Envelope printing standard, envelope size

Envelope printing products are a wide range of printing products in the domestic office market. The demand for envelope printing products in the printing market is relatively large; the production and production of envelope printing products all have standards. Today, the editor is detailed today. Explain to you, remember to take the notebook focus.


The format of envelope printing

The commonly used envelope format is divided into two types: Chinese -style envelopes and western envelopes. The best way to distinguish between Chinese envelopes and Western -style envelopes is the opening of the envelope. It is facing the envelope.


What kind of paper should be used in envelope printing


In terms of paper, it is generally printed with 100 grams of double rubber paper, as well as cowhide paper, special paper, etc.; Cowhide paper is divided into white cowhide paper and yellow cowhide paper. Compared with other materials, leather paper envelopes are not only sturdy and durable, but also have high tensile strength and good smoothness. Therefore, cowhide paper is an ideal material for envelope; double -glue paper surface is flat, smooth, and high in whiteness. If it is used as an envelope with double gum paper, the color will look better.

03 envelope specifications


Domestic standard envelope specifications are (long × wide):

No. 3 (B6) envelope: 176 × 125mm

No. 5 (DL) envelope: 220 × 110mm

No. 6 (ZL) envelope: 230 × 120mm

No. 7 (C5) envelope: 229 × 162mm

No. 9 (C4) envelope: 324 × 229mm

During the design, the designer remembers the bleeding position of at least 3mm according to the standard size and reserved at least 3mm. Of course, if you forget to leave the blood position, as long as the design review of our Yajie seal will be reviewed, and at the same time help you Modify the original design file. Under normal circumstances, the envelope printing is always horizontal. The tongue of the envelope should be on the right or above of the front of the envelope. The tongue of the international envelope should be on the front of the envelope. B6, DL, ZL domestic envelope should be used for envelope paper such as B such as B with not less than 80g/m2.

General envelope will choose to print with 80-120 grams of cowhide paper. Such paper printing prices are moderate and printed. It is the best printing paper for traditional envelope.