Beauty sharing: Absolutely in the list! Fresh Water Lily Moisturizing Face Cream 50g Analysis

Fresh Lotus Cream in the middle-end price of skin care products, absolutely in the list!

In fact, Fresh is also a high-side skin care product, but I don’t know why this cream is so much cheaper than other products, and it is very easy to use.

The cream is not heavy, not greasy, with a very soft, touch is very soft, and it is good to open, and it is more good.

This is also called a lotus anti-wrinkle cream, but because it is a cheaper series in Fresh, it is not expected because of the anti-wrinkle, but because of the plant’s ingredients, it is also good to resist the first age. This is especially good in a particularly thin cream, which is especially suitable for mixed muscles. But for dry skin, especially in winter, it must be satisfied.

Ingredients: Blue-green algae extract, oxine fruit extract, fig extract, vitamin C, vitamin E, and plant glycerol.

How to use: Apply to the face after cleansing every morning and evening, suitable for daily use.

The wall is recommended in the three seasons of spring and summer, it is completely comfortable and comfortable.

美妆分享:绝对位居榜首!Fresh睡莲滋润活颜面霜50g分析 Fresh莲花霜在中端价格的护肤品中,绝对位居榜首!

I am 360 yuan for airport tax-free bought. In fact, the original price is 450, although non-powerful cream, but it is perfect, absolutely repurchase.

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