The sidewalk tiles in the center of Shenzhen have not seen good improvement for half a year? Relevant departments response

“This sidewalk has been rotten for half a year, the bricks are loose, and they will be stomped accidentally. I hope that the relevant departments will be repaired in time to let pedestrians walk with peace of mind.” Recently, some citizens reported that the export export of No. 1 of Xinnan Xinzhou Xinzhou Lizhong Bridge No. 1 The floor bricks on the sidewalk are broken, and there are hidden dangers in the safety of pedestrians.

It has been broken for nearly half a year, and the repair is not good.

Essence In this regard, Austrian journalists conducted field interviews and investigations.

The wheelchair is difficult for the old man to take a takeaway brother for fear of wrestling

Ms. Luo, who lives across the sidewalk, told reporters that she found that this road was damaged two or three years ago.

Always repair and make up, but it will not work for a while, and there will be damage again


Two days ago, she met an old man in a wheelchair in trouble, and the old talents passed after kicking the broken bricks. I walked this road in the evening, and sometimes I accidentally stepped into the pit, and I almost wrestled. The electric vehicle passed by raining, and the water in the puddle was also easy to splash passersby.

Ms. Luo said -there are still some people in this road, I hope that the government can quickly repair and let everyone go.


Ao Yiyi also found that many takeaways will always slow down here, for fear of wrestling. If the electric vehicle drives faster, it will also make a “哐哐” sound.

The overall renovation will be carried out next year at the end of the month

Ao Yiyi reporters called the Futian District Transportation Bureau, and the staff responded: “The inspection team will inspect the road every 3 days and report it after discovering the problem. According to our speculation, the reason for the damage here should be the previous construction. During the radio and television finance center,

The construction vehicle is too heavy, and the road is crushed

Essence For the feedback of the road damage two or three years ago, we learned that the road was relatively old, and the degree of damage was not high. There would not be such a situation. “

Regarding the current progress of road maintenance, the staff member told reporters -Futian District Construction Works Department was originally prepared to enter the field in October to conduct the second phase of the comprehensive improvement project of transportation facilities and space environment in Futian center. Difficulty, pushed to the project next year. At present, we will perform a repair, repair the place where the road is damaged, and ensure the passage of pedestrians.

In addition, the Futian District Transportation Bureau responded to whether this road is constantly repairing and supplementary. So it will be rotten after it has been repaired.

Next year, we will investigate and improve the damaged roads of non -motorized lanes and motor lanes. We have conducted a large investigation.

At the same time, the staff of the Futian District Letters and Calls Bureau stated that the road will enter the field on December 14th and will be completed at the end of December. The overall transformation will be made according to the plan next year.

According to the data provided by the staff of the Futian District Transportation Bureau, the road rate of the car roads in Futian District reached more than 98%, and the road rate of the sidewalk reached more than 90%.

The road has public attributes and is one of the cities’ business cards. The sidewalk exported to the No. 1 passage of Shennan Xinzhou Lixing Bridge is not “unreasonable”. Before the comprehensive transformation, it is not necessary to take a temporary repair method. The quality is temporarily “discounted”.

People who often pass here do not have to worry about it. The plan to repair and transform the road has been on the agenda


Writing: Olympic News Profile reporter Zhan Yuehui Huang Jingyi