Qiuyou doll must be a must -have picture book, exploring nature is more easy!

The weather turns cool, the autumn is high, and it is time to take the baby out of the outing! Education and joy are always the state that parents want to have, and they are also the goal of constantly working hard. In this issue of [Momnet Reader], Xiaobian collected 4 classic picture books for parents and led the baby to explore nature. At the same time as you are swimming in your family autumn, your baby can learn interesting knowledge in the mystery of nature in the mystery of nature.

What are you waiting for? Quickly hide these four classic picture books, find a comfortable weekend, bring your baby to be a natural explorer!

1. “Fabul Insects” (10 volumes): Bring Mengbao Exploration of the “Insect Agent Team”

Suitable age: babies over 3 years old


“Have you blocked the road of ants forward? Have you ever abandoned the habit of smelly stinky of the dung golden turtle? Do you know that the little bugs who fall down when you touch it? Who is the excellent hunter in the insect world? What is the weapon? … “

Let Mengbao take a picture book to swim in the autumn! Get “100,000 why” at a time! “Fabul Insect” All 10 volumes, bringing new reading experiences to parents and babies! Come on, let your baby explore the mysterious nature in the guidance of the picture book, and enlarge the wonderful insect world!

“Fabul Insect” Special Recommended Top

The hard -working little bee is an example for the baby to learn, but when he hear the word “bee”, what will the babies think of? Is it sweet honey? Or is hexagonal hive? Or is the poison needle on the bee tail?


“Fabul Insect 1: Smart Hunter/Surgee Expert” tells the baby’s unfamiliar small secrets! It will also focus on the story of the “smart hunter” in the bee -the story of hunting bee. Let your baby understand how hunting bee -hunting prey, and how to provide safe and fresh food for his baby.

Dear babies, have you carefully observed the funny look of the dung golden turtle pushing the dung ball and running forward? Do you feel stupid and persistent?

“Fabul Insect 4: Nature’s Cleansing Dao Golden Turtle” teaches babies to know how dung turtles make dung balls, so that they understand that dirty dung turtles are hard -working workers. Without the hard work of the dung golden turtles, the animals will not be able to clean up in time, and the plants cannot thrive … Let the babies read the picture book while watching the dung turtle in nature, but the autumn tour is better!

2. “Children’s Natural Exploration Picture Book” (6 volumes): Baby’s “Autumn Tour” Bible

Suitable age: 3 ~ 6 years old baby

Martha E.H. Lastard is a multi -produced writer who created nearly a hundred children’s books! The theme is also colorful. From snowflakes, termites to Babylon, there are all, very widely, especially good at creating children’s popular science books. “Children’s Natural Exploration Picture Book” is his representative work!


“Children’s Natural Exploration Picture Book” can be counted as the Bible of the baby’s “autumn tour”! It shows a real three -dimensional season replacement in detail and vividly to the babies: the pumpkin is filled with Huang Chengcheng’s large pumpkin in the autumn, small animals who keep eating and eating, and stepped up to practice flying skills … “Children’s Natural Exploration Picture Book” depicts all the scene mentioned above, which can be described as a natural view.


Each book is attached to a hands -on small section. The selection of materials comes from the ordinary materials that can be obtained by the side of the body. Let the baby inspire the spirit of the brain to inspire the spirit. It feels that nature is not only beautiful, but also contains endless scientific knowledge!

3. “Little Darwin · Season 1” (10 volumes): Go to Nature Number of Animals


The three authors of the book “Little Darwin” are very authoritative experts in their respective fields: Yin Maofu serves as a member of the Seoul Animal Consultation, a specialist of cultural and property of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and published “Korean Birds” and other books; He has worked at children’s book publishing houses such as BORIM, Hansol Education, and Yearimdang. He is a professional children’s book planning editor; Jiang Enjing was written and edited by children’s books. He is now a full -time writer.

“Little Darwin Season 1” is a popular science picture book recommended by the Ministry of Education of Korea. It was jointly tried by 11 top natural scientific experts, professors and doctoral trials in South Korea to win the South Korean Education Industry Award. The whole set of books detailed the characteristics and living habits of more than 40 kinds of animals and plants that more than 40 children are interested in. plant.

The exquisite drawing of the book and the realistic photos are complementary to each other. The main picture of the picture book is beautiful and delicate watercolor painting. At the same time, the real photos of the finishing touch are combined with the painting with the photos, so that the baby has a real and comprehensive understanding of animals. Beauty perception.

4. “Seton Animal Color Picture Book Book Museum” (all 10 volumes): Feel the love in natural stories

Author Onet Thompson Saton is one of the founders of Canadian wild animal painters, writers, explorers and environmental protectionists, and one of the founders of the American Scout! He loves nature, loves wildlife, and calls on humans to get along with nature in harmony. His novel “The Story of Seton Animals (Seton Animal Story)” has achieved great success after publishing in 1898. It is known as “the first real animal novel in the world”. The reputation of the Father of the Novel.

As the picture book version of the Classic Novels of the West Gu Gu, the “Seton Animal Book Pavilion” shows the essence and beauty of the novel more detailed and three -dimensional, and can be accepted by children. Among them, “Red Neck Pine Chicken”, “Sparrow Randy”, “Spring Fox Victor”, etc. are all very popular with the babies. It not only tells the cute story about animals, but also contains motherly love, friendship and pair Positive energy such as love!


Take the story to the autumn tour, let the babies read the picture book stories while reading the stories of the picture book, and have a beautiful imagination and exploration of wild animals in nature!


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Suitable age: 3 ~ 6 years old baby

Suitable age: 3 ~ 6 years old baby