Recommended home massage artifacts, Ten Star Pisces waist massage device, massage does not ask for people


The acceleration of the rhythm of life has caused modern people to be in a state of sub -health. The office workers sometimes sit in the office for a whole day. Due to lack of exercise, they often cause tight back pain and bones. After a long time, the muscles that have been working hard will be sore. The muscles will relax, and the waist may even move or even damage.


Only every time I go to the massage, I feel that I live again. The whole person is relaxed unprecedentedly, but the cost of massage outside is too high. It is easy to be hundreds of thousands, and the salary of ordinary office workers cannot be carried at all. Today, the author wants to introduce a waist massage artifact. It is the newly listed Ten Star waist massage device recently. The small body has six massage functions. The acupuncture points can be pushed more accurately, relaxing the fascia, and alleviating muscle stiffness. If the waist is sore, it will soothe a lot, and it will even be more comfortable to massage more than a blind massage shop outside.

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Ten Star Pisces Limwear Massage Physiotherapy Massage Phase P8 P8 Lumbar Disciplinary abdomen with artifact simulation and rubbing+dual pulse+double red light to send parents to send friends


¥ 699


Appearance and design:


The Ten Star waist massage is packaged in a gift box. The outer box is marked with the Shixing brand logo. In the middle is the English concept “Make everyone can enjoy health and beauty” in the middle. The bottom is the model of this waist massage device. The packaging method of packaging is quite ritual. The product accessories are composed of the main body of the massage device, the remote control, the Type-C charging cable, and the manual.

The appearance of the ten -star waist massage device is simple, the silver -white body appearance is quite delicate. The surface of the massage device has a working mode. For example, the hot compress mode must be performed across the clothes. The 1 gear is pressed and kneaded, 2-5-bit pulse, and the 6-gear warm abdomen mode. Adjustment is particularly friendly to female users. In addition, the ten -star waist massage device is equipped with a humane LED status indicator. When pressing the boot button on the top, the LED indicator light will light up in real time, and the breathing light is flickering in the charging state. It’s really good.

On the fuselage is the Type-C charging interface, and the ten-star waist massage is equipped with a large-capacity battery, which uses 7.4V parallel high-efficiency batteries. It can be used for about 7 days.


The ten -star waist massage device finely divides the massage head function. A total of 10 push massage heads, two acupoint massage heads, and 2 pulse massage heads on both sides. The overall design of the simulation palm design provides a more real and effective massage experience. Working on both sides of the massage in the experience can be manipulated regularly to provide effective massage. The central design has red light+far -infrared double phototherapy, deep -heating, activating macromolecular activity, promoting cell repair, and accelerating blood circulation.

The belt part uses a two -way adjustable ultra -fiber skin belt, which meets the needs of most users. The belt touch is very comfortable, the details are in place, and the magic stickers are closely closed. In my actual use, there is no fall off.


This thing like a “small flying saucer” is a massage device with a smart digital display. The front of the remote control is a touch operating area. There are 6 modes and gears, which is not difficult to operate. In the middle smart digital display, the operation mode can be selected according to the number display. The remote control uses the silver -zinc buttons battery. If you use it for 30 minutes a day, you can use it for two consecutive months. After the power is exhausted, you can replace it by yourself.


In the process of actual use, the body will feel a lot of relaxation after the first use. This is because the ten -star waist massage uses Tens+EMS bipolar massage new technology to keep the muscles shrink and exercise, relax the tension of the muscles, quickly quickly, quickly, quickly, quickly, quickly, quickly, quickly, quickly, quickly, quickly, and quickly relax the tension of the muscles. Relieve the discomfort of the waist. Here, for the first time of the use of waist massage users, the 3x power massage power of the ten -star waist massage is sufficient. Our daily use can be gradually adjusted according to personal affordability. Middle -aged and elderly people recommend not to rush to strengthen the fight and slowly adapt to it. For general massage, it is basically enough to massage about half an hour a day.


Six massage functions of the Ten Star waist massage device:







Combined massage

Warm abdomen

Mode 1:


Provide 3 -gear strength adjustment

Mode 2 -Mode 5:

Provide 9 -gear strength adjustment


Mode 6:

Provide 3 gear temperature adjustment (38 ° C, 40 ° C, 45 ° C)

After the author’s tension every day, I always use it to massage it. After experiencing three or four massage, I can really feel that the waist is more relaxed. The massage device uses red light+far-infrared irradiation technology, releases 600-650nm wavelength red light, 8-14nm waves long-term infrared, which can deeply alleviate waist fatigue, accelerate blood circulation, and stimulate biomolecular activity. Massage head temperature heating, promote blood circulation, accelerate the relaxation of damaged lumbar muscles, and adjust the temperature in 3 gears, which can provide the temperature that most users adapt.

The massage head of the ten -star massage has a constant temperature heating function, promotes blood circulation, accelerates the damaged lumbar muscles, and adjusts the temperature of the 3 -speed temperature, which can provide the temperature that most users adapt. Warm the waist muscles from the inside out, and the accurate massage allows the whole body to relax.



In terms of the overall use, the division of multiple strengths of the Ten Star waist massage can be adjusted, suitable for people with different force. The design of each gear design is different. It can be refined according to personal habits. The design with remote control is still more convenient. You do n’t need to go directly to the machine to debug. The LED display in the remote control center can view the current gear at any time. From then on, massage no longer seek people. While enjoying the effect of massage, he can liberate your hands. He can do other things at the same time, save time and time and time. The kneading effect of accurate massage is still very obvious, and the body and mind have been completely relaxed. In addition, the massage device is equipped with a large -capacity battery, which can be battered for about 7 days at a time. Generally speaking, it is a good massage product, and there are friends who want to book it.