Convenient for your life, miniature creative recording pen

When I watched TV, I often saw that the detective sneaked on the surveyor’s side, it looked very handsome, and also saw that the business often used the recorded pen to do the meeting record, I feel that I work with a recorder. People have a very handsome hurry.

In fact, the use of the recorder is very large, not only for work, life and learning is often used, and the work is used to record the conference content. It is used to record knowledge, even in life can be used to listen to songs. And entertainment.

The recorder is more functional, the style is also much, and the following small series will popularize several different types of recorders, so that you also play back.


The pen recording pen is deeply loved by the vast studies. It can be used as a pen, and there is a function of the recorder. When you use it, you can record the notes, and you record the teacher’s lecture content. .


Intelligent miniature recording pen


This recording pen is built into special refill, and there is no trace under normal light. When the ultraviolet irradiation is displayed, the writing content is displayed, ensuring the safety of the use, and it uses a professional acoustic processor to automatically analyze the vocals and noise. If you can restore vocals, you can clearly record the distance.




The pendant recording pen is most suitable for women, it has the function of the recorder, and can be used as a beautiful necklace, is it very mysterious, others can’t think of a small secret in your necklace.

Mini pendant recording pen


This recorder is exquisite, using an elegant pendant design, carrying no burden, recording can be recorded in small places, using eight-core noise reduction chip, can show a clear lossless sound quality, is a color value and strength Tape record pen.


The key buckle recorded pen must be a model with a keychain, and the role of the keychain is played over again, but it has played a recorder of the recruitment.


Mini keychain recording pen


This recording pen body is made of aluminum alloy, shining atmosphere, can highlight your unique charm, it is a smart automatic gain tone hole, which can double 360 ​​degrees without dead angle surrounded, which can achieve long-distance high fidelity recording Effect, hanging on the waist, carrying photos with you with you.



We all know that the sports bracelets can always monitor the bodies of the body, but you can’t think of it can be used, wear in the hands, monitor your body, and make a variety of recording in invisible, really It is cool, used to smell, the most suitable, haha.

HD bracelet recording pen


This recording pen model is a bracelet. It uses a skin-friendly material. It is comfortable and will not be allergic. It can be recorded 60 meters long distances. Using professional audio main control chips, it can reach a strong argument of 100 billion times per second. The sound operaction capacity, the depth clearance is reduced to restore the sound of the scene, which brings great efficiency for the recording work.

Touch screen

Now things are intelligent, technology brings us great convenience, so how can the recording pen come behind? The touch screen recorder uses the touch panel control, the control is simple, so that you use it like a smartphone 6 ha.

Touch screen mini recording pen


It is simple and fashionable, HD screen with multi-function touch panel, easy to watch and easy to operate, not only can record, but also video play, listen to music, browse pictures, etc., you can work and entertain.



The main function of the recorder is to recording, can meet the different types of needs, and then the era of science and technology, not only high requirements, if you come to point the image effect, isn’t it more comprehensive?


Professional image recorder

This recording pen built-in high-definition microphone, the sensitivity of recording can be adjusted at any time according to the environment, ensuring that the clear sound can be recorded in any environment, in addition to this, with a high-definition camera device, video and camera, can be presented High quality visual and auditory.