Psychological counselors are becoming more and more popular? The ideal is beautiful, the reality is very skinny

#In the future psychological counselor is becoming more and more popular#

Xiao Wu is a master’s degree in psychology. The previous job was to engage in consultants in the K12 education industry. Because of the major changes in this industry recently, Xiao Wu was helpless.


She was unwilling inside, thinking that she was a high student and psychologically, how could she be unemployed at home?

She came to me and hoped to discuss my personal career development with me.

Xiao Wu asked: “Teacher Ding, I heard that you are very good as a psychological counselor. Is it appropriate to transform as a psychological counselor? Should this profession be more and more popular in the future?”

For Xiao Wu’s words, I smiled slightly and told her my view of the industry in the psychological counselor.

1. The industry prospects for psychological counseling are relatively bright

Regarding this industry in psychological counseling, I also agree that Xiao Wu said that it will inevitably be welcomed in the future.


In fact, in many Western countries, psychological counselors are definitely “high -paying” people.

Because people’s lives are relatively rich, and there are no major problems such as food and clothing, so the focus of demand is psychologically at the psychological level.

Many people abroad have psychological diseases or psychological problems, such as many patients with depression.

Therefore, psychological counseling is very popular in these developed countries. For example, as long as the Hurricane disaster occurred in the United States before, it was the team that rushed to the front line.

Back to our country, today’s per capita GDP also exceeds 10,000 US dollars. With the rapid development of the economy, people’s psychological needs will be more and more.

This can be seen from the rapid increase of psychological customer groups in large cities in recent years.

As long as the market has demand, there will be great business opportunities in this field.

2. The status quo of psychological counselors is more backbone

Although I agree that the overall industry of psychological counseling is relatively sunny, the ideal is full, but the reality is skinny.

First of all, the team of psychological counselors is uneven in China.


There are indeed some very good consulting teachers here. They can really help our visitors.

However, although many teachers know some psychological theories, the actual ability of the consultation is not very strong. Even the family who took the certificate and started to consult the customer. Essence

Secondly, the charging standards of psychological counselors are also uneven.

Some consultants can reach thousands of yuan per hour, and it is difficult to make an appointment to their time.

However, there are many consultants who provide tens of yuan or even free consultations, and customers dare not try easily.

Therefore, you do not have a real consultation ability. It is difficult to get a foothold in this profession and even support yourself.

3. How to smoothly work in psychological counselor

People with a psychological education background like Xiao Wu have a innate advantage to transform as a consultant. So how should people who are not in the background of the science class, but also like psychology, how can people go well?

First, you must obtain a professional qualification certificate.

Although the state has canceled the unified qualifications of psychological counselors, institutions such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences can still be verified.

Research is only a foundation in the foundation, because you do not hold a certificate, the platform will not give you a job.

Second, we must determine the field of consultation that I am good at.

With psychological theory and certificate, you have to determine a field of consultation for your own development.

Because no matter how good a consultant, it is impossible to become omnipotent.

Finally, continue to practice consultation cases.


If you want to be based on the psychological counseling industry, you have to start with actual combat. At first, it is not to make money. The key is to obtain experience from the consultation of the case and fully master the skills of consultation, so as to truly help the visitors.

At the end

Although I am a psychological counselor, this road is not so easy to go. It is difficult to effectively help the visitors psychologically without many years of professional precipitation.

If you are also intending to engage in this profession, you are welcome to communicate more.