Liu Tao is beautiful and gentle! Wear a denim stitching color dress to shoot fashion blockbusters, super foreign qi

There is no praise for Liu Tao than “elegant and gentle”. The splicing denim dress, giving a sense of dynamic and sexy combination, but there is no reason to put a lazy meaning, so that she is more gentle and moving, with a soft atmosphere of women.

The denim dress is made inside, and a simple white coat is perfectly described as the whole temperament. Not only has wearing more unique fun, but also has an important role in shaping the shape.

How to create the “elegant and gentle” wind in this period: NO.1: Stitching design unique No.2: Beige jacket highlights temperament NO.3: more exciting dress brings extraordinarily picky temperament image

NO.1: Stitching design is unique

Liu Tao is really not like the age of Benben. He wears a white jacket+denim skirt with a high -level age. It is really beautiful. The eye -stitching design is very eye -catching. She has her own personality characteristics. When the eyebrows were matched, they joined their own ideas, so that the temperament was more perfect.


Color stitching not only gives people a visual stunning and bright, but also breaks the conventional color matching, makes the level more rich, has a unique three -dimensional sense. If a denim is used in the upper body, and a small part of the middle is white, and the skirt is khaki, it also plays a good transitional role while maintaining it visually.


NO.2: Beige jacket highlights temperament


The beige is not as light as white, and it reveals a little color, making the whole person gentle. The beige jacket is particularly easy to create the external image of the Mei Mei. On the basis of elegant and dignified, there is more charm that is a mature woman. The beige long jacket has both lightly exposed atmosphere and can modify the figure of the eyebrows. Make them look tall, and at the same time solve the thick and dull problems, more clear and comfortable, highlighting the high level. High jacket protruding temperament

Liu Tao’s matching style is very suitable for mature women, which can reflect the elegance and tenderness from the inside out, and fit the daily life of the eyebrows. It will not be too detached, and the choice of color is also a kind of eyebrows that can easily control the eyebrows. Her matching method is worthy of everyone’s learning. Let’s go to see her other style together.

NO.3: More exciting dressing brings a special temperament image. One: The white top is very versatile, with short models, it is true to look at it

White is a very versatile color. Whether we choose white off -shoulder tops or white shirts, we can reflect our clean and pure side. Use short skirts or shorts to expose our legs. The leg shape looks slender!


TIPS: When choosing short clothes as down, we better stuff the clothes of the top into the waist of the pants, so that it can present a more picky visual effect, which is particularly attractive.

Look at the two: elegant long skirts, wide -leg pants daily, very suitable for fat girls


The fat girl may be troubled because she doesn’t know how to wear it. Let me recommend you to wear dresses and wide -leg pants!

Long skirt is the first choice for the leg shape, because some long skirts not only have a loose design, but also make us more ladylike style. If we want to make our figure look slim, we must choose a dark color. The floral design on it will be more gentle.

Compared with the dress of the dress, wide -leg pants are particularly casual and daily. When going out, choose a more slim -fit top with high waist wide -leg pants, which can not only make us look long, but also girls with poor legs. Wearing wide -leg pants can also play a very powerful role in the modification of our figure.


Views 3: Light -colored suit jackets are even more feminine


Light -colored suit jackets are very suitable for women in the workplace. It is different from dark suit. It brings us more intimacy and easy -going, and instead of high -cold temperament image. At the same time, the light -colored suit is more suitable Young women are worn, and the choice of sets can show full femininity and very durable.


If you want to change like a fashionista like Liu Tao, you must dare to try all kinds of fashion styles, break through your fashion aesthetics, make bold attempts and innovation, and find your own unique style. Well, today’s content will be shared here. Let’s share fashion next time!

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