Middle -aged man, how can you wear suits elegantly in summer? Choose the opposite fabric and pay attention to match it.

Summer is here, and many male friends have begun to worry: How can we wear suits elegantly in the 30 -degree summer?

Compared with ordinary T -shirts and shirts, the suit is really difficult to control due to the particularity of the version. Therefore, choosing the right suit and attention to the match became a compulsory course.

Especially for middle -aged men, wearing suits in summer requires both inside and outside.


In this issue, from the colors, fabrics and wearing three sections of the suit, I will teach you to choose the right suit and wear a suit, so that you can wear a suit in summer no longer a nightmare!

01. Choose a refreshing color

The color determines the intuitive feeling of people. First of all, when you buy a suit in the summer, you must choose a refreshing color matching.


Suitable for the suit color wearing in summer:

White, light gray, earth color

,as well as


Essence This kind of color suits can first cool down visually, giving people a refreshing and comfortable feeling, and at the same time, it also meets practical versatile attributes, and it can also have an age reduction effect.

02. Choose the right fabric

In addition to the color, you want to control the suits elegantly and comfortably in the hot summer, and the permeable suit fabric is basic configuration.


① linen


“Walking air conditioner”

The reputation of the


Breathing fabric

, Created with natural plant fiber, which is excellent

Sweat and breathable



The linen western service also naturally meets these excellent attributes. It is refreshing and comfortable to wear in summer, and it will not be affected by the weather at all.

② Bubble gauze

Compared to linen, bubble yarn is more niche, but

Light and breathable

The effect is no less than linen. It is a very good choice as a summer suit.

Bubble gauze suit not only has high comfort, but also comes with its own


The texture helps to improve wearing fashion, as a way

“Ice Cream” in the suit


,it is also


Gentlemen’s summer redemption


③ blended

As the saying goes, wearing wool west clothes in winter, wearing blended fabrics in summer.

From the perspective of refreshing and comfortable, although the blended fabric suits are not as good as linen and bubble gauze, there is no burden on it in summer, and it has excellent

Anti -wrinkle



, Can meet basic wear needs.

03. Pay attention to the matching method

The color and fabric of the suit are the effect of reaching the effect of cooling and relieving the heat from the perception and physical sensation, and learning how to match the suit is the key to showing personal temperament and taste.

Complete set

The setting of suit and suits is the most basic way to wear. The error rate is low and it can show that the middle -aged male elegant gentleman taste is also the first choice for the workplace.

With shirts and ties, adding bags such as bags, watches, glasses, hats, etc.

Of course, the “complete wear” of the suit can also be matched with a sense of casual fashion. Inside a printed T -shirt and canvas shoes to create a “semi -formal semi -leisure” mix and matching effect. Middle -aged men are fashionable and age -reducing.


The suit does not have to match the pants, but also a pair of contrasting casual pants or wide -leg pants. The contrasting shape helps to divide the proportion of the upper and lower body figure. At the same time, it also weakens the formal sense of the overall look, refreshing and casual.

In addition, the contrasting color matching of the suit is the color of the wearer. The whole body should not exceed 3 colors, and the upper and lower color schemes should echo, such as dark blue glasses echoing the casual trousers, and the black shirt and leather shoes echo.


Middle -aged men are not terrible to wear suits in summer. As long as they choose the right style and pay attention to match, they can get rid of the greasy and elegant gentleman image!


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