Those cups -Appreciation and experience crystal glass

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I have a good opinion of the cup and bought many types of cups. Then I saw Aunt Zhang posted an article on this day: About the glass: talk about those glass worth buying,

Wine wine: Talk about those glass worth buying


The article mainly mentioned the species of crystal glass, which is the best glass.


This time I opened a little horizon. The original glass cup and crystal glass said haha. It was originally considered the most applicable cup of high -borosilica glass: light, strong, cold and heat -resistant, and the shortcomings of heavy glass before sweeping. So crystal glass, is it really that good? Can’t hold back, search for search in Jingdong, and then see this:


Rona Lona Crystal Cup

Rona (Rona) Leadless Crystal Water Cup Whiskey Six Wine Wine Wine (350ml*6) …


Lonna’s lead -free crystal whiskey glass from the Republic of Slovakia.

At that time, there was an event, which was a 40 % discount. It’s easy to make a single order, just add a few pairs of chopsticks (yes, buy a pair of boutique chopsticks). It’s a pity that there is only one discount! I couldn’t expose this material, so I had to enjoy it myself.


After getting it, after careful observation, it was found that it was really different.

Generally speaking, the glass cup, if it is a poor cup, is thick and safe, there may be various unknown coatings on it.


At present, the craftsmanship of the high borosilica glass is usually mainly practical. Although there are no shortage of shapes, it always makes people feel like IVF.

This is a test tube, nothing else.

Because their texture feels very similar to test tubes: high temperature resistance, thin, strong, and elasticity. Although there are many good shapes, the general feeling is a kind of industrial product, without the kind of natural temperament of glass.


But if you do not investigate, they are actually very good.

For example, after I saw it in the supermarket, I couldn’t help but take one back.

High borosilize glass

This cup is very good, the capacity is suitable, and the shape is more elegant.


The cup is heat -resistant and thin. It is very comfortable to hold in my hand. And the price is very close to the people. If it is broken, hurry up and buy one, although it is really difficult to break.


Next to its close relatives, a crystal glass.

The shape is good, a bit thick, it is a problem of production technology.

Let’s talk about the crystal glass you just bought.


Crystal glass open box display

The crystal glass I bought this time is a wine utensil. Related to wine, things will become different. The producer is Rona (Lona) Glass Factory, which has a history of more than 100 years in Europe. Usually glass water cups, boxes are often like this: brightly displayed, this is the glass, layer of packaging, be careful!

The crystal glass this time shows extraordinary temperament from the packaging:

A simple small box, thin environmental card paper, without any protection measures. This means very clearly: wine utensils, unreasonable disturbance! If you want to buy it, you can wait well, what you want is a fragile feeling!

Appreciate and appreciate:

Looking at this shape of the cup in the photo, it is very comfortable to hold it in hand.


It is suitable for the size and arc of the palm. The overall design allows you to play well in your hand. It feels like: you can get rid of it carefully and taste. If there is wine, it is even more appropriate. The exquisite cups and wine can be appreciated carefully.


Note that you can find a lot of details


The internal text is printed with text. The sticker itself is very resistant to washed and brushed.


There are exquisite steel prints at the bottom.

Exquisite and delicate, gentle and rounded is obvious feature. It is by no means the rough and bold feeling of ordinary water cups.

Brothers and appreciate it together.

One is high borosilized glass, one is a commonly suppressed crystal glass, and the other is a crystal red wine glass that uses professional wine production technology.


Do you think the cup of high borosilica glass is brighter? In fact, this is true.

Compared with the cup of high borosilica glass, the crystal glass cup has some different qualities.

The cup of high borosilica glass is brighter.

Although the cup of high borosilica glass is bright, it has a plastic feeling. The crystal glass cup, under the premise of cleaning it, it is more transparent. Light is not bright, but second.


In terms of touch, the high borosilicon should be cooler, while crystal glass feels warm.


During the use process, the crystal glass gives a feeling that is particularly easy to dip the fingerprint, and the high borosilicon glass is better.

The crystal glass is not easy to wash, and it always feels that the oil film is hung on it. The high borosilica glass is relatively easy to light up.

In terms of transparency, the crystal glass is victorious. Turn it on your hand, you can see that the glass made of high borosilica is inconsistent, while the crystal glass is pure and transparent, and rarely deforms.


It seems similar to it.

In fact, there are obvious differences.

Didn’t see the difference? ↓

Summary a little:


It is better to use high -borosilic glass cups in daily life. It is easy to take care of it. The price is cheap.


Unless you study it carefully, there is basically no difference outside of one meter.

Crystal glass is also very good, but it is easy to dip the fingerprints and is not so easy to wash and refreshing. If you look together, it is very likely that the cup of high borosilica glass is more beautiful because it is easy to clean and maintain it. If you look at them refreshing and then look, you will feel completely different.