Ultra -long battery life+surging power Fista pure electrical version or a new benchmark for joint venture pure electricity

Beijing Hyundai Fista, which was only available in the Chinese market at the end of 2018, is still a “quasi -new car”. Compared with other compact cars in Beijing, Fista has the most distinctive personality and more accurate positioning. With the sports design and the strongest power combination of the same level, Fista has captured many young young in the past year in the past year. Consumers have a good mass foundation in the Chinese market.

Today, Beijing Hyundai has inserted Fista into electric wings and launched the Fista pure electric version. Beijing Hyundai Fista Pure Electric Edition, a total of three models in the entire department, with a price range of 173,800-198,800 yuan, and launched a car purchase policy of “worry-free car.” You can enjoy a high -amount car purchase court of 30,000 yuan on the basis of the price of the state supplement, as well as multiple benefits such as interest -free and value -for -value replacement subsidies for 3 years.

Sports atmosphere has not diminished

The appearance of the fuel version of Fista is very sporty, especially the “catfish mouth” design of the front face, which is unforgettable. The grille design is very in line with the consistent design style of the electric model, but don’t be disappointed. Fista pure electric electricity is installed on both sides of the front face. At the same time, a sense of technology was added.

The side design of Fista pure electric electricity is consistent with the Fista fuel version. It is still a waistline design and slip -back body shape full of muscle sense. The only different wheels have changed. The cyclone wheels are smaller in the middle. The advantage of this is that the wheel wind resistance generated during the driving process is smaller, thereby reducing the energy consumption of the vehicle.

超长续航+澎湃动力 菲斯塔纯电版或成合资纯电新标杆

In terms of the rear of the car, Fista pure electric uses the penetrating tail light+chrome decoration design, but like the front face changes, Fista pure electric cancels the bottom black mesh decoration, adding the shark cheeks vertical decorative strips, and and and and and the vertical decorative strip of shark cheeks, and and and the vertical decorative strip of shark cheeks, and and and the vertical decorative strips of shark cheeks. The front face echoed on both sides. The exhaust design has changed from a two -sided design to penetrating shape decoration.

超长续航+澎湃动力 菲斯塔纯电版或成合资纯电新标杆

Intelligent driving auxiliary system becomes highlights

In terms of interior decoration, the design of Fista pure electric and fuel version of Fista is exactly the same. The only difference is that the design of the shift area has changed. Fista pure electric uses the SBW electronic rod of the curved shape design. It is very convenient to operate. Very in line with the human -computer engineering concept that Hyundai has always emphasized.

超长续航+澎湃动力 菲斯塔纯电版或成合资纯电新标杆

In terms of intelligent technology configuration, Fista pure electric has its own micro -piece, such as EV navigation, charging appointment, charging management, etc., mainly serving the rigid demand for electric vehicles such as battery power and finding charging piles.

In addition, Fista Pure Electric has ADAS intelligent driving assistance system, including 16 ADAS intelligent driving assistance systems including LVDA’s front vehicle departure reminder, cross -collision aids of RCCA rear, and SEW safety off warnings. The highest level of models active safety configuration.

Endurance ability is the same level as the same level

You can say that the Fista Pure Electric Edition is first of all an electric car, and then a Fista, but on the other hand, it is also possible, because it has the strong power of the fuel version of Fista and the electric vehicle. Ultra -long battery life.

超长续航+澎湃动力 菲斯塔纯电版或成合资纯电新标杆

As we all know, the biggest selling point of the fuel version of Fista is the powerful power. The 1.6T high -power engine plus the seven -speed dual -clutch power combination allows it to have a maximum horsepower of 204 horsepower, the maximum torque of 265 N · m, and the official zero hundred scores of 7.6. In seconds, make the same model ashamed.

The power level of Fista pure electric is equally not allowed. It is equipped with a mainland permanent magnet synchronous motor, with a maximum power of 135kW, a maximum torque of 310Nm, and an acceleration time of 0 ~ 50km/h.

In terms of consumer’s most concerned battery life, Fista pure electric uses the ternary lithium battery in the Ningde Times, with energy density 141.4Wh/kg, a capacity of 56.5kWh, and has an ultra -low energy consumption of 12.7kWh/100km. , Far exceed the electric sedan of the joint venture model at the same level.

超长续航+澎湃动力 菲斯塔纯电版或成合资纯电新标杆

At present, there are many Geely Gee geometry A in the Chinese New Energy Cadre Market, GAC New Energy Ean S and other “domestic famous players”. Brand new energy “pioneer”.

超长续航+澎湃动力 菲斯塔纯电版或成合资纯电新标杆

And the late Fista pure electric electricity is bound to have a “hard touch” with them. Compared with the mainstream domestic new energy models, Fista pure electric electricity For the power of the battle, the electric vehicle of the joint venture brand at the stage is obvious in terms of battery life.