Turtle meat on the tip of the tongue

Since ancient times,

People use turtles as high -level tonics

舌尖上的龟肉 食用及做法大全

And good food for preventing diseases.

Today, it is made of turtle meat as the main raw material

All kinds of turtles have become precious dishes at the banquet.

Delicious nutrition, good edible effect

Turtle meat is rich in nutrition, rich in protein, minerals, etc., and the medicinal value of turtles is also very high.

Turtle protein has a certain anti -cancer effect, can inhibit tumor cells, and enhance the body’s immune function.

The study of modern Chinese medicine shows that turtle meat, turtle shells, glans, blood, bile bile, turtle urine, and even turtle urine can be used.

Suitable for crowd

Suitable for people with insufficient qi and blood, malnutrition, steamed bone steamed, lung tuberculosis for a long time cough and hemoptysis;

Suitable for women’s postpartum vitality, prolapse or losing drooping, cooking turtle meat, has the effect of promoting recovery;

Suitable for cancer patients and radiotherapy chemotherapy, two qi and yin injuries, low fever and heat, upset insomnia, palm heat, dry mouth and dryness, and less red tongue, less tongue moss;

舌尖上的龟肉 食用及做法大全

Suitable for those who have more urine, or those who are weak for children with urine;

Suitable for people with diabetes, or for a long time of malaria.

Taboo crowd:

Patients with spleen and stomach yang should not eat more.

Turtle Food Xiangkou:

Turtle meat should not be eaten with wine, fruit, melon, pork, amaranth, winter bamboo shoots.

How to do it and how to eat it?

Palpitations and insomnia

: 250 grams of turtle meat, 50 grams of lilies, and 10 red dates.


: 250 grams of turtle meat, 15 grams of fried coriander shells, cooked medicine to eat meat and soup.


: 1 turtle, wrap the bran in yellow mud and dry the inside, rot, 15 grams of 1 pack, boiling water for service.

Pediatric urine

: 250 grams of turtle meat and dog meat, cook badly.


: The turtles are cooked in the pig’s belly, remove the shell, add a little salt, and eat. Or at the end of the turtle plate, 3 grams per serving, free water, and 2 times a day.

Early liver cirrhosis of chronic hepatitis

: First, add water to the turtle plate to boil into glue, and bottle for later use. 1-2 tablespoons per day, add the right amount of brown sugar, and use 9 grams of decoction of tension. 2 to 3 times a day.

Bone joint tuberculosis

: 250 grams of golden turtle charcoal powder, and 250 grams (half a pound) for the nuclear jujube, pounded as a pill, take 12 grams each morning and evening. (Attachment: Turtle charcoal method: tightly tight turtles with rope, yellow mud seal, after the fire is burnt, remove the mud, and all develop it)

舌尖上的龟肉 食用及做法大全

Elderly kidney deficiency urine frequency

: About 250 grams of turtles, remove internal organs, 250 grams of small roosters, stewed cooked and salt and seasoned.



: Turtle stew soup, eat soup and meat.



: Turtle blood plus sugar, 3 to 4 tablespoons each time. Or the turtle gallbladder.

Turtle food practice

1. Braised turtle meat

Ingredients ingredients:

500 grams of turtles; wolfberry, walnuts, green onions, pepper, rice wine, soy sauce, rock sugar, etc.

detailed steps:

Research the be walnut meat into a broken end;

Wash wolfberry;

舌尖上的龟肉 食用及做法大全

Put the turtles in the basin and heat the water about 40 degrees to urinate;

Turtles go to the head, feet, turtle shell, internal organs, wash, cut into meat;

Heat the pot, add vegetable oil, burn it to 60 % heat, put in the turtle pieces, and stir fry repeatedly;

Add ginger slices, green onion festivals, pepper, rice wine, soy sauce, chicken clear soup, and the amount of water;

Add rock sugar, wolfberry, and walnut meat to the end, boil the fire first, and then use a small heat to stew;

To the turtle meat rotten, taste the taste of MSG, stir fry a few times, put it into the bowl, drink soup and eat turtle meat.

2. Ciscun Turtle Soup

: 750 grams of turtles; ham, coloring oil, sesame oil, pepper, cooking wine, green onion, ginger, etc.

The turtles slaughter, peel the shell, remove the bitterness, and wash the turtle meat and internal organs;

Turtle meat is cut into 3 cm long and 2 cm wide meat;

Ham sliced;

Put the wok on the fire, add the color pull oil to heat, add the onion segments and ginger pieces slightly;

Then add the turtle meat, internal organs, refined salt, and sesame oil to stir -fry, and put it in the casserole;

Put the foot clear soup, boil the fire, put it on a low fire for 2 hours;

Add the ham slices and continue to the thick juice of the soup.

– The end-

舌尖上的龟肉 食用及做法大全

舌尖上的龟肉 食用及做法大全

Ingredients ingredients:

detailed steps: