“Choose Pillow Pillow” Sofa on the head of the pillow bedside car and pillow car on pillows to buy pillows in different occasions

It is said that the most comfortable thing in life is lying on the bed watching TV, playing with mobile phones, sleeping, etc., but if you want to be more comfortable, many people will buy some pillows to give themselves back, and with the modern computer and mechanized office The development trend is inevitable to sit in the office, but in order to relieve fatigue and prevent back pain, it will also put a cushion on chairs, sofas, beds or car chairs. So how can I choose a pillow that suits you? Next, introduce the pillows to buy methods in different occasions.

Sofa pillow to buy and match

The color style of the sofa on the market can be said to have a variety of colors and colors. There are solid colors and various patterns embroidery. Choose the sofa and rely on the pillow. As long as you master a scale in your heart, you can choose the one that suits you. When the indoor color is rich, it is best to use a uniform, concise and elegant color and style. This will not make the indoor environment messy. If the indoor environment is relatively single, when you choose a cushion pillow, you can use a strong contrast color, or even an exaggerated pattern. This can activate the indoor color.

「靠枕选择」沙发靠枕 床头靠枕 汽车靠枕 不同场合靠枕选购

Office seat cushion to choose from

「靠枕选择」沙发靠枕 床头靠枕 汽车靠枕 不同场合靠枕选购

Bedside back

The color of the bedside back can adjust the atmosphere of the bedroom. When the total color of the indoor is relatively simple and single, the back can use a bright color with a higher purity, which is active by the bright color blocks formed by the back. If the color tone in the bedroom is more bright and rich, you can consider using the back of the simple gray series color to coordinate the indoor tone. Large -scale fabrics such as bed masks should be as consistent as possible in color and patterns and materials, and they must also echo the production of style.

Car waist to buy

「靠枕选择」沙发靠枕 床头靠枕 汽车靠枕 不同场合靠枕选购

When choosing a car waist, we must choose according to our driving habits, height, seats, and usual driving methods. Buy a car waist that is more suitable for ourselves, otherwise it is easy to have the opposite effect. Choose the car waist to choose the elasticity and use it more comfortable, so that when we drive, we can make the car waist play the greatest role, thereby protecting the effect of protecting the lumbar spine.