There are temperature and speed of Jingdong Mother and Baby Life Museum to create an interesting and efficient offline Jingdong 618

As one of the most important promotion nodes in 2021, the “Jingdong 618 and 18th Anniversary Celebration” not only created the consumption ceremony online, but also expanded the consumption wave to offline. Especially for the mother and baby people, the offline activities of the JD maternal and infant living halls across the country carried out the theme of “Beijing Baby 618” in various places, which not only brought products with rich categories, excellent quality, and beautiful prices. Members of pets, Backgame “Jingying Baby 618” Carnival, and picture book markets created with Jingdong Books, combined with the “hourly” efficient delivery, and spent a hot and temperature with maternal and infant consumers. Speed ​​JD 618.

JD Mother and Baby Life Museum 618 atmosphere is strong

For a long time, Jingdong Maternal and Baby Life Museum has selected a large number of genuine good things around the world, providing temperature and reliable products and services for millions of maternal and infant families, and accompanied each baby to grow up healthy. During this year’s JD 618, the Jingdong Maternal and Baby Life Museum specially launched multiple members’ pet rituals, allowing consumers to bring home and baby good things home at an affordable price. For example, the two explosive products of Yanyu Baby Hand and Wet Towel and Jieli Three -Drive Mosquito Flower Water are replaced in the form of “+1 yuan” and “+3 yuan” to send a cool summer life for mothers and babies; Jingdong Books provides rich picture book books, and carry out picture book market activities in hundreds of Jingdong maternal and infant living halls in the country; there are 100,000 red envelopes random distribution, which brings Bao Ma -like surprises, plus new members Rich membership benefits such as rituals and groups, and shared JD 618 with a sense of atmosphere.

United JD Books Carry out picture book market activities

According to the actual situation in the local area, the Jingdong maternal and infant life museums in Changsha, Hunan also carried out offline activities with regional characteristics. A special 618mini carnival was organized to invite hundreds of local families to participate. Such as creative graffiti, Bao Da, Bao Ma, and Babies draw “618 I LOVE Changsha” custom T -shirt to stimulate the baby’s creative ability, and the parent -child graffiti leaves a good memory; there are also twisted 618 shopping carts, a baby adds a adult, the shortest is the shortest, the shortest During the time, the relevant clue information of 618 is collected from the dus of the shopping cart, and you can get the title of 618 super koi baby. The grassland of the grass, lying down, and taking photos of the grassland, while harvesting the parent -child blockbuster, realize the desire to “lie down” in the busy urban life.

有温度又有速度 京东母婴生活馆打造有趣又高效的线下京东618

Together with the step -by -step chain, the 618mini carnival is held

有温度又有速度 京东母婴生活馆打造有趣又高效的线下京东618

It is worth mentioning that in order to allow more online orders to have a better service experience, the owners of the Jingdong Mother and Baby Life Museum of the country have been prepared early. Starting from the end of May, stocking, selection, community consultation, and delivery have become the daily work of the store. Starting at 00:00 on June 18th, as the order increased rapidly, the stores that had already been prepared to bring “hourly” efficient delivery to consumers. “I just waited for 34 minutes from order to opening the door. was really amazing!” Ms. Yang, who lives in Cangzhou, Hebei, received the first express delivery from Jingdong 618, from the Jingdong Mother and Baby Life Museum. It can be said that’s offline physical stores represented by JD Mother and Baby Life Museum have become this year’s JD 618 to follow JD Logistics and Dada’s supplementary distribution power.

有温度又有速度 京东母婴生活馆打造有趣又高效的线下京东618

Consumers in many places across the country enjoy hours of delivery

有温度又有速度 京东母婴生活馆打造有趣又高效的线下京东618

In addition, Zhengzhou, Chengdu, Xi’an and other places have hung interesting banners in the JD maternal and infant life halls, “left -hand milk powder, right -handed diapers, JD 618 affordable routine”, “Wanshui and thousands of mountains are always affectionate, 618 stocks cannot stop, you cannot stop the goods cannot be stopped. “Waiting for interesting documents attracted consumers’ attention. Among them, the Zhengzhou Sunshine City Store hung the banner of “Jingdong 618, less money, and the dream of Yuan Mengwa”. As the first model shop of Jingdong Maternal and Baby Life Museum, this store encountered Jingdong 618 just after opening. The banner and poster in the store pulled the sense of atmosphere. Essence

Jingdong Mother and Infant Living Museum 618 Fun Blind

有温度又有速度 京东母婴生活馆打造有趣又高效的线下京东618

This JD 618, the Jingdong Maternal and Infant Life Museum provides full -scale commodity and interesting activities for the mother and infant people, allowing users to enjoy a temperature and speed of Jingdong 618 with a temperature and speed. Zhengzhou model store advocates Peng said that the Jingdong Mother and Baby Life Museum is in line with the consumption trend of combining online and offline. The products, as well as the efficient service obtained. In the future, Jingdong Mother and Baby Life Museum will continue to rely on Jingdong Digital Smart Supply Chain, Technology, Big Data, Logistics and other comprehensive capabilities to create an integrated service for consumers to “smart retail+infant education services+interactive experience”, becoming a Chinese baby More intimate growth partners.