Back to the preview | This air conditioner summer is so many shortcomings, but I still can’t help but Amway, soft and skin -friendly, intimate and breathable, moderate thickness, naked sleeping, the group purchase price is not as good as words, not like words.

The Oriental Dolls of the group was almost canceled before the previous year. As a result, it was unexpectedly very hot when the group started. After receiving the goods, the feedback of relatives is also very good.

In April last year, I returned to the scene in June and was immediately snatched again.

This summer, it was too hot and it was always raining again, but in Guangdong, the temperature was still up, many mothers in the backstage also asked to return, and I had already taken it out last month. But Oriental Doll said that new models will be released this year, and the color and color are more than before, so I have waited until now. Let’s take a look at a few new colors.

This year’s new fun piglets, pink dots, green dots and original comparisons, the material has not changed, and the color of the color has changed. The image of “Fun Pig” comes from the internationally renowned picture book. “, Thick and cute, a little bit of retro, a little bit like the bubble sprayed from the open champagne bottle, playful and vibrant.

Fun Pig


Green point

Covering on the body is soft and elegant

The water cubes that have been in the previous group will also be available.


Each model has a size of 1 meter, 1.5 meters, 1.8 meters, and 2 meters. Dear friends who do n’t know about this quilt, look at the homework I made last year.

返场预告 | 这个空调夏被缺点这么多,但我还是忍不住安利它, 柔软亲肤,贴身透气,厚薄适中,裸睡最舒服,团购价实惠得不像话

…………… the detailed segmentation line …………..

This air conditioner was planned to be with the previous mats after May Day, but it was urgently canceled before the start of the group.

This is the case. After this air -conditioned blanket was a silk quilt of the Oriental doll last year, Yanfang was recommended to me. It is said that the air conditioner was a new product launched by them last summer. The response was particularly good.

The silk of the previous group was 100 % praised by the micro -shop. In addition, the number of cooperations was still, and what I recommended to Yanfang was basically assured, but no matter who’s product, if it is possible to be included in the group plan, In addition to myself, I will ask other mothers to try together.

返场预告 | 这个空调夏被缺点这么多,但我还是忍不住安利它, 柔软亲肤,贴身透气,厚薄适中,裸睡最舒服,团购价实惠得不像话

At that time, I asked three beds for the air conditioning blanket. I and my sister, and the lion mother, one person, and we started using it in April. I and my sister felt very good. Breathable, thin and thick, naked sleeping is particularly comfortable, and it meets the standards of infant A and young children’s personal clothes.

As a result, before the group started at the end of April, the lion mother called me and said that after the quilt was washed, she shrank, and then took a picture to see it. I quickly contacted Yanfang.

返场预告 | 这个空调夏被缺点这么多,但我还是忍不住安利它, 柔软亲肤,贴身透气,厚薄适中,裸睡最舒服,团购价实惠得不像话

She replied that this summer was used like a knitting process that was used to sweater. If it was washed with a normal mode of washing machine, it would shrink a little, but everyone felt that it would not affect the use, so I did not tell me deliberately.

I did n’t pay attention to this issue twice by myself. I still canceled the group purchase first. Then these days, I have been using these quilts for experiments. Size, let’s report the results of the experiment here.

First of all, the most rough washing method is washed with a normal cotton fabric in the washing machine (Siemens). The water temperature is 40 degrees. After washing, it will be dried in the dryer (Siemens) bath towel mode. The length has changed from the original 150 to 143, and the width has also changed from 100 to 96, which means that the length is shortened by 7cm and the width is shortened by 4cm. The ratio is about 4-5%.

I immediately contacted Yanfang and told her the situation. She quickly responded to me a standard and explained that

Because it is knitted cotton, there is a certain degree of shrinkage. The national standard is 4-10%. This summer is about 5-6%, so the shrinkage of this level is normal.

But as a consumer, I naturally hope that the product I get is perfect. Seeing that I am very real about this, Yanfang also agreed that when the new product was made recently, it was 2-3cm on each side of the sides. To compensate the length of shrinking.

返场预告 | 这个空调夏被缺点这么多,但我还是忍不住安利它, 柔软亲肤,贴身透气,厚薄适中,裸睡最舒服,团购价实惠得不像话

The second way is to use the intelligent softness of the washing machine. After washing, the drying rack is dry naturally. It is very fluffy after the sun. It has become 218, but there is still a shrink, but less than the previous ordinary washing method.

The third method is to wash cold water hands. The soap liquid is rinsed three times. This washing method did not shrink. After washing, the drying was almost the same as the new.

返场预告 | 这个空调夏被缺点这么多,但我还是忍不住安利它, 柔软亲肤,贴身透气,厚薄适中,裸睡最舒服,团购价实惠得不像话

The second problem is that after the washing machine was washed, the fiber in the quilt would be a piece of group after washing. After drying it, it was basically returning to normal.

返场预告 | 这个空调夏被缺点这么多,但我还是忍不住安利它, 柔软亲肤,贴身透气,厚薄适中,裸睡最舒服,团购价实惠得不像话

When I took it out at the time, I found that the fiber inside was distributed in this curve. At that time, I felt quite neat and beautiful. After I reacted, I found that it was a shrinking group, so I found Yanfang again.

返场预告 | 这个空调夏被缺点这么多,但我还是忍不住安利它, 柔软亲肤,贴身透气,厚薄适中,裸睡最舒服,团购价实惠得不像话

Yanfang said that this is normal, because we throw it to the washing machine, and the middle filling will naturally make a group under this regular physical action, just like a down jacket, but after drying Essence

In order to verify her statement, I specially took another new out for comparison.

On the left is a new one, and the effect on the right is shaking. The difference is not large. After asking a few mothers, they felt acceptable.

And Yan Fang also told me that because the quilt did a relatively compact quadrilateral design, this ensured that the filling would never be a large area of ​​groups, and a small group did not affect the use, so don’t worry too much.

返场预告 | 这个空调夏被缺点这么多,但我还是忍不住安利它, 柔软亲肤,贴身透气,厚薄适中,裸睡最舒服,团购价实惠得不像话

In the end, Yanfang reminded me,

After this quilt is washed many times, the color may be a bit old

Essence But I have been washed about 4 or 5 times at present, and the situation is okay. In fact, the cotton fabrics, just like ourselves and the baby’s underwear, will have more or less, there will be some old situations. This can be understood. Moms who are more minded in this area still have to be cautious!

返场预告 | 这个空调夏被缺点这么多,但我还是忍不住安利它, 柔软亲肤,贴身透气,厚薄适中,裸睡最舒服,团购价实惠得不像话

So why is this quilt being so comfortable, but the machine washing will shrink? After discussing with professionals, the main reason was that the main reason was the fabric and knitting process of this cotton.

The reason why this air conditioner is so soft and personal is good fabric on the one hand. Changdong cotton from Xinjiang, except for Egyptian long velvet cotton, is first -class in China.

返场预告 | 这个空调夏被缺点这么多,但我还是忍不住安利它, 柔软亲肤,贴身透气,厚薄适中,裸睡最舒服,团购价实惠得不像话

On the other hand, we have to focus on this knitting process, which is close to the weaving of the sweater, and this weaving method uses 40 cotton yarns, the fabric will not be too dense, the feel will be very soft, breathable, close to close Essence

But dear people know that putting the sweater in the washing machine may shrink and deform, but it is not possible to wash it by hand, so I now use the soft washing function of the washing machine. Remember to use cold water.

In addition, this summer is not like the quilt we usually understand. A quilt can be covered for many years, because this knitting process, coupled with the number of quilts in summer, will not change the feel after washing. But the appearance may be obvious.

If it is a normal mode of the washing machine, it may also be slightly played. Therefore, Yanfang also confessed to me that the quilt will be obvious in about 3 years, and it may be obvious. Essence

In short, if you take good care of good things, you can use it for a few more years.

Well, the question is over, and it seems that this quilt has a lot of problems, so why should I give everyone it. From several summer quilts I have used in recent years, to receiving the BOBO air conditioner, I started to do comparative homework, and I also bought several brands of samples. It really did not say the perfect quilt. The skin -friendly feeling of this quilt is really uncomfortable. I talked to my sister about this. She was also particularly emotional that it was not easy to buy a truly comfortable air conditioner. I used it for almost two months. Open it.

Before using this air conditioner, the most used was a towel quilt. But because of the number of washing, the quilt became harder. After it was covered, it was found that there was a piece there were empty, and the place where the meat was pasted felt rough, a bit giggle!

I bought a bamboo fiber towel quilt in the past two years. When I first got it, it was soft and glutinous, but after washing it twice, the ball was very powerful, and the shrinking was very scary. Essence

Then I bought a real air conditioning quilt last year, but the thickness was not satisfied. Because of the sleeping with the child, the air conditioner could not be opened too low. Generally, it was 267 degrees. It looks pretty good, but because it is hot, it is rarely taken out. Although it is called an air conditioning quilt, I think the spring and autumn is almost the same, but we all cover the silk quilt in spring and autumn, and we can’t use it.

Later, after changing this air conditioner, it was really comfortable, thin and soft.

The quilt is basically fit the body.

返场预告 | 这个空调夏被缺点这么多,但我还是忍不住安利它, 柔软亲肤,贴身透气,厚薄适中,裸睡最舒服,团购价实惠得不像话

Now, in addition to sleeping when it is hot, I will take it on my feet when I read a book at night, especially these days, the temperature has been a bit down, and it is a bit cold in the morning and evening.

And sometimes when the child is tired and falls asleep on the sofa, I will also cover this quilt to cover her, soft and comfortable!

Last time I went out to play, I also brought this quilt on the car. The air conditioner was cold and put on my body, properly!

For more than a month, I have been using this quilt almost every day. Every time I use it once, I want to sigh, soft and comfortable, especially after I have just washed it. You can feel the taste of a fresh sun. With a chin, you will have a particularly happy feeling, let alone

I slept with it at night. If it wasn’t for the baby, I really wanted to sleep naked every day.


返场预告 | 这个空调夏被缺点这么多,但我还是忍不住安利它, 柔软亲肤,贴身透气,厚薄适中,裸睡最舒服,团购价实惠得不像话

Things such as quilt, thickness and skin -friendly belong to personal feelings. Different people’s physique and skin sensitivity are different. The difference in effects is relatively large.

So in order to get a more objective evaluation of this quilt, I also gave a few mothers around me to try it. I also used the opinions of my friends for more than a year, and finally gave feedback!

I also want to talk about a small episode here. Just last night, I and Dad, I was still discussing the problem of this quilt group, and even a little dispute. As I said, this quilt is not a perfect quilt, and even the shortcomings in some places are relatively obvious.

However, there are more than a dozen air conditioners that have been bought and used in the past two years in the past two years. We all feel that we can’t find a piece of comfortable. There are many mothers, like us, I bought a lot of people who did n’t buy it, so I really want to recommend it to everyone, but the point of shooting dad means that the selection of products must be cautious. There are obvious disadvantages to recommend it to everyone. This is irresponsible and disappointed everyone’s trust in us.

Finally we reached an agreement,

You can group, but you must tell everyone what we know badly for everyone to know. It doesn’t matter if you buy it or not, just give yourself the experience of picking the quilt.

返场预告 | 这个空调夏被缺点这么多,但我还是忍不住安利它, 柔软亲肤,贴身透气,厚薄适中,裸睡最舒服,团购价实惠得不像话


返场预告 | 这个空调夏被缺点这么多,但我还是忍不住安利它, 柔软亲肤,贴身透气,厚薄适中,裸睡最舒服,团购价实惠得不像话

Of course, the Oriental doll has always supported Xiaoli in terms of group purchase price. It gives us a very powerful group price. It can be comfortable for a few days for a hundred L to come. There should be no shrinkage deformation. I hope to use the relatives for many years.

Okay, say so much, if you are still interested, old rules, first look at the group purchase information!

返场预告 | 这个空调夏被缺点这么多,但我还是忍不住安利它, 柔软亲肤,贴身透气,厚薄适中,裸睡最舒服,团购价实惠得不像话

Group information

返场预告 | 这个空调夏被缺点这么多,但我还是忍不住安利它, 柔软亲肤,贴身透气,厚薄适中,裸睡最舒服,团购价实惠得不像话

Group purchase varieties:

Oriental doll bobo knitted cotton summer quilt

Group purchase price:

100*150cm Water Cube Price: 218 yuan Xiaoli group price: 69 yuan new model: 78 yuan

返场预告 | 这个空调夏被缺点这么多,但我还是忍不住安利它, 柔软亲肤,贴身透气,厚薄适中,裸睡最舒服,团购价实惠得不像话

150*200cm Water Cube Price: 328 yuan Xiaoli group price: 98 yuan new model: 110 yuan

180*200cm Water Cube Price: 418 yuan Xiaoli group price: 128 yuan

返场预告 | 这个空调夏被缺点这么多,但我还是忍不住安利它, 柔软亲肤,贴身透气,厚薄适中,裸睡最舒服,团购价实惠得不像话

200*230cm Water Cube Price: 478 yuan Xiaoli group price: 138 yuan new model: 148 yuan

Group purchase time

: 8:00 on the morning of May 9th

Delivery time:

返场预告 | 这个空调夏被缺点这么多,但我还是忍不住安利它, 柔软亲肤,贴身透气,厚薄适中,裸睡最舒服,团购价实惠得不像话

May 9-10 Post Express Nanjing issued

Customer service method:

返场预告 | 这个空调夏被缺点这么多,但我还是忍不住安利它, 柔软亲肤,贴身透气,厚薄适中,裸睡最舒服,团购价实惠得不像话

After consulting, please add customer service WeChat service number xiaolizhushou, or personal WeChat xiaolibook16. Customer service telephone: 18520134527, 020-39180427 (dialing at work, you can leave a message message).

Participation method:

返场预告 | 这个空调夏被缺点这么多,但我还是忍不住安利它, 柔软亲肤,贴身透气,厚薄适中,裸睡最舒服,团购价实惠得不像话

Click “Reading the original text” in the lower left corner of the article into the micro -shop, or click the custom menu “Micro Shop” in the lower right corner of the account.

返场预告 | 这个空调夏被缺点这么多,但我还是忍不住安利它, 柔软亲肤,贴身透气,厚薄适中,裸睡最舒服,团购价实惠得不像话

Why recommend it?

1. Class A standard, the fabric is soft and skin -friendly, you can hold it with naked sleep!

I have always felt that the more personal things, the more I have to buy.

返场预告 | 这个空调夏被缺点这么多,但我还是忍不住安利它, 柔软亲肤,贴身透气,厚薄适中,裸睡最舒服,团购价实惠得不像话

Although the quilt is not like underwear and underwear, it needs to be particularly particular about it, but after all, use in summer is also directly contacting the skin, so the material is also very important.

返场预告 | 这个空调夏被缺点这么多,但我还是忍不住安利它, 柔软亲肤,贴身透气,厚薄适中,裸睡最舒服,团购价实惠得不像话

The fabric of this quilt is very good,

Class A standards for national textile testing, that is to say, babies can also be used in hand.

This is unique in the quilt’s fabric and very little.

How to identify the quality of the fabric, here also teach you a few tricks.

Look at the native place of cotton.

返场预告 | 这个空调夏被缺点这么多,但我还是忍不住安利它, 柔软亲肤,贴身透气,厚薄适中,裸睡最舒服,团购价实惠得不像话

BOBO布料选的是新疆长绒棉,新疆长绒棉媲美世界著名埃及长绒棉,因为日照时间长,纤维柔长,洁白光泽,弹性良好,比普通棉纱纤维质地柔软,手感舒适,色彩饱满, Good water absorption, far better than other ordinary cotton yarn.

返场预告 | 这个空调夏被缺点这么多,但我还是忍不住安利它, 柔软亲肤,贴身透气,厚薄适中,裸睡最舒服,团购价实惠得不像话

And this quilt uses a knitting process, which will have regular yarn and gauze, forming a texture effect similar to the bamboo knuckle, so it is also called bamboo cotton (Japanese is also called Tianzhu cotton). It will be softer, and it is also good in extension and elasticity.

返场预告 | 这个空调夏被缺点这么多,但我还是忍不住安利它, 柔软亲肤,贴身透气,厚薄适中,裸睡最舒服,团购价实惠得不像话

However, it is relatively rare to use knitted cotton to make a quilt. The earliest thing was a Japanese designer. Although the effect was very good, the price was relatively high, so many businesses did not try. I know that there is such a good product in MUJI. The kit of knitted cotton fabrics is selling because the price of the price has not been up, but they have made a discount on a single product, and it will soon be sold out. It can be seen that as far as the price is concerned, this material is left. The products are still very popular!

BOBO’s summer is slightly worse than MUJI. It is made of 95%cotton+5%polyester fiber. I asked Yanfang at the time, why not use 100%cotton to make it?

返场预告 | 这个空调夏被缺点这么多,但我还是忍不住安利它, 柔软亲肤,贴身透气,厚薄适中,裸睡最舒服,团购价实惠得不像话

She told me that it is mainly based on the consideration of printing and dyeing technology. Because I want to improve the color fastness, the overall process uses the method of active printing and dyeing, and it needs to be heated in this method. Heating temperature is uncontrollable, so just

Add 5%polyester fiber to both stable colors and more environmentally friendly.

Although it is not a cotton fabric, this quilt is still the specifications of various indicators, the fabric is very soft and the feel is more comfortable.

Second, water -washed ultra -fine fiber filling, fluffy and breathable, mildew and moisture and moisture!

At present, the filling of air -conditioning on the market mainly includes hollow fiber cotton and silk, most of which are hollow fiber cotton.

BOBO’s summer is adopted by the polyester fiber 900D filling. The 900D here is the weight of polyester fibers. Generally, 75D, 150D, and 300D, most of them increased by multiple of 75. The greater the density of a single -stock fiber, the better the quality!

In fact, I was actually unacceptable to the quilt of the polyester fiber to fill the material. I always felt that it was not healthy, but I later asked students who studied related majors. Now most of the air conditioners have polyester fibers as filling, because because they are used as filling, because because they are used as filling, because because they are used as filling, because they are used as filling. It is more fluffy, it is also good for keeping warm and breathable, and it can also prevent deformation and water -resistant washing.

The most important thing is not to be afraid of insects, anti -mildew and moisture

This is really a very practical function for the hot and humid Guangzhou.

Third, light and breathable, not afraid of boring, summer cover is just right!

My requirements for summer are actually very simple. It must not be as thick and full as winter, but the lighter, the lighter, the more breathable. After all, no one wants to hold a large stove in summer!

I chose this quilt, a big reason is that it is particularly thin and thin.

Last time I was curious about its weight, I said it on my heart, and it was said that it was only 550g, and it was about the weight of 3 Apple mobile phones. It was really lightweight.

This quilt, even if you go out, have no pressure to bring.

I mentioned that my sister bought a quilt before, but the thickness was not thick, but its fabric was relatively hard. After the cover was covered, it was boring. And sweating in the air -conditioned room is the most likely to get sick, so the thickness and material of the quilt are very important.

So is this quilt breathable enough? I also did a small experiment.

During the experiment, the cup gradually covered a layer of water fog!

Take it out and see, the glass wall is full of small water droplets

Fourth, machine washing, but please choose a gentle mode, do not dry, just dry it naturally

Do you remember the Dyson vacuum cleaner I recommended before? At that time, one of the big reasons I bought it was because I could suck mites, and it was also because of this selling point. I started to focus on the hygiene of our quilt, because the picture of mites was too disgusting.

Especially in areas with high humidity and high humidity in Guangzhou, mites are easier to grow. I have seen a data before, saying that I do n’t dry for three months. Six million mites accompany you to sleep. It feels terrible to think about it.

So no matter what quilt it is, I will pay special attention to the anti -mites. If you have nothing to do, you will take it. If you have conditions, you will also wash it.

返场预告 | 这个空调夏被缺点这么多,但我还是忍不住安利它, 柔软亲肤,贴身透气,厚薄适中,裸睡最舒服,团购价实惠得不像话

Because winter is not easy to wash, I will get it on the balcony every half month to one month. Every time I smell the sun, I feel more comforting in my heart.

And the quilt in summer, because they are all closely covered, and often have sweat stains, so I usually see if I can use it directly before buying (don’t ask me why), BOBO’s quilt can throw it directly into the washing machine. Go to wash, but be sure to choose a gentle mode.

I usually choose to wash softly. After the washing, I will spread directly on the balcony after washing. It can be dried in about a afternoon. It is really convenient.

Because I often throw it to the washing machine, I also care about the life of the quilt.

Yanfang told me that any quilt has a life span. No matter what kind of material it is used for a long time, it will gradually become thinner, especially after multiple washing, and it will gradually lose its elasticity and warmth. This quilt is absolutely fine for about 3 years.

Fifth, exquisite workmanship, fashionable edge, beautiful!

When I saw this quilt at that time, I thought of the style of MUJI. It was a very common line. Although it was a bit simple, it was very environmentally friendly and impatient.

And a friend in a line also told me that in fact, everyone can use the material to buy textiles, but it is almost the same as the material, but it is necessary to see the details. For example, the car worker and the wiring. Bobo’s quilt belongs to this.

The color is very clear, and the printing and dyeing are very uniform and straight, and it has also been detected by formaldehyde. It is safe and assured.

返场预告 | 这个空调夏被缺点这么多,但我还是忍不住安利它, 柔软亲肤,贴身透气,厚薄适中,裸睡最舒服,团购价实惠得不像话

The quilt is stitched by the entire sewing, which means that the outer material is stitched directly with the inner filling materials side by side. Moreover, the edge of the edge is very detailed, and the texture is very clear. At first glance, it is a good thing.

Considering everyone’s needs, our quilt also provides four different sizes, 100*150, 150*200, 180*200, 200*230, everyone can take a look.


返场预告 | 这个空调夏被缺点这么多,但我还是忍不住安利它, 柔软亲肤,贴身透气,厚薄适中,裸睡最舒服,团购价实惠得不像话

The water cubes are 95%cotton. This year’s new models use 100%cotton, each size is about 10 yuan than the water cubic model.

The New

Okay, say so much, click on the closer

“Read the original text”

返场预告 | 这个空调夏被缺点这么多,但我还是忍不住安利它, 柔软亲肤,贴身透气,厚薄适中,裸睡最舒服,团购价实惠得不像话

, Enter the micro -store collection, open the group at 8 o’clock tomorrow morning!