Novel: Her soul wears ancient painting clothing drawings. She is bought by the owner of the clothing store and is hungry to market.

Mu Jianli returned to his Qiu Liyuan directly, and when he entered the yard, he saw Liu Xin was drying his clothes. The clothes are new at first glance, not the styles and colors in her wardrobe.

“Miss is back,” Liu Xin greeted, pulling the dry clothes.

“Well, where did this clothes come from?” Mu Xianli took a closer look at the two sets of clothes and asked Liu Xin.

This clothes are blue and one green, all of which are narrow -sleeved clothes. Although the shirt is long to the ankle, there is no skirt. The lower body seemed to be pants, and she saw two pants of the same color on the rope.

“Today I took the drawings that Miss gave me to make clothes. The boss felt that the clothes were very novel, so I wanted to buy the drawing, so that they could make the clothes in the store. The drawing was drawn by the lady. Lord, let him first make the clothes on the drawing. The boss should not accept the money and let the slaves come back and ask the lady if they can sell the drawing to him. Sending the slavery two clothes, I thought that the lady looked at the clothes in the cabinet in recent times, and I guess I was tired of being wearing. I said that I have made up the clothes that have been customized recently, and I also admire my own lady in my heart. However, I used a few sets of clothes to sell money to sell money. The lady of her family was really amazing.

Mu Jianli nodded very satisfied: “This clothes are very picky,” is her favorite style.

“If you think the boss is a real price, it will be sold to him! It is a fool if you have money without making money.” Since that family is willing to pay for those pieces of paper, she naturally does not keep the truth of those paper not sold. Essence And even if she did not sell the drawing, and the drawing had been seen for them, the boss was not available, and she would make such clothes directly to sell.

“That slave goes now,” Liu Xin said, pulling off his sleeves on his elbow, and he was about to leave the house immediately.

Mu Xianli stopped Liu Xindao: “This matter is not in a hurry, it is not too late to talk about it when I get to get clothes.”

“Why?” Liu Xin was puzzled, not all said that the iron was hot, and it was natural to make money!

This girl is really an acute, Mu Xianli looked at Liu Xinyao with funny: “If you hurried over now and say that you want to sell the drawing, people only when you are short of money to sell the drawing! Let’s dry him for a few days, Let him think that we have no intention to sell the drawing, and do not care about that money, and the price he will be high will be high. “

“Oh” Liu Xin nodded suddenly, and then looked at Mu Xianli with a serious way: “It’s a pity that you don’t go to be a traitor.”

Mu Jianli reached out and knocked on Liu Xin’s head: “You girl, dare to laugh and laugh.”

Liu Xin covered his head and said with a busy smile: “The slaves dare not dare again, please ask the lady to show mercy.”

Mu Jing Ling and Liu Zhijing first discussed in his hospital, and made a specific plan for the land to grow fields, and then went to the study to find Mu Qingcang together.

Mu Qingcang listened to the specific embodiments of Mu Jingling and Liu Zhijing’s main land, and after the benefits of our soldiers, finally decided that if it would be time not to come down tomorrow.

“Who you came up with this method?” Mu Qingcang asked Mu Jingling Mu Jingling, Mu Qingcang asked, and Mu Qingcang thought that Liu Zhijing’s mind was flexible and resourceful. Essence

Mu Jingling replied: “Father, this method was come up with the little girl.”

When Mu Qingcang heard it, he laughed: “This girl thinks of this method is excellent, and the country does not raise useless soldiers. Now there are no war. We have naturally become useless soldiers.

Mu Qingcang was very pleased, and at the same time lamented why he had never discovered these advantages of his daughter before!

Besides, Mu Xianxue entered the palace. The queen and her briefly gave a few words, and then found a thick scripture book for Mu Xuexue to copy.

Looking at those scriptures Mu Xuexue, so many scriptures can not be copied for two days.

The queen aunt also told her that the book should be copied in a row so that the Buddha can feel her sincerity. Mu Xuexue almost didn’t throw a brush. Isn’t this to let her stay up late to copy the rhythm? However, Mu Xuexue was pretending to be very obedient, and of course she dared not refuse.

The queen made people prepare the tea bind in the little Buddha hall in the royal palace, let Mu Xianxue copy the book in the little Buddha hall.

At night, Mu Xuexue’s hand was cramping, and the upper and lower eyelids began to fight. She was so sleepy that she wanted to squint for a while, but when she didn’t dare to copy the scriptures, she had two maids in the Buddhist temple to guard her in the Buddhist temple. After she copied a copy, the maid burned directly to the Buddha.

The queen was lying on the Feng bed that night and slept particularly solidly, and she didn’t know if this was a psychological effect. Someone was copying the scriptures to pray for her, so she did not have that strange dream.

It turned out that Mu Yuhua has been having a nightmare in the past few days and dreams of those who should not appear in this world every night. She was entangled by them, was torn by them, and was awakened at night. A palace girl said that if the younger generation of blood was sincerely copy the scriptures to pray for blessings, and then burned to the Buddha after copying, the Buddha would bless those unclean things, and she would not be able to approach her body.

The prince is her baby, and she naturally can’t bear her son to copy the scriptures. Although Mu Jingling was her nephew, it was after all, but the foreigners were not in the palace. Not to mention that Mu Jianli would not have to say, and expected her to copy the scriptures, but she was afraid that the Buddha would blame at that time, and she couldn’t get better. Thinking about this gentle and kind, and obedient Mu Xianxue, the most suitable, so he called Mu Xuexue to enter the palace to copy the scriptures.

The next day

Because Mu Jingling was about to go to the dynasty today, Mu Xianli went to the martial arts farm of the general’s house to practice.

The Mu family’s soldiers, who practiced kung fu on their own, also secretly looked at Mu Xianli.

“Do you know? This young lady defeated Chen Xue’s captain yesterday.” A soldier told him about the bad brother who was in the barracks and told everyone.

“That strength is like a cow, and once killed the tiger Chen Hu?”

“Hmm” nodded.

“How is it possible, I don’t believe it.”

“I don’t believe it, what kind of strength of this young lady, do we still know? If she can defeat Chen Hu, can we tie her so many times?”


Everyone didn’t believe it, they felt that the soldiers were nonsense.

When the soldiers saw that their companions didn’t believe it, “This is true, I didn’t lie to you. I don’t believe you go to the barracks to ask yourself in the afternoon, and now the entire Mu family army is passing!”

When those soldiers did not look like he was lying, he said to him: “You went to trick with the young lady. If the young lady defeated you, we believe it.”