The man who is most likely to wear jeans in Japan, his appearance and thin body, but have a shape than small fresh meat

What pants are the most versatile, the answer must be jeans.


As the representative of the “Wanjin Oil” item, the jeans have been loved by people from different ages with their own fashion trend attributes and styles. Especially middle -aged men, wearing jeans are gentleman and fashionable!

is known as

“Jeans Emperor”

Japanese uncle Lin Fangheng is a typical jeans enthusiast and the two tannins of Denime and Resolute.

At the age of 56, he was not good -looking, and his figure was relatively thin, but he worn jeans as a “life partner”. Any dress could not be separated from it.

In this issue, I will share with you the men who are most able to wear jeans in Japan. Lin Fangheng’s styling matching to see how middle -aged men wear gentlemen and have taste?


1. Style: The length does not exceed the ankle


The style of jeans on the market is rich and diverse, but like slimming, wide -legged jeans, are actually not suitable for middle -aged men, because too loose or too tight jeans will affect comfort, and it is easy to expose crushing heights. Exposure of leg defects.

The version suitable for middle -aged men is the best, and the length cannot exceed the ankle. This is also the characteristic of Lin Fangheng’s jeans.

For middle -aged men with a thin body, not only should we avoid wearing small family slim jeans, but also to avoid too loose wide -leg jeans, which is easy to give people a feeling of unable to support pants.

The fitted straight version is located in the ankle position. The shape of the leg is long. There is no too much fabric to accumulate on the legs of the pants, which visually achieves high results.


Second, the matching of jeans

Although jeans have their own sense of fashion, they are also a basic model. Middle -aged men try to choose the basic top when matching, creating a fashionable and tasteful gentleman shape.



Taking into account the formal and casual styling, it meets the needs of daily and workplace. For men with a thin body,

Choose the color of the shirt as much as possible

For example, rose red, lavender purple and mint green, etc.

Using the advantages of color, the inflatable vision increases the sense of weight of the upper body and coordinate the proportion of the overall figure.


The most tested style of mixed -match style is the choice and details of the style. When paired with jeans,


Try to choose a more casual style as much as possible

For example, high -level color schemes, or special materials such as corduroy, can be more uniform with jeans style.

You can choose a sweater or shirt in the suit to create a semi -formal semi -casual stacking effect.

Utilizing accessories such as silk scarves and pocket towels, brightening vision also shows the gentleman’s taste of middle -aged men.


Men who are thin and not tall, you can choose a short version of jackets with jeans, which highlights the position of the waistline and divides the proportion of the upper and lower body body to achieve a significant effect.

The choice of jacket style can be started in style and details

For example, the style of work style jacket shows the man’s taste, and the small collar jacket helps to eliminate the neck lines.


The hottest way to wear in winter,

The coat is required to be based on solid color style. The length of the knee is 2-3 cm.



Add the hats, scarves, glasses and other accessories, so that the original slightly monotonous combination is more layered.



Jeans are fashionable and age -reducing, middle -aged men are more young, and gentlemen have styles.


If your body shape is similar to Lin Fangheng, it is recommended to refer to his jeans with ideas to easily wear a gentleman’s high -quality taste!

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