Loose breathable! Summer wearing casual trousers, free switching

Farm in the field, the tide of the scene!

Many partners have asked if there is no trousers that are specially wearing in the summer, don’t be too hot, the version is still handsome!


Not much to say, directly arrange!

This casual trousers, this year’s new product is specially built for spring and summer, loose breathable, sports wind, pants still have multiple details, you are worth rushing!

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Basket sports long pants men’s loose thin section breathable spring and summer foot hahad pants trend casual wild striking rope


¥ 89



Many partners can’t get a short pants in a summer, sometimes we have to change different styles, and shorts are handsome, but some are not appropriate. It is still necessary for a trousers, and this trousers are light, and they are cool as soon as shorts.

The trousers can still sunscreen, I will not finish the summer, the calf will also become black, my girlfriend will disappear! Again, this trousers is mainly based on loose, a little hip hop feeling, Baller knows that the brothers will practice very well, this is definitely the gospel of the legs of the PG players.


Covenant artifact, overall looks very thin, men and women can wear, usually with short sleeves or vests are OK, walk in the street, sunshine, beautiful and handsome! More importantly, pants drawstring trousers are designed, straight beam foot switch freely, creating different styles!

Black, gray, two color for your choice, are very fashion wild, and everyone can have two to start, black for sport, more dirt, usually gray with wear, neat and tidy.


Polyester fiber fabric, the hand holding the pants first light and soft, have a slight elasticity, pilling not wrinkle. Wear invisible no tingling, and even feel a hint of ice cool, breathable full, slightly chilly winds that attack your entire lower body.

Drawstring design user-friendly, easy to adjust the waistband everyone to arbitrary size, security firm line on the dribble, can let it drift with the wind, to create a sense of leisure time high order.


Also trousers with elastic drawstring design and practical trend, with Variety, and feet can be worn socks tie, great basketball attributes can be straight outfit.

Stylish simplicity, delicate work, each piece is carefully tailored, quality assurance, one can accompany you for a long time! Sports and leisure can wear, do both!

In fact, this thin section Wei pants outfit can be carried out throughout the year, spring and summer wear just do not pull me, not hot, winter warm pants still inside the kit can wear.

High cost, the price is beautiful, it is worth starting to experience a wave!