package of lipstick, it is highly recommended to try it.

4. The test color on the Internet is for reference only. If you want to see the true color of the trial color, it is recommended to use the OLED screen (such as iPhone12), the brightness is adjusted, and the eye protection mode is turned off.

In addition, I remember to pay attention to a blossom, no filter, no filter.




1. Take a look at the girlfriend’s foundation color number, go to the store details page to view the corresponding skin color parameters, then refer to the first point of the girls.

2. Find my girlfriend’s color number with a higher frequency, and find the corresponding color plate on the official website, and get its RGB value with the straw function of the PS. The colors near this RGB value are your options.

Insurance, it is recommended to follow this value.

Low saturation, low brightness


The rules are selected.

3. The newcomer’s first lipstick, cautiously to moisturize the lip glaze.

4. If you are not allowed, the color of the bean sand is close to the color of the bean sand slightly lower.


5. Don’t buy death Barbie powder for your girlfriend! ! !


for example