The “sea construction site” like the island of South China Sea, how to fight the high temperature and fight lonely

This is the Drilling platform deck No. 3 in the northern part of the South China Sea on July 21. Photo by Xinhua Daily Telecommunications reporter Pu Xiaoxu

On July 27, on the Drilling platform No. 3, a drill worker sweaty the mask during his homework.

On July 27, on the exploration platform No. 3, a drill worker was stained with mud with the glasses and masks during the job.

On July 27, a worker operated on the No. 3 drilling platform in the Exploration of the Northern Sea of ​​the South China Sea.

On July 27, a drilling worker rested indoors in the rest room.

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, November 13th (Reporter Pu Xiaoxu) On November 13, “Xinhua Daily Telecom” published entitled “Day” Tiring “Wet Dresses, I thought about sleeping at night: One day on the” sea construction site “in the South China Sea “Report.

A round of bright moon hangs on the sky, on the dark sea, the wet and salty sea breeze surges endless waves. The ship in the distance is a little bit light, which is the only light. In the late summer and early autumn, the Drilling Platform No. 3 is drilling oil and gas resources in the northern part of the South China Sea.

On this island -like “sea construction site”, hundreds of workers work boringly and boring. They are not in their hometown, and they use their minds to comfort the loneliness with their thoughts. Their stories are rarely known by the outside world, but they exist in our lives deeply and silently -cooking fire, car -fired oil, dressing fiber, asphalt roads, and even epidemic prevention masks The melting spray cloth …

We tried to present an ordinary day of exploration 3 in the South China Sea, and even the work, life and spiritual conditions of the workers.

(Title) The sweat of the mask


In midnight, many people are about to fall asleep. On the South China Sea, Exploration No. 3, which is affiliated with Sinopec Marine Oil Engineering Co., Ltd., is about to start a new day.

As the core of the business, the drilling team woke up at midnight first.

The drilling team runs 24 hours a day and night. In a class, nine workers including the foreman, the drill, the drillman and the pump worker will be used to drill the drilling equipment towards the bottom of the sea, which often reaches five or six kilometers. Drilling equipment like a bowl of mouth, the continuous drilling equipment seems to be the “probe” of the bottom of the sea to explore oil and gas resources. Since the production in 1984, the exploration No. 3 has found a number of oil and gas fields in the South China Sea and other waters.

The drilling team handed over before zero, and the workers of the Bai class had been working for 12 hours at this time.

During the period, Ma Sichun, a pump worker, drank about 4 liters of water, but only went to the toilet once. The temperature of the pump in the pump was exceeded 50 ° C, and sweat continued to consume water in his body.

Drilling Yan Gongtao put on the N95 mask when he dumped a drilling powder. This new mask was soaked by sweat for about 40 minutes, and then continued to arched and collapsed as the breath. The top of his head and feet is the shade of the sea that can be avoided and the hot steel deck.

Xue Zhen, a manhole worker, stood on a manhaval rack with a deck of 34 meters. The water brought away has finished drinking, and the workers are busy, and no one will replace themselves for a while. His saliva had dried up, the hot air inhaled the nasal cavity and then brushed across the pharynx, his breathing became dry.

The sailor class was changed before zero.

A sailor class comes standard with a sailor length, a crane driver and 4 sailors. Their work includes: an anchoring machine, a 1200 -meter -long and 130 -ton iron anchor and anchor chain, so that this rigs weighing 15,000 tons are dragged or anchored on the sea. Or use a crane to constantly hang drilling rods, fuels, vegetables and freshwater production materials such as the guarantee trailer, and put it on the deck of nearly 10 standard basketball courts. Within half a year, the upper and lower materials are equivalent to the load of the freight train. In addition, sailors must continue to inspect the deck and remove rust and paint to make it better resist the storm.

“Sailor’s business is relatively rich.” Sailor Wang Zhonghu teased.

The 58 -year -old sailor has worked on it since the exploration No. 3 was put into production. A white -haired hair often wore an orange long -sleeved uniform and a pair of high -quality high -e -boots, standing on the scorching sun on the hot deck, and conducted a walkie -talkie to conduct a crane and a sailor operation.

The reason why we wear a tactical service is to prevent the belt hooked by the equipment. The uniform work service is orange, because it is more easy to discover than blue and black. The worker boots are bulky, because the boot head is embedded with steel plates to prevent the toe from being injured by the equipment. Regardless of the sun or so hot, all workers have to wear a helmet, wearing workers and boots to work on the deck.

In order to sunscreen, the old sailor will cover the face with a noodle towel, only his eyes are exposed. As long as you take off your face towel and helmet, you can see the sweat flowing on the neck and the hair infiltrated. The workers’ boots are easy to slip on the slippery deck, so I have to use my waist. For a long time, the sailors are mostly affected.

The 33 -year -old sailor, Sun Peng, stood for about half an hour on the deck and unconsciously beat the back- “Many workers have the problem of lumbar muscle strain.”

A class will be interspersed with several rounds of rest, and the workers often run to the locker room to replace the wet workers. The replaced workers were stained with black oil and various paint, piled up in the locker room to reveal sweat. It is common for a class to change 4 sets of workers. As long as the sun lifts off, the workers’ workers will only be soaked, soaked, and soaked -each work will be soaked in sweat within an hour.


Until get off work.

(Small title) Tight nerves late at night

In the middle of the night, the nerves of many people are still tight.

In the drill room, Si Diamond Liu Yinshuang was operating the drill. In front of and on both sides, there are more than 40 buttons and indicators of different colors, more than a dozen instruments and at least 3 monitoring displays. He put his right hand on the operating rod, and the left hand was ready to press various levers and buttons at any time, sometimes turned around and cooperated with both hands. His eyes are constantly switching back and forth between the instrument, indicator light and the drilling area outside the window.

Under his control, on the drilling area, the drilling equipment of the head of the dragger is constantly rising, making a sharp sound. Four or five workers stand below and have a drilling tool for a while.

“If you lose a little mistake, you may cause a well to be scrapped or even hurt.” Shen Xiaofei, a drilling leader, said that as the core of drilling operations, Si Diamond must be focused on high -speed driving. Therefore, it is necessary to change shifts every one or two hours to avoid fatigue.

In the middle of the night, the nervousness was not only the drill.

The equipment team leader Wang Chao and the engineers under his men were most afraid of the inside telephone number of the bedroom sounded late at night. Calls usually say that which device is broken again, and hurry up.

The equipment group is responsible for the operation of various equipment on the platform. As large as drilling equipment, anchor, small to the kitchen refrigerator, and vacuum toilet in the bedroom. Whenever the operation is delayed or stagnant due to equipment failure, everyone will look at the equipment group.

“Device faults will slow down the entire work rhythm.” Wang Chao said that the platform’s daily operation and maintenance costs of more than 100,000 yuan, each delay will affect the benefits, which makes the equipment group feel pressure.

When the engineer Sun Lianglei was repaired together, he only slept for three or four hours a day, and the weight dropped by 7 pounds a week. When he goes home on vacation, he always has to adjust his ring tone into light music to reduce the psychological pressure of answering calls.

The land equipment is broken, you can contact customer service to come to the door. The drilling platform is lonely on the sea, and the customer service goes out to the platform to go to the platform to go through a series of procedures. To catch up with the new crown epidemic, the assistance of people from other places also needs to beolate repeatedly, and drilling operations cannot be dragged. This forces engineers to build a large equipment that can be repaired by hundreds of millions of yuan, but also to repair the vacuum toilet and dredge the sewer pipe. The mountains and rivers are exhausted, and you can only review the instructions again and again, and pray to find clues to solve problems from it.

“Sometimes it’ s really called every day.

In the middle of the night, the platform manager was tight.

Drilling operations continue, a series of data such as drilling depth and strata changes, real -time display on the display in the office of the manager Shi Jihui. He often stares at these data until the middle of the night to adjust his homework at any time.

In the sea, abnormal noise often indicates hidden safety hazards. Whenever he hear a trace of abnormal noise on the platform, he always stops what he is in his hands, and he condenses on the side of the ear. It would not be relieved until it was confirmed that it was irrelevant.

“This is related to the safety of hundreds of people on the platform.” Shi Jihui said.

(Small title) Father who retrograde in typhoons

At 5 am, the Exploration 3 enters the breakfast time.

One hour later, Li Wei, a member of the central controller, took over. The first thing he went to work was to check the level in the office and confirmed that the mercury beads were located in the center of the middle, which means that the platform is generally in a horizontal state.

The semi -potential design determines that the exploration No. 3 will shake slightly with the waves. On it, although the naked eye has no perception, the body can obviously perceive, as if you are always in a slight earthquake, and your body continues to regulate the center of gravity.

The next door of the central control room is the reporting room. As an information center for external communication, the reporter Zhang Wenshun was in charge of a combination of radio stations, satellite telephones and meteorological faxes. He can learn from the maritime department’s notice, helicopter flight and typhoon warning thousands of miles away.


The vast South China Sea, the weather wave clouds.

Zhang Wenshun remembered that there was a typhoon that was originally less than 9, and suddenly upgraded to a super typhoon when it was close to the platform. Although wind power has evacuated the platform, it is too late. He saw the huge waves like a mountain through the porthole, and the platform rose violently with the wind and waves, shaking the phone on the table. The mercury beads in the central control level have hit the edge of the dash, which means that the platform is tilted more than 7 °. Hundreds of workers on the platform died of one line. Fortunately, there was no danger in the end.

After working on the No. 3 of Exploration, Zhang Wenshun met twice in such a typhoon.

Among another typhoon, the platform must immediately decide with the drilling equipment on the bottom of the sea, otherwise there is a risk of overturning. In order to deal with typhoons, the pipelines that support equipment operation have been fixed on the manager in advance. To decide the equipment, you must first loosen the pipeline.

At the emergency, Wang Bin, who was still drilling workers at the time, climbed up the height of a dozen meters of the mixer. The wind blows the helmet and holds his neck. He is slightly loose, and the hat and goggles are blown. He grabbed the mansion rack and moved slowly, and the raindrops hit his face like a gravel. He had a strong tolerance and saw the hemp rope tied to the tube road.

After losing the restraint, the tube and cable with a thick bowl of mouth were smashed at Wang Bin instantly, and he flickered. The platform is finally safe.

At that time, Wang Bin’s son was three years old. The family always thought that the father had withdrawn the land on the typhoon.

(Small title) Silent logistics support

At 9 am, the logistical staff ushered in a peak of work.

A total of 12 logistics staff -7 chefs, 4 cleaning and 1 manager, work 24 hours a day, providing meals, laundry and other services for 130 members on the platform to ensure that workers are devoted to work.

Overlooking from the air, exploration 3 is like a steel giant turtle floating at sea. The giant turtle is a building like a white building block, which is a living area where all personnel sleep and office.

Since its input and use, the exploration No. 3 has been difficult to distinguish the original appearance after several rounds of transformation. The current living area is also installed coefficient a year ago.

Being in it, as if in a five -story hotel. Accommodation on the first to fourth floor, on the fifth floor for office. There are two types of bedrooms and two rooms. They are equipped with TV, tables and chairs, cabinets, beds, bathrooms, central air conditioners and 24 -hour hot water. Some rooms are also equipped with small refrigerators.

At this time, the cleaners He Runhua and You Weiyi were cleaning the living area. In addition to cleaning each room, they also have to wash, dry, stack and return the workers’ clothes at any time to allow workers to have clothes to change at any time. Workers only need to take off the replaced workers at any time outside the locker room or the bedroom door.

Near the afternoon, the temperature continued to rise, and there were more people who changed their clothes. He Runhua and You Weiyi often sent a bunch of clothes to the laundry room on the first floor of the living area. When they returned to the upstairs, some dirty clothes were piled up outside the bedroom.

Sometimes the cleaners have to wash hundreds of clothes for half a day. In the washing room, three large -scale automatic washing machines and 3 dryers often run 24 hours. Because it is too frequent, there are several failures every month.

When the cleaners were busy, the chef Mo Zesong was leading the three chefs to step up to prepare for the buffet lunch. It is less than 2 hours before lunch, and they have to prepare all kinds of vegetarian fried dishes, soup and fruits. The staple food includes rice, noodles and porridge.

The restaurant provides a total of five meals at 2:00, 5, 11:00, 17:00, and 23:00 to ensure that workers in different shifts can always eat hot meals. Determine the dishes before meals and brush after meals. Logistics personnel should be busy for four or five hours per meal.

All ingredients and water on the drilling platform depend on shipping. To cook and drink, the average of about sixteen barrels of pure water is consumed every day. About a week or so, the drag rims carry ingredients and pure water to supply. When the ingredients are hanging on the platform, the logistics staff will transfer it to the cold storage on the platform to keep fresh.

Many of these workers who can’t call their names have silently guarantee the operation of the drilling platform.

(Small title) Monoid amateur life

Nearly noon, the night shift drilling workers and sailors got off work.

After changing his clothes, washing your face, and going straight to the restaurant to make a meal, this group of post -80s and post -90s workers usually do not fall asleep immediately. There is no mobile phone signal on the drilling platform, and the computer network is limited to office. Without the Internet, the door culture continued here.

The dormitory of the pumping worker is often lively. This young man often takes out the peanuts and seeds to scatter it to everyone, and two or three workers laugh together. Drilling Liu Yunyan likes to rotate a pair of bright Wenwan walnuts when chatting. On the drilling platform, this is a rare personal hobby.

When they were chatting, the 32 -inch LCD TV in the bedroom was broadcasting for noon news. Several channels such as CCTV News and Chinese International are almost the only channel for workers to understand external.

Some people like to be quiet, watching movies, novels or games in the bedroom with mobile phones. Some people will borrow books from the platform library. Araiwood worker Xue Zhen likes to lie on the bed to watch online novels. If you ca n’t see it for a long time, you will hit if you are sleepy. When the mobile phone fell sharply on his face, he threw the phone as soon as he was hazy, turned his head and fell asleep.

At this moment, most of the workers also slept in tiredness. When you open your eyes, you will face a 12 -hour job.

Every 28 days, a platform rotation will be carried out. In the rotation of each month in the past month, the workers go to work, get off work, eat, sleep, go to get off work, get off work, eat, sleep -life is as regular and boring. Chatting every day or two every day, watching TV, reading novels or playing stand -alone games is their only pastime.

“It is also difficult to have a richer amateur life.” In the perspective of exploration of engineers No. 3, the workers often just want to sleep after get off work after high -intensity and long -term labor.

The west is oblique, and the staff of the office have also been off work.

After dinner, the reporter Zhang Wenshun and the platform doctor Wang Guangchao liked to walk around the helicopter. Some people go to the gym of the living area at night to sweat through the runner and dumbbells to make up for the lack of activities to work on the platform. Or make a pot of tea, and several people talk about it together.

This is all the amateur life on the drilling platform.

(Title) Wife’s question

At 8 pm, it was dark.

The Hipping Line gradually disappeared into the night, replaced by the little lights of the distant ships, which caused people to have the illusion of land near the eyes. Under the cover of the night, those who have been forgotten by the busy day are gradually being released.

Every ten days, the sailor Wang Zhonghu will use a satellite phone to report peace with his family. After losing the mobile phone signal, the platform will provide a satellite telephone for workers to contact relatives and friends. Many people will tell the number in advance for the need from time to time.

But they were afraid of receiving calls without exception.

“Ten nine or nine are urgent matter, and they can’t go back for a while, and they can only be anxious.” Said Zhu Xianzhen, a maritime division No. 3.

Bian Ruifeng, who was in his class, had such an experience. At the beginning of the year, Bian Ruifeng arranged for work in advance, ready to go home before his wife’s due date. If you don’t want to receive a call, his wife is about to give birth prematurely.

Drilling platforms implement a customized system. Before leaving the platform, each employee must have the top of the class. Bian Ruifeng contacted Zhu Xianzhen, who was on vacation in Zaozhuang, Shandong. During the epidemic, both of them had to be isolated for two weeks. It was more than a month after he saw his son.

When taking over Bian Ruifeng, Zhu Xianzhen’s son had to help people stand firm. When I go home, the child can walk around to find toys. The face was dark, because the 90s of the “V” white trace of the “V” type of white -type white traces were blocked by the helmet, and the son could not imagine the time when his son learned to speak. I just remember to listen to my son “Dad” for the first time, which was in a video shot by his wife. He used to record a video of his son’s growth in the mobile phone, and he was happy to watch it before going to bed every night.

Huang Liang, who was in charge of logistics, remembers that when he went to sea, his daughter who was born full moon was still sleeping in his wife’s arms, and his hair was pine yellow. By the time he came home, his daughter’s hair had become dark, and she laughed at him in his wife’s arms. After going home in the sea again, the child was able to turn over and sit up, revealing a row of small white teeth that had just emerged.

The gap in the growth of children’s growth is a regret that drilling workers can never make up.

Shi Jihui, the platform manager, had been on duty on the platform for six consecutive Spring Festival. His wife always had a festival, and was suspected of being divorced by relatives and friends.

It is unavoidable that there are too little time to get along with their families. Some workers even missed their parents’ farewell and regretted their lifetime.

Because of this, the father and husbands on the drilling platform were accustomed to the housework of laundry, cooking, and children’s housework in accordance with each round of rest. When the contradiction occurs, the wife can always end the quarrel in a question- “Where are you when I need you every time?”


No matter how good the husband argued, he was speechless.

The “shrinking” of the circle of friends caused by frequent overseas also plagues drill people. Shi Junlong, deputy manager of the platform, lamented- “The circle of friends of many old workers is only colleagues.”

In Shi Jihui’s view, the root cause of this phenomenon is that drillmen are almost closed and independent of sea life, and it is difficult to continue to communicate with the outside world. After returning home, the workers made up for the family to accompany their families further to occupy social hours, and lacked external exchanges.

The vast majority of people and even the relatives and friends of drilling workers have never seen a drilling platform at sea, and they have no personal experience of drilling workers’ clocks and watches.

Clockwise is close to zero again. On the South China Sea, the moon is empty, and the sea breeze is salty and wet.


In the dormitory of the No. 3 bedroom, Zhu Xianzhen was about to sleep, and the mobile phone beside him also broadcast a video of his son toddler. The engineer Jin Fengming dragged his body oil and returned to the bedroom. On the deck, Gu Chao, who just succeeded, leaned on the railing and stared at the hugs that came closer. He would spend the whole night on the deck.

“I think we are still great.”

Drilling the room, Shen Xiaofei, who has been in the 28 years of drilling, said calmly. After speaking, he pulled the brake lever, the drilling rig issued a huge exhaust sound, and was instantly blown away by the sea breeze. (Finish)