What do I wear in summer? Summer work service style picture Daquan

There are four seasons a year. The most afraid of Eagle Norda is summer. It is cold in winter and can be worn more, but in summer, you ca n’t wear less! The main thing is to go to work every day. If the company has air conditioners, it is called good treatment. If the company does not have air conditioning, is it cooked by sweat this summer? Therefore, if you customize your professional clothing, you must be cool!

Xiaobian Eda Eda has compiled a few summer work clothes suitable for the workshop for you to enjoy it together.

If you want to be comfortable in summer and coolness, you can’t delay the progress of the work. Pay attention to the fabric of the workwear!

Generally, it is best to choose cotton fabric in summer work clothes, because cotton fabric absorbs moisture, and the heat dissipation performance and breathable performance are quite great. Therefore, in the summer, cotton fabric is the hottest fabric.


Cotton fabric is composed of cotton fibers, so it is not harmful to the human body and no irritation. If you are allergic muscles, you must choose cotton fabric.


The fabric is the first step, so the next step is to determine the style!


The style selection cannot be blindly selected according to the positioning of the enterprise. For example, some industries are operating machines, so the style must be simple and generous. The T -shirt is the main, and the T -shirt is casual and versatile.