Can I use a glass with a glass? Why don’t you try a polycarbonate plate, it is not deformable for 10 years.

There are many owners recently, and the sun is not a glass? Is there any other material? It’s really glass, but the drawback of glass is also very large, so after so many years of material update, the latest material is the polycarbonate sheet, not only the light transmissive, but also the function of the glass. .

Comparison of light transmissivity

The most important thing in the sun room is light transmissions, so the sun room starting is glass, because the light transmissive of the glass is best, so it is considered to be the best material for making the sun room. However, the defects of the glass are very large, so after so many years of replacement, plus technology breakthroughs, the finally polycarbonate plate replace the glass, there have been acrylic boards, but it is not enough, so it is also eliminated. . The polycarbonate sheet has 88% light transmittance, which is sufficient to compare the light transmissions.

Exceeding glass plasticity


It is known that the glass products cannot be made of various shapes. If you can make a shape, the light transmissive will also be big enough, and there will even be refracted. Can only do a right angle connection, while the right angle connection is easy to bump, it is easy to cause the seal without strict leakage. The polycarbonate sheet can be made into an ellipse, a semicircular, a U-shaped structure, and the L-shaped structure can be perfect. The corner position will not have a connection point, and there is no sealing problem.


Glass does not have anti-impact resistance

The first sun room is used is ordinary glass, and later discovered that it is too fragile, so that the replacement has become tempered glass, but the light transmittance of the tempered glass is greatly reduced. Material will also become heavy, although there is a certain impact resistance, but some of the above debris can not be cleaned, it is easy to contaminate the dust. Almost until the subsequent white plates did not solve the problem that it was easy to contaminate dust and yellowing, mold. The polycarbonate sheet has occurred, because the surface of the UV coating is not easily contaminated, and it is easy to clean, and a rain can be rushed away, and its impact resistance is twice the tempered glass.


Sound insulation of glass defects

The sun room has concerns about the soundproofability, some is built on the terrace, if the terrace is the side of the road, it is okay during the day, I want to be a noisy in the sun room, I will be quarrel, I want to sleep at night. The result of the road on the road is still endless, that is really uncomfortable. The polycarbonate sheet is the material of the international highway soundproof barrier, the sound insulation is excellent. Don’t worry that you will be woken by the car in the evening, you don’t have to worry about the sun in the sun during the day.


I remember not to ask the manufacturer when I want to be a sunny room. Is it not a glass? I have to ask the manufacturer, what is your material, if I don’t do it!

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