Today’s meal, eat and tears, come down

What is the impact of Yuan Longping’s death on an ordinary person?

It is sad, it is a difficult tears like a rain; it is a choking lunch that is distressed by every grain of rice; The cloud sacrifice to the clouds stretches the screen; it is to recall his “Hexia Dream of Liang Liang” again; in the name of a spikey cloud, mourn him; it is for him to imagine a lot of free romantic moments behind him, Just when he didn’t go far …

Reading nearly 5,000 crying night reading messages last night, we exceeded 33

Yuan Longping’s weight in a country, a nation, and even the world is not only displayed in his medals and high praises from all walks of life. Among these ordinary people’s sincere and simple emotions, they are also clear. Extremely.

I said “fake, fake” to myself

—— But why, today’s rice is particularly salty.


CCTV News “Night Reading” reader Tao Tao

I chatted with friends in the subway, and accidentally turned around and learned that Grandpa Yuan was gone, and his throat suddenly stuck.

I haven’t said a word for a long time



CCTV News “Night Reading” reader Smile

The dormitory laughed, but someone suddenly came to a phrase “Yuan Lao’s death”,

Then everyone was silent, tears in their eyes


CCTV News “Night Reading” reader ᑕ e ᒪ i ᑎ e

Today’s meal eats with tears … After I was a zero, the family around me was good.

Yesterday, Grandpa Yuan’s departure was the first time that I felt the pain of losing their loved ones.


CCTV News “Night Reading” reader Accept.

I was still in the classroom. When I heard the news, my eyes were full of tears.

Yuan Lao, you don’t know, every bite of meals today is hard to swallow



CCTV News “Night Reading” readers are only talented

I said “fake, fake” to myself in the morning

Essence When I ate at noon, I saw that “Yuan Lao’s body was not good”, and he ate cleanly, saying “he will get better” to himself. In the afternoon, I saw CCTV’s post, and at that moment, tears suddenly came down. A big boy, seeing Changsha citizens tears to Grandpa Yuan Longping,

I kept crying, and kept crying.

Grandpa Yuan, I miss you so much, I have a hard time to eat dinner …


CCTV News “Night Reading” reader search

At 13:07, I was still writing homework in the class, and I was planning to take a nap on the table for a while. I did n’t know how the wind was out of the window. I heard the electric thunder and thunder in the haze.

In the afternoon, he heard the news of Yuan Longping’s death. The first time he drifted through his mind was a bowl of hot white rice, because he was as kind as a white rice!


CCTV News “Night Reading” reader Hu Xiaoyu

Somehow, seeing every information about his death, my tears couldn’t stop flowing down.

It turned out that he was not just a name. It turned out that he had long come to my heart with a grain of rice I ate.

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CCTV News “Night Reading” reader Xiaojie

At the time of dying, the aroma of lunch came from thousands of households and thousands of households.

A voice said: Yuan Lao, it’s time to go.

Yuan Lao said: Give me some time, and wait for the children to finish lunch with peace of mind.


CCTV News “Night Reading” reader’s finale of hair

“Are you full?” A kind voice came.

“Well, I am so full every day!” I said subconsciously.

“Just eat enough, just eat it …” The voice gets farther and farther.

“Why are you crying?”

“I don’t know. I saw a superman and he left. He wore a grass hat and bent down. By the way, he smiled at me and asked me if I was full …”


CCTV News “Night Reading” reader I Ya

At noon today, I finished the rice well without leaving a grain of rice.

Grandpa, have you seen it? Come back and praise our children who eat well?

“I seem to have a relationship with him

On the textbook, at the dining table, in the rice field, in the world. “


CCTV News “Night Reading” Li Ning

I sat on Tian Yan for an afternoon, watching my seedlings, I cried

Yuan Lao, report to you, this year rice grows up, I also believe that year will be better year by year!


CCTV News “Night Reading” reader Li Li

I remember one year, Yuan Lao went to our commercial building to buy a suit,

I chose a set of more than 100 yuan to buy

(The waiter saw him and introduced those high -end suits, but he didn’t want it). Within a few days, he saw him wearing this suit on TV, and then there were several news reports that he was this.


CCTV News “Night Reading” reader Fengyuan

For four years in Hunan University, whether it is a school cafeteria or a small restaurant outside, rice is free.

The feeling that can be eaten in the fullness is very good, and no matter how poor it is, it will not be hungry.


CCTV News “Night Reading” reader LPIUAN

Suddenly I remembered the exam I took before, and any question in the exam:


Who is the father of hybrid rice? You know the answer without reading the option.

This kind of question has not been missed,

The name “Yuan Longping” has been in mind since the first contact.


CCTV News “Night Reading” reader 66

As a young man who prepare for the interview of the exam, he always likes to use Grandpa Yuan to give examples. The excellent character in the topic is related to Grandpa, and it is a true portrayal.

But when I talk about Yuan Lao in the future, my heart will always be empty.


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CCTV News “Night Reading” reader umbrella

I am a veritable “dried rice person”, no matter how delicious dishes, I feel less rice. I feel less




I like to eat because, whenever I feel uncomfortable, rice can always sweep my hunger and sadness

My cute Grandpa Yuan, thank you for your rice, adding a lot of happiness in my world.


CCTV News “Night Reading” reader seven sounds

I ate tears in dinner tonic, and my daughter did not understand why I was so sad.

She never understands

——In as a child, her mother’s family inserted a seedlings in the rice field, harvested the rice, tanned the valley, and hoped that these sweats were soaked in rice that was soaked and dried away from the shell. A pound of fruits, a semester tuition, a new schoolbag, a pair of new shoes, a new set of clothes …


CCTV News “Night Reading” reader Xiaocao Qingqing

I am not familiar with you, but cry for your departure, tears!

Recalling the sadness of eating grass roots in the 1960s that grandma told me in the 1960s, I remembered that Grandpa lost his work because he had stolen a bowl of rice in the “big cafeteria”. The helplessness of the water bridge!

Because of you, the pain became the past. Thanks for you, we no longer starve. The breeze of Hexia is your bright smile. The golden waves of Daitian are the laughter of your watch.


CCTV News “Night Reading” reader An An Daytoy

I remember when I was a kid, our family’s hybrid rice changed a lot of varieties.

My dad is proud to say that this is a new variety researched by Yuan Lao. The government encourages large -scale trials. If the harvest is not good, there will be subsidies. Don’t worry. However, how can there be a bad harvest.

It is now that he still grows one acre of three points every year. He said that he could not forget that the begging had no rice, and he had to save food.

Since my son is born, my father has sent us food from home every year. He said that a new variety has been tasted for us. We are accustomed to dad who have been planting themselves and educate children from a young age. Who knows that Chinese food is hard.

You have the age when you are not short of food today. It is someone who is in the age of 80 or 90 to study rice: It is the life of Grandpa Yuan’s “unable to stay”.


CCTV News “Night Reading” Reader Orange Ah Qiu

I was fortunate to have seen Yuan Lao twice in this life. In 16 years, the 17 -year academic conference, vaguely remembered that Yuan Lao was wearing the same plaid shirt twice, and his face filled with simple and easy -going smiles.

I still remember that during the school celebration, the grandfather who was over half a year next time the auditorium wrote a letter to Yuan Lao, and looked at the first sentence “Yuan Longping’s senior”.

Express our most sincere greetings for Yuan Lao.

Master Long Ping, today’s white rice is particularly sweet, I ate two large bowls. Please rest assured that we will cherish food and eat well in the future. Western University

(Refers to Yuan Longping’s alma mater Southwest University)

You have been there again, you have always been there.

You always change my star track

“We can’t resist the wave, but we will always remember the lighthouse.”

twenty one

CCTV News “Night Reading” reader Fan Guanghui

Yesterday, my mood fluctuated and paid tribute, what can I do?

1. Do not waste food, do not leave every meal, do n’t have too much.



To do things realistic, for some problems, you can say “impossible” like Yuan Lao.

3. Care about parents, don’t leave regrets.

twenty two

CCTV News “Night Reading” reader Chen Nuoyin

Next time I want to waste, please think about Grandpa Yuan.

Map 丨 Meng Xianglong

twenty three


CCTV News “Night Reading” reader nan

After zero, senior high school students couldn’t help crying in the classroom. The book on the table is also spread out. On the pages of the plant hormone, the sentence I just read is to promote fruit development. Copy the material about Grandpa Yuan …

I started thinking about the significance of the college entrance examination and the significance of learning knowledge.

twenty four

CCTV News “Night Reading” reader Sihua Nian

I probably understand: As our generation, the real meaning of reading is not to engage in money and become rich in -in -law.

It is to get an emotion from the book and a value.

It is as if our generation can only feel the pain of hunger from the words of history only when we learn history. Only before the hybrid rice is cultivated, how people endure the hunger and how to watch the people who are starving to death.

In this way, we can feel what a great Chinese pioneer created.


CCTV News “Night Reading” readers are a free person who is not controlled by desire

I am 26 years old, a very ordinary person. There is no concept of ideal, struggle, and faith from small food and clothing. There is no concept of ideals, struggle, and faith. I have a common learning in class, and I have passed the college that I am still worried about the future. I have no ideals and faith. Isn’t it a lifetime?

Suddenly, I don’t know when and where I found my faith,


When I saw the volunteer martyrs returning to China, I would be in awe; when I saw that the firefighters sacrificed the mountain fire, I would tears; when I saw the border warrior bleeding, I would feel angry; see Yuan Lao and Wu Lao When I died, I would burst into tears.

I suddenly found that finding the future and faith is simple … It has always existed around us, and these people have always told us what ideals and faith are.

Our nation can continue, and heroes continue to emerge,


I think the most precious thing is that many of the countries like Yuan Lao planted a seed in our hearts.

This seed took root, and we let our next generation cool down through our own efforts and continue. From studying for the rise of Premier Zhou for the rise of China, to Yuan Lao, for the people of the world to eat, this is the continuation of the ideal belief and why Yuan Laoyong is in. Be a country who is studying for the ideal of his heart, and encourage them!


CCTV News “Night Reading” readers’ outstanding graduates of shit shovel

He must have no regrets, and he must be proud.

He didn’t have a lifetime. He completed his own historical mission and was therefore of his due praise and love.

He should be peaceful.

He completely resolved the problems in his field, and he knew that he would no longer be scared to be hungry even if he did not have him.

Pride for him, remember him, find our own historical mission, and then learn what he looks like, and do his best to complete it.



CCTV News “Night Reading” readers tasting to stop W

“A whale falls, everything is born”,

He compared the shoulders with a mortal body, and eventually returned his body to the earth, nourishing all things, and endless.

Your legend, our generation.

“Every year’s” rice flower incense says the year “will be you”


CCTV News “Night Reading” reader Yuanyuan

Son: Who is Yuan Longping?

Me: He is a person who allows us to eat.

The son cried and said, “He is gone, will we not eat enough in the future.

Me: No, because Grandpa Yuan said, we can’t have an era of unattractive food.



CCTV News “Night Reading” reader ✨ Sarah sauce

The child does not understand what “walking” means, and I say “go” is going to another world. The child thought for a while and asked me,

Mom, Grandpa Yuan go to another world and let people in that world eat enough?


CCTV News “Night Reading” reader Xu San San

Every time I teach ancient poems, I will talk to you in the fragrance of rice and flowers.



CCTV News “Night Reading” reader Xu San San BX.

In the beautiful and endless prayer of the rice, you bury them slightly. When the rice vines pass through your arched body, you have a straight back in the rice waves and smile slightly.

Every time I start the heavy tableware, I always think of the “young” and lovely old gentleman of Pei Dao. At this moment, I may be humming Xiaoqu to take a coolness under He, freely, loose and full.

Thank you, Grandpa Yuan!

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CCTV News “Night Reading” reader ‘l

Yuan Lao walked all the way,

When each household cooks smoke, it will bring a thought from the world to the sky.


CCTV News “Night Reading” readers simplified complexity

“There is a Yuan Longping in China”, this will be -no matter who says it will be unconsciously proud.

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