French court light luxury wedding dress

Design concept: Adhering to “Wedding dress is the testimony of love and inheritance” follows the “combination of Chinese and Western”


The concept, personalized original design, reflect the exclusive sense of the wedding dress, both with oriental temperament

The classic and gentle and overflowing western dreams and softness, a good wedding dress should be better

The advantages of the bride themselves are prominent and enlarged, making the bride even more eye -catching, not just the beauty of wedding dresses

Just. Rather than looking for a wedding dress that suits you, it is better to say that the wedding dress is waiting

The you who can give it a beautiful meaning. Using fine traditional crafts

By the handmade lace embroidery, and the rigorous and meticulous craftsmanship, continuing tradition is also a breakthrough tradition.

Design Concept -Meiya Story

It is like the princess and skirt in a princess and skirt in a fairy tale movie in childhood.

Butterfly knot is the imagination of light, elegant, and a little girl with a little girl really combined with the classic

In the details of the French collar, the retro light luxury is slightly exaggerated with exaggerated folding bubble sleeve shape


There is also an incredible beauty.

I feel, more fibrous waist contains delicate design details, which is both fresh and elegant and shining beautifully.

The wide fluffy skirt, the light yarn layer is stacked together with the smoke cage like a fog, like falling into the soft

The dreamy cloud has a fairy tale and dreamy element style, elegant and not losing the sense of ritual.

About the fabrice about fabrics


The starry veil belongs to the relatively stiff mesh gauze scattered with countless sequins,


Compared to the plain mesh, not only has the shining colorful color, but the upper body is amazing.

It is a dynamic portable star light, and it is a visual feeling that is unusually enjoyable. It is far from low prices.

The wedding dress is comparable to plastic materials, and the production of each wedding dress records the mark of time.

Several, dozens of, dozens of bead diamond accessories are shuttled in each needle and one line.

Gives each pattern with three -dimensional, vivid and full level of elegant temperament long sleeves


Sweet bubble short -sleeved charm is elegant and sweet in the sweetness and sweetness.

A wedding wedding has been selected by more than 20 sets of process fabrics -design drawings

—— paper -like version -tailoring -cash -grabbing — caulking -car seam -tidy hot — nailing

From the design manuscript to the sample to the finished product, the long waiting process is made


With thousands of expectations and the unique temperature of handicrafts, in order to show the beauty that cannot be re -engraved

Model display

She is really not ” I only wear a few hours ”

He is the focus of your entire life, the most beautiful moment,

French court light luxury wedding dress