What are the benefits of choosing natural shampoo? Recommend a few best natural organic washing hair

Except for hair follicles, your hair is basically dead. So is your shampoo containing chemicals and other toxic substances really impact?

Yes, there are many reasons. The US Geological Survey, released in the first half of 2017, found that more than 30 waterways in the United States contain chemical preservatives in shampoos and other personal maintenance products. These chemicals may disturb the endocrine system of fish and other underwater creatures, and may also have potential damage to people and animals who are contaminated with seafood or drinking water contaminated with water.

Your hair represents your glory. However, there are few lucky men who have perfect hair (it is impossible for everyone to be like Beckham or Tom Cruise). Sensitive scalp. Unfortunately, using a large amount of chemical hair dyeing products can easily block hair, even worse hair, make it fragile, and even worse than before. Before discussing the natural organic shampoo, I would like to popularize the substances that our shampoo needs to be avoided before I science.

1. Diodloronal: Also known as dichlorobenzhenol, although you will find this phenomenon in most mainstream shampoo and hair care products, trichlorimonia will block the skin and stimulate the liver.

2. Sodium laurel sodium sulfate: You will find sodium laurel in many household cleaning products, pesticides and bleach are two of them. But, make your hair gloss and healthy? not really. In addition, sulfate is known for carcinogenic causes under certain doses.

3. Cheap fragrance: I specially smells the taste of cheap flavors when applying the incense agent to the human body. They are harmful.

Here are a few very good organic natural shampoo.

The best way to protect people and the environment is to choose a shampoo containing natural ingredients to determine the purpose of using shampoo to choose the right following ingredients:

Moisturizing: Chardonali Grape Seed Essence

Plum hair: vitamin B, hydrolyzed protein barley, rice or bean protein

Add luster: fruit activity extraction

Prevent product accumulation: wheat grass

Moisturizing damaged hair: grape seed seeds

Promote header: hill

Do not let the hair knots: grass and wood rhinos, enthusiastic flowers

Anti -aging antioxidant: grape polyphenols, resveratrol

Sometimes there will be these natural raw materials in traditional shampoos, but there will be chemicals. There are two types of shampoo ingredients that need to be particularly careful, and their natural substitutes.


Because shampoos are mainly made of water, they need preservatives to prevent bacteria, Golden Staphylococcus, mold and fungal growth. Many traditional shampoo uses preservatives based on hydroxybenzoate, which is related to human reproductive disorders. Natural preservatives include citrus essence such as grape seeds, sterilization essential oils such as spring yellow chrysanthemum and purple cone flower, and αcophenol (vitamin E). The natural organic Chardonie’s extraction series of the mystery of VineSime grapes in France contains a large number of natural plant preservation agents, Chardonie grape seeds, sterilized grape seed oil, etc.


These foaming agents make shampoo soak. Many synthetic shampoo uses chemical -based diaoline (DEA) or sodium duoline or sodium laurel ether sodium as a surfactant. Natural shampoo usually relies on natural plants, such as olefins.


Focus on

If you want to keep you, your hair and environment are healthy, choose natural shampoo. The more it will be used. And the hair is not slippery, and I have hated fake slippery products when I take a bath and wash my hair. I feel that I can never wash it cleanly. I do n’t know if anyone has encountered this problem like me, so I also advise you not to use it.

Recommend natural organic washing brands, have you used these? Anyway, I have used it, and the effect thief is good.

VineSime Grape Mystery Natural Organic Chardonol B5 Shampoo

The natural products of VineSime in France have entered the must -have list of beauty care for most foreign high -end SPA pavilions and five -star hotel beauty care. This shampoo is not different. It is refined by the natural Chardonie extraction, which can add a fresh smell and refreshing to your scalp. I washed my hair and felt that I was placed in the Burgundy Grape Manor in France. Dynamic amino acids can prevent damage and keep locking and strong. The price of a single bottle is 228 yuan.

If you often go to the hairdressing hall to change hair or swim, then chlorine damage and the inferior products of the hairdressing hall may deprive the natural oil on the hair and feel dry and fragile. In order to restore your hair to the former glory, VineSime has carefully produced a kind of fragrance of scalp -resistant anti -aging, rich in vitamin B5, grape seed essence and natural ingredients, which can help you clean your hair when maintaining and repairing your hair. Later French labels are written (more than 97%of natural organic Chardonolie wine grape extraction, this grape is CHALIS from the most expensive white wine producing area in the world), and there are many natural activity. Brands are recommended to run out within 3 to 6 months. Essence In this point, I bought the heart na.

Grape Mystery Xia Duoli B5 Shampoo

Every Man Jack Daily Washing water

All natural shampoo may mean the aroma of hippie. But EMJ is trying to break this stereotype. Every day, there is a shampoo of mint and eucalyptus, which is enough to make your hair smell fresh and clean, but the intensity is not enough to overwhelm or conflict with your favorite ancient dragon water. The mint ingredients of shampoo make the scalp feel refreshing, starting a new day. 400 ml of $ 10.

Throw the chemical and harmful substances full of chemical and inferior shampoo. They will damage your hair sac and scalp, causing your hair to get worse. Even some chemicals are even carcinogenic.