Five pens and ink brands introduction -Writing Le, Baile, Beligan, Ostrich, Hero

Little knowledge


Ink is divided into paint ink and dye ink.

Pigment ink


It is powder ink. It is grinding solid paint into very small particles and dissolved in a special water solvent. It is a suspended solution or a semi -solution, which is the same as the properties of our printing and dyeing clothing. It hair color is attached to the surface of the paper through the color material.


Advantages: strong water resistance and light resistance.


Disadvantages: Because of no gloss.


The manufacturing cost of paint ink is high, so the price is more expensive than the ink dye ink.

Dye ink

It is a molecular -level full -dissolved ink. This kind of ink is a complete composite solution. The probability of blocking the ink head is very small. It is easy to be absorbed by the material, colorful, and low cost cost.

Advantages: colorful, layered, and low price than ink.


Disadvantages: No waterproof.


Ink waterproof performance of paint is better, but it is easier to block the pen. The ink color of the dye is richer and liquid, but it is not waterproof.

Write fun


Founded in 1911, Wushan was the earliest pension company in Japan. It developed the first pens, ballpoint pens, and not dipped in ink brush. In 1989, the world’s first fluorescent mark was invented.


The greatest contribution to the ink is to apply nano -paint to the pen ink. Writing music decompose the pigment particles from micron levels to nano -level, add safety auxiliary agents to disperse the particles evenly. Not only does it not block the pen, but it can also lubricate the piston structure of the pen. Extremely.

The limited ink produced in various regions of Japan is made by writing and music. Chiba limited, warehouse -limited, Sapporo -limited, etc., are common regional limited ink and are only available in Japan.


Super particle pigment ink

The ultra -particle pigment ink series is extremely dark, high in black, dry and fast, and the paint ink is not paper. It is a daily ink with excellent use.

Extremely dark


The ultra -particle pigment ink also has green ink and Cang Mo, and the 8 -color ink of StORIA (circus on the circus) launched in 2015, all of which are pure in color. The circus tabs also won the 2015 Japan Stationery Award.


The dye ink is more playable. The most classic color numbers are concentrated in the four seasons series. It is based on spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each season corresponds to two colors. , No paper, the colors are very bright and bright.

Four Seasons



Payo has the richest penweed product line in the world, but the pen and ink line is relatively single, which does not involve the nano -grade pigment ink of the Japanese brand.

Belle’s products enjoys a high reputation in China. The color puppet series of pen and ink is a typical example. It was launched in 2007. It has developed 24 -color rainbow ink in 5 years. It has been selling well to this day.

Belle has two products: ink and disposable ink bile.


Ink-30, Ink-70, Ink-350

Belle’s INK-30 and INK-70 series, both series are dye ink, including four basic colors: red, blue, black, blue and black. Non -carbon ink, slightly lighter, does not corrode the pen tip, keep constantly ink without blocking the pen. 30, 70, and 350 indicate the amount of ink capacity.

Color 列 series


The color 列 series absorbs creativity from nature. Each color is named after the nature elements and completed 24 colors after 5 years. The color pupa series has all the basic quality of the ink of the dye, strong liquidity, and high color saturation. In addition to the excellent quality of ink itself, the color of the crystal bottle in the color series is high, and the bottom of the bottle has a conical design that assisted the upper ink. In the “2011 Japan Packaging Design Award”, the gold award of the household items and the general commodity category was won.


Beligger began to produce ink since 1838, and began to produce pen and ink in 1889. The first pen appeared until the piston patent was bought in 1929. Among Beligan’s products, ink can also sing the protagonist.

In 1898, the most important writing and copying ink were named in 2001, 3001, 4001, and last 4001 to withstand the test of time, becoming one of the leaders, and has been selling so far.

4001 series


The 4001 series contains dye ink water well. Even if it is condensed, it can still be used after soaking water. This also makes the pen with 4001 dye ink. In terms of color performance, the 4001 series of dyes selected 8 colors, which also reached high saturation. Except for waterproof, other performances are good.


Yicai Series

Beligan launched the Edelstein Yicai series in 2010 with 16 colors. Natural raw materials, bright colors, excellent water -soluble, good resistance resistance, not blocked.


Ostrich is a benchmark company in the Chinese ink industry. Tianjin ostrich ink Co., Ltd. was originally known as the Tianjin Mo Shui Plant and originated in the 1930s’s anti -emperor patriotic period. It is the first and only “Chinese well -known trademark” and “Chinese old name” in the Chinese ink industry. %, Obtained “Chinese Ink King”.

At present, the ink product line of ostriches covers ink, inkjet printer ink, and subfamily pens, neutral pens, pens and other pens. A total of more than 180 varieties. There are 9 major series in single steel pen ink.

In 2018, ostrich launched the new 5 series of pens and ink. The 555 carbon is the first domestic nano -class carbon ink. It has a small performance of waterproof, high blackness, and a small chance of blocking.

Flower Story Colorful Series

After the concept of the three characteristics of color ink, the ostrich also launched the colorful series of flowers. It has 24 colors, which is cheap, which is very suitable for novice ink ink.


The hero brand ink has nothing to do with the hero pen factory, but is produced by Shanghai ink manufacturer. The Shanghai Mo Shui Plant was founded in 1927. Its mainly includes two brands of “hero” ink and “Great Wall” glue. Hero brand ink has gained a high popularity in China to gain a high market share in China.

23X series


The 23X series is a non -nano -level carbon ink, which sells the best in the Chinese market. In addition to black, the other three colors are non -carbon ink.

Color ink 9008 series and 7105 series

Heroes have two series, 9008 and 7105, with 12 colors.

In addition to the ink of the 5 brands introduced above, there are also:

“The smallest ink factory in the world, provides the most color ink” catfish;


Catfish ink


The luxury brand Monkura ink ink with “buy a bottle to get ink”;

Montblanc ink

Only Parker with black, blue, blue, black, and red pens.


Parker ink

Another Japanese pen brand platinum ink,

Platinum ink

Zhonglin Caiko, known as a lowercase music,

Zhonglin Caiko

Dye ink