Douro: The official launch of the Tang Sanxiao couple cup, Q cute and fresh, too cute, right?

Hi, everyone, I like “Douro Continent”. Following the seven monsters last month, the official launched the new surrounding surroundings. The speed of this surroundings really made people feel that the purse was tight, hahaha! But this time it was no longer the Qishen came out together, and the Seven Monsters came out together, and the Seven Monsters came out together, and this time it was out of the Seven Monsters. Only Tang Sanhe Xiaowu came out of the couple cup. The Q cute and fresh style walked, especially when the price was clear, the fans were finally affordable.

The watch launched last time, to be honest, I think that except for Xiao Wu’s more suitable for students to wear, everything else is a bit too mature, especially the Oscar. However, as long as you like this role, you will not care so much. As long as the price is within a reasonable range, it can be accepted. Compared to the price of hand -made, we are still more suitable for playing these small surroundings. After all, we also have to rice.

Perhaps because some friends said that the watch of the last time was too mature, so the official this time is a cute route that is more suitable for students. Is the Q version and fresh words that make people feel cute?

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Douro Mainland Cup Lucky Stone official genuine national anime surrounding Tang Sanxiao Ceramics Mark Water Cup

¥ 59



Yes, although the cup this time has only the style of Tang San and Xiaowu, we can see the official intention. Let’s not say the ceramic material. Essence


Tang San has two models, one is the Q version of Tang San surrounded by a circle of blue silver grass, and the other is the Haotian hammer version. The two martial arts and the Q version of Tang San, ask you to be unwilling, hahaha, and a small detail worthy of praise is that the color in the cup uses Tang San’s representative color blue. And Xiaowu also has two styles, one is Q version of Xiao Wu, and the other is Q cute rabbit. It also uses pink in the cup. It really looks super fresh and cute!

Of course, in addition to the cute and loved Tang Sanxiao dance, the price is also the focus. I am very happy that this time the cup is not over a hundred, it is a bit cheaper than the last watch, do you feel that you can afford it instantly? Hahaha!

Okay, I am Duo Duo. I usually like to think about the things in the anime, and then share it with everyone! If you like it, please pay attention to us and watch the second dimension with Duo Duo!

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