A pair of “white boots”, making your winter elegance and bright

In mid-December, the temperature continues to decrease, and the atmosphere is getting lower and lower, and many sisters have become “dull boring”. At this time, if you don’t want to wear too much, you will come to Pick a pair of white boots!


Color ultimate minor white boots, can bring a lot of sexuality, or comfortable, or high-quality female charm, let your winter elegance and bright.


Then, in this period, let’s learn the specific matching ideas of “white boots”, simple and good, even if you are a newbie, you can easily master, I hope to help everyone!

First, the advantages and disadvantages of “white boots”

If you want to wear “white boots”, we must first understand its advantages and disadvantages to better and avoid weaknesses. First of all, it is the advantages and disadvantages of “boots” itself, boots temperament, compared with flat shoes or high heels, it is not only more windy and warm, but also the goodness of the uniqueness, it is the most suitable for winter.


Second, it is the advantages and disadvantages given by white, white is neutral colors, foundation, sisters who are also very friendly for different skin tones. At the same time, the white is also the highest color, it is bright, no color phase property, so it will not give too strong distance.

White is still a color of the visual expansion, but the material is very hard, so this disadvantage is not obvious. In addition, the white visual weight is lighter, it is easy to wear “upper weight” feeling, resulting in a lower head; and white is still not dirty, need to be careful!


Second, how to choose the “white boots” suitable for you?

1: Boots height

When choosing white boots, first we have to look at the height of the boots. The white boots are very handsome, it seems very refreshing, with a strong style element.

But white is the color of the visual expansion, if the boots are too slim, it is likely to enhance their “calf fat”, which is more fat. So, for sisters who are excellent in legs, you can try white boots, but for leg conditions, it is not particularly perfect for sisters, or try it with caution.


And white boots should be much better, whether it is Chelsea boots or Martin boots, hipster boots, white boots are very strong, while white boots relatively more softly than black boots, more soft fresh, more suitable for intellective women .


Of course, the visual weight of white boots is lighter, and we have to pay attention to balance the weight, otherwise it is likely to be lowered to be low.

2: shoes, shoes

Second, for the choice of shoes, shoes, if it is a newcomer, I suggest that everyone chooses white boots with thick high heels, round head design, will make it a point of visual weight, and wear it is safe .

But if you want to wear a more advanced temperament woman, you can try with a white booties with a pointed or finely designed, not only can draw long-legged lines, but also create an elegant female style.


If you choose white boots, you can be relatively casual, as long as you pay attention to the boots do not have too much legs. And the shoes and shoes can be selected according to their own clothes.

Third, how to use “white boots” to wear high levels?

Matching ideas 1: skirt + white boots


The above emphasis has emphasized “white visual weight”, so on color, white boots are not suitable for matching the thick jacket with the dark color, at this time, the skirt has become the best option.


White suit + white boots + white boots match, pure and sweet, girl feels full. But it is a single hue. When you look, you can add other colors package or accessories for enriching.

Gray long coat + grilled skirt, retro style, then dotted on white boots and white scarf such white accessories, so that the whole shape becomes light and aged, shaping youthful girl in minutes.

White boots still create a good hand in style, everyone can directly pick a set of light-tone small fragrant wind suits to match white boots, then embellish one or two exquisite jewelry, your girl is you!


Matching 2: trousers + white boots

When we look fit, we will still choose the white pants, such as the white down jacket of the blogger + white trousers + white boots, three colors together, and the hue can be used Line, highlighting!

But if it is a black or gray trousers, at this time, we can choose white top and white boots to echo each other, and then cooperate with high waistline, highlight the leg line, and the high-level legacy effect will be more obvious.

If you are choosing a white boots to match the trousers, then directly Pick a tight jeans, then match the colorful shirt, put the bright spot in the upper body, not only can delay the body line, but also highlight your own body The more you look, the more you like.

After reading so much about “white boots”, do you know how to “wear it”? If you feel that this period is helpful to you, please praise a lot + pay attention, let’s see you next time ~