“New Dream of Dreams, Social Workers in Action” – Love Ants Carry out Social Workers Periodics

From March 18th to March 22, 2019, according to the Notice of the Ministry of Civil Affairs “organized a social work theme publicity”, combined with the actual situation of the love ant in the original China resident project, love ant and the rural group committee In the same day, there were a series of social workers and publicity week activities.


(Copy of the hand of the student)

On the morning of March 19th, the Rigui Secretary Pan Xujing specially arranged us to carry out activities in the township gate. Today is the local market, and the traffic in the street is more common than usual, which is conducive to us to carry out social workers.

At the beginning, there were many people around the local area.

Several volunteers of the Langchi Art Arts team actively joined our team to help us maintain order, distribute promoters, take pictures.


Local volunteers actively join the promotional activities

After the exhibition is exhibited, there are many people who come to the onlookers. What is social workers? What services can social workers provide? Under what circumstances can be a social industry ……. they all shake their heads. We use Mandarin, local language explain in detail social work policy, social work items, etc., and introduce the basic situation of Guangxi Love Ants Public Welfare Association.

Social workers use local words to explain social work policies, social work projects to the masses


With the way of interacting, you can answer the correct handbag as an encouragement. The masses saw such an activity for the first time, they were very enthusiastic. Some even after listening to the event, after the social workers were mainly doing, they came to tell us some of their troubles, and there are still dilemmas … .. Our social workers respond to the question of the masses, let them understand social workers.

Have difficult, find social workers. The way is always more than difficult.

On March 20th, we conducted the second social workers in the middle school school. In advance, we use the exhibition board, publicize the school at the school gate, corridor, stage, etc., extracurricular activities set the distribution point of social workers and love ants in front of the green on on on on onwuilding activities, post the garden activities announcement, and carry out the preliminary activities publicity.


Students use extracurricular time to see Social Workers Promotional Exhibition

The garden activity is conducted in the afternoon extracurricular activities. We introduced the project related projects, social workers knowledge, and arranged to print into a small note, and passed into the rope, and pulled a strip in the door of the movable room. The students can tear the strips to tear the notebook, redeem the notebooks, water cups, and waterpins.

Social Workers Promotional Garden Activity Award

At the beginning of the event, some students took a look at the problems on the note, and quickly torn it quickly, and shouted: “What is social worker? It’s too easy. “What year is it to be established?” I know “” “” “” “” ” A group of groups, find a question, some of them holding a leaflet, look at the question, while looking for answers ………..

Usually busy homework classmates, temporarily pick up the leaflet, look at the problem, while looking for answers.


In less than 40 minutes, the strips on the rope were torn by the students, and the answer questions were taken to the redemption. A classmate who got a few prizes said: The original social worker is specially doing these work, and Get is new to new knowledge. And after the event is over, do you have this activity after you? They feel very interesting.


Social workers’ publicity board read a few articles, I knew the answer at a look and hurriedly torn it.


The 200-channel publicity issues were taken down, and Long Dragon was found in the redemption.

On the afternoon of March 21, it was a team of more than 30 people composed in the middle of the township committee, love ant social workers, and I have went to the nursing home to do respecting the elderly. We introduced the old people in the nursing home and the social workers and institutional mission to carry out their work in the local area, so that the elderly understand what social workers, and the service content of social workers.

The head of the resident social worker introduces the old man and what is social worker? What is social workers do ………


Next, the students gave the old man to give the old man, cleaning, accompanying the elderly, performing singing, dancing, teasing them happy … After the event, the students shared their own activities. A classmate said, he said When I bid farewell to an old grandmother, my grandmother said to him: “If you go back, you will study hard, go outside the world,” because she did not have to go outside for a lifetime. He suddenly felt that the old man who lived there was very lonely and needs more social care. In the process of activity, it has also deepened awareness of social workers.

Student young volunteers give themselves to the elderly

Student young volunteers cleaning their elderly rooms

Students are chatting with the elderly and talking to the elderly.


Student youth volunteers give the old man to finish the sheets

“New Dreams of Dreams, Social Workers in Action”, promote social workers, and carry forward social workers’ spirits. After this social worker publicity week, let the local masses, school teachers and students further about social work, social workers’ understanding and understanding, and also promoted the influence and social effects of love ants in the local area.

Student Youth Volunteer Team


Thank you

Rigu Township Committee


Rigang Township

Riguo Caiyu Art Team


Thanks to the above units (team) support for this social worker publicity week.