Wedding posts are happy, elders are happy new houses are not low, your words are here!



Words have always been the traditional custom of Chinese marriage. Even if you are worried that the new house looks soil and does not want to stick it, it will still be forced by the elders.


Xiao Duo visited many new houses, 70%of them were destroyed by earthy words and inappropriate paste methods.


Too many elements, too many mixed colors, too dense

The words are easy to make the new house look LOW.

Therefore, in addition to the aesthetics, there are many small points about posting joy. Today, Xiaotuo will tell you about the words “囍”.

How should I choose the word?

1. Simple and generous




, Try not to choose other words such as:

We get married, love you for ten thousand years

Such words not only have different fonts, but also look complicated.

For example, the picture on the right is a lot cleaner than the left.

2. Simple tricks


Many people have cartoon villains or signs on the words of many people. Xiaotuo thinks that such a design can easily make the word “囍” look complicated.

Maybe some people feel very cute, but in fact, the Chinese style of the Chinese style is not very good with this cartoon style.

The decorative paintings around the character, Xiao Duo is still recommended to choose such a Chinese style!

3. Pure color

Choose a darker red color in color, try not to choose the kind of joyous characters with rose printed.

Even if there is gold, you should choose


Gold with lower saturation and lighter color

, And more red with big red.

4. Material

If you want to have a sense, you can choose


Without reflection, the whole looks more textured.

But if it is a place like a window, you need to choose that kind

Transmitting material

It is recommended to use static electric pads, which is more convenient and flat.


The small 的 小 看 看 looks easier to integrate into the new house, and super Q super cute!

When should I post it?

The joy of the new house is generally posted in the morning before the wedding.

On the one hand, there is sufficient time and can be posted methodically; on the other hand, if you find where you miss the post, you can also remedy timely.

The gates downstairs and the zone can be posted on the day of marriage.


Otherwise, it will be easily dirty or damaged.

Many places have a custom of marrying “not sticking to the characters, no red paper cover”, and then post the words on the morning of the bride’s return to the door.

Putting the words

① Double numbers should be appropriate

The stickers pay attention to the pair of pairs, and the decorations of the home, including doors, windows, furniture, etc. The characters should be based on double numbers to discuss a good head. If it is a single door, the front and back of the door should be pasted with a rumor.

However, there are also some regions to return to the door.

② There is a difference between men and women’s family posts

The man should post a word, and he should post from the outside, which means marrying a daughter -in -law into the door.

Starting from the gate of the community, according to the route of the wedding car, try to ensure that both sides are symmetrical, and the total number is best.

The woman posted from the house, implying that she was married, and the post was the same as the man’s house.

③ Don’t post it

Don’t think that the word “跟” is the same as the word “blessing”, and the meaning of “囍 囍” is reversed. On the contrary, the word is not good.

How much do you need to stick to the word?

Generally, there are 4 buildings, 4 welcoming doors, 2 on the living room, 2 bedrooms, 2 bedroom door, and 2 bedroom windows. You can also depend on the situation ~

The skills of wedding posts

Use transparent glue, double -sided glue, you can use it

Static stickers, blue diced gum, glue pointless stickers

It’s okay, but pay attention! Do not use the wall without trace on the wall ~


The joy of the window on the window must be that kind of

Electricity , ,, dipping some water stickers

Just go up. Don’t stick that thick and obsessed large character, it will block the light, not particularly beautiful.

When will the words tear?


If it is a place where mirrors, furniture, electrical appliances, etc. affect life, you can


Torn off the next day.

It is best to wait until the words

Naturally fall off.

If you think it’s too eye -catching, try to tear it for a month or two, because the first character symbolizes the signs, the second symbolizes the red fire, and the newlywed Yaner, don’t throw it out so quickly!

There is also a word

After tearing it down,



Can’t be subsidized anymore

The meaning of remarriage in posts, don’t commit this little oolong.

If a neighbor is married in the near future, a word is posted outside the community,

Don’t tear off the posts of others.

Cover the original 囍 word with a bigger model, which means “囍 囍 囍 囍”.

The style and post of 贴 characters

The words surrounded by the dragon and phoenix are called “Dragon and Phoenix Chengxiang”, and the mirrors are sticked.

The word “Phoenix Dai Di Fei” surrounded by Shuangfeng is posted on the dressing table.


The words containing fish swimming are called “more than the year”, which are affixed to microwave ovens, refrigerators, and kitchen utensils.

The doll pattern is called “early noble son” in the 图 character, placed on the bed of the cave or pasted on the bedside.

The formal and tidy big stories are affixed to each door, glass, and balcony windows in the living room.

The heart -shaped dual -type character is called “heart -shaped”, which is affixed to the lampshade of the top lights, table lamps, and floor lamps at home.

The Xiwang word surrounded by the magpie is called “Ying Ying Jiqing”, which is affixed to the TV and audio electrical appliances at home.

After reading the above small strategies, I believe everyone should post 囍 囍? When can I tear it off? There are countless hearts!


Although there are so many, but also

Don’t take too much step!

Photo: Lishui Macchido Wedding Club