“Triangle” brand rice cooker frequently shows the “quality door” chaos. Who will rectify?

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The “Triangle” brand rice cooker is the first rice cooker in the home after 70 and after the 80s, and each meal of deliciousness comes from it.

However, the reputation of this old brand is seriously tortured. Recently, the “triangle” brand rice cooker appeared quite high in the list of random inspections of market supervision departments in various places. Among them, from November to December 2018, among Shanghai, Guangdong, Guangxi and other places ,,

“Triangle” brand rice cooker at least 3 times on the quality “black list”


Tracing back forward, China Quality News Network roughly counted the spot checks of the “Triangle” brand rice cooker in the past three years and found that the brand has become a frequent guest on the quality “black list”. Real or false; unqualified projects are even more diverse, and the quality is worrying.

There are all the manufacturers

December 12, 2018

“三角”牌电饭锅频现“质量门” 乱象丛生谁来整顿?

The results of the provincial-level “double random” supervision and random inspection results reported by the Guangdong Provincial Market Supervision and Administration Bureau in 2018, CFXB-70A/4L/700W/220V ~ 50Hz, CFXB30-50/3L/500W/220V ~ 50Hz, HY-50A/220V ~ 50Hz/3.0L/500W three-battery “Triangle” brand rice cooker manufacturer is:

Zhongshan Jindu Electric Co., Ltd.

Zhongshan Pinxin Electric Co., Ltd.

Zhongshan Haiyu Life Electric Co., Ltd.

November 20, 2018

The “2018 Shanghai Electric Pressure Cooker Product Quality Supervision and Unqualified Products” released by the Shanghai Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau shows that the unqualified WYB-S0513 model “Triangle” brand electric pressure cooker, the manufacturer is the manufacturer as the manufacturer is

Guangdong Weiwang Group Shunde Electric Co., Ltd.

July 3, 2017

The sampling results of the Xi’an Industry and Commerce Bureau’s sampling inspections on liquid heater shows that the unqualified GWH-6015 model “Triangle” brand multi-functional electric pot and rice cooker, the manufacturer is

Zhongshan Jiwei Electric Co., Ltd.

“三角”牌电饭锅频现“质量门” 乱象丛生谁来整顿?

May 31, 2016

According to the quality spot checks of the kitchen appliances reported by the Anhui Provincial Bureau of Industry and Commerce, the unqualified CFXB40-902B model “Triangle” brand rice cooker, the manufacturer is

Zhanjiang Family Electric Industry Co., Ltd., Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province

The random inspection in the past three years shows that there are many manufacturers of the “Triangle” brand rice cooker. Even in a random inspection notice, the brand also appeared in the manufacturer! So, do these manufacturers have been authorized by brand, or through the method of brand rental, or processed and OEM processing?

“三角”牌电饭锅频现“质量门” 乱象丛生谁来整顿?

In response, China Quality News Network tried to contact the “Triangle” brand rice cooker trademark owner Guangzhou Light Group Co., Ltd. to understand the specific situation. However, the company’s official website left by the official website as of the press time, and no one answered.

In addition, China Quality News Network noticed that searching for the “Triangle” brand rice cooker production manufacturer on Baidu. Most of the pages that jump out are “Triangle ‘brand rice cooker which manufacturer is good and which factory produces. Which is the authentic and manufacturer … “such questions.

“三角”牌电饭锅频现“质量门” 乱象丛生谁来整顿?

There are many kinds of unqualified projects

“三角”牌电饭锅频现“质量门” 乱象丛生谁来整顿?

In the random inspection notification of market supervision departments in various places in the past three years, the unqualified items of the “Triangle” brand rice cooker include: power connection and external soft lines, signs and explanations, and ground measures. , Input power, etc.

According to experts, the rated power of the product indicates the power consumption and work efficiency of the product. If the input power is too large, and the user will match the relevant power supply circuit capacity according to the rated power of the appliance, it will cause the power supply circuit due to the current overloaded. Heating, causing insulation and aging, long -term use of short -circuit risk; excessive input power affects the use of the product.

The power supply connection and the external soft line item are not qualified. It is mainly reflected in the use of a small cross -sectional power connection to the soft wire, which can easily lead to the heat of the power cord and cause safety accidents such as fire or electric shock. Essence

Grounding measures are an important safety assessment indicator. It does not meet the standard requirements, which can easily lead to leakage of appliances and cause electric shock accidents.

In a word, the quality control and production rectification have become a problem that the “triangle” brand rice cooker must face, but from the current frequency of this brand of foul, who will force it to take the initiative to carry out the cleanup and rectification operations still need to be actively launched. Wait and see.

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“三角”牌电饭锅频现“质量门” 乱象丛生谁来整顿?