Be wary | Little aromatherapy actually has such a big hidden danger, and the celebrity star is burned by the secondary deep burns

On June 21, the rapper who participated in “Hip Hop in China” and “Strange Story”@6 6 2REAL, saying that he fell asleep because he ordered the fragrant candle without blowing out, causing the fire to cause the residence Deep burns have now passed the danger period. He reminded everyone to remember to extinguish the fire before going to bed before going to bed, and resettle the fire prevention facilities in the residence.

In recent years, aroma has become more and more popular

Fragrant oil is mostly flammable liquid

If aromatherapy products are diluted by organic solvents

Produced products are more flammable

If you don’t pay attention to fire safety

It is very likely to cause a fire accident

When you order a fragrance on the room

When preparing Xiangxiang to enter the dreamland

As everyone knows, this is a timing bomb

A little carelessness will cause a fire

So Aluo reminds everyone

When the aroma is filled with the entire room

Be sure to extinguish the candle and sleep

When using aroma

To abide by the following fire prevention measures

1. Don’t get close to the fire source or smoke.

2. Keep indoor air circulation.

3. Do not put the bright fire aroma furnace in the flammable debris, nor should it be placed next to the window to wait as a wind position to avoid being blown by the wind.

4. When you want to add aromatherapy oil, the fire must be extinguished first.

5. Do not leave after lighting the aroma furnace.

警惕 | 小小香薰居然有这么大的隐患,网红明星被二级深度烧伤

6. When the furnace body is found, it should not be used.

7. Do not add water for the electric aromatherapy furnace to add water to the wet furnace body or wire.

8. Do not turn on the electric aromatherapy furnace for a long time, and turn off the power after use.

At the same time, the storage of aromatherapy is also one

Examination worthy of attention

If you have the habit of using aroma


Small tips with fragrant oil

You must know

警惕 | 小小香薰居然有这么大的隐患,网红明星被二级深度烧伤

1. Past it with dark glass bottle.

警惕 | 小小香薰居然有这么大的隐患,网红明星被二级深度烧伤

2. Storage in a cool place; avoid direct sunlight.

3. Put in a place where children cannot touch.

警惕 | 小小香薰居然有这么大的隐患,网红明星被二级深度烧伤

4. Put it in a locking cabinet or box.

警惕 | 小小香薰居然有这么大的隐患,网红明星被二级深度烧伤

5. Do not store a lot of aromatherapy oil.

The question of aroma

Another problem we should pay attention to is

Burning in daily life

Burning is a common accident

警惕 | 小小香薰居然有这么大的隐患,网红明星被二级深度烧伤

But if you fail to deal with it in time

警惕 | 小小香薰居然有这么大的隐患,网红明星被二级深度烧伤

It may also cause greater damage

How to properly handle the wound in the first time?

Let’s learn with Along!

Burning family first aid measures

Rinse the affected area with cold water immediately to do cooling treatment, which can inhibit the damage to the skin at high temperature and reduce the risk of infection.

For burns with clothing coverage, use cold water to cool down immediately, and then gently remove the clothes or cut it out with scissors.

警惕 | 小小香薰居然有这么大的隐患,网红明星被二级深度烧伤

Wrap the affected area with a clean gauze to keep it clean and dry.

If blisters are caused by the injury, do not poke at will. Small blisters can wait for its natural absorption. The blisters should seek medical treatment in time when they are large or serious.

Alier Reminder

警惕 | 小小香薰居然有这么大的隐患,网红明星被二级深度烧伤

Most prescriptions cannot be treated with burns

Must master the right method

Or seek medical treatment in time

Most family fires can be avoided

Some bad habits in life

It is precisely the important cause of the fire

警惕 | 小小香薰居然有这么大的隐患,网红明星被二级深度烧伤

Ahu remind everyone to pay attention to family fire prevention safety

Source: Chongqing Fire Beidi Fire Fighting