Jump into the river to save people! His “pants photo” is embarrassing but beautiful when the water is laid down

In the south flow of the river, a girl was struggling desperately. The truck driver Liang Shan heard the news and rushed to the river.


Your “pants photo” is embarrassing, but when the water is saved, it is beautiful

The police helped the girl to the police car and returned to the police station.

“I didn’t consider so much at that time, just thinking about a young life, how could I watch it disappear in front of my eyes!” At noon on the 17th, a girl fell into the river, and the truck driver Liang Shan jumped off the Nanliu River without hesitation. Rescue the girl ashore. At present, the police have contacted the girl’s family to bring it home.

The rescued girl, grasped the police’s hands tightly with both hands

On the south riverside of the south end of the south side of the row bridge of the fall of the river.

At 13 o’clock on the 17th, when the reporter rushed to the river, he saw that on the pedestrian trail, a middle -aged man with a wet body and only wearing a pair of underwear was walking downstream from the direction of the puzzle bridge. Seeing the reporter to take a picture, the middle -aged man was embarrassed and quickly said and said, “Don’t shoot me, don’t shoot me, don’t look good! Not good -looking! Girls are in front.”

Beyond the middle -aged man, the reporter quickly rushed to the riverside steps opposite Yuntian Cultural City. The young girl walking up along the steps.

The girl is very young, her age is not over 20 years old. She is wearing a white shirt on her upper body, black denim shorts in her lower body, and a pair of white sneakers. The girl kept crying, holding the patrol’s hand tightly with both hands, and Police Officer Mo supported the umbrella and the patrol police to hold the girl to a restaurant on the shore to sit down.

After sitting down, the girl threw her hands tightly and grabbed the police officer’s hand and reluctant to let go, but in the face of the police’s inquiry, the girl just cried and did not respond. After some soothing, the police helped the girl back to the police car back to the police station for further investigation and disposal. During this period, the girl still grabbed the young patroller’s hand tightly and refused to let go.

Can’t let the lively life disappear in front of you

Earlier, the middle -aged man who was soaked on the pedestrian trail and only wearing underwear was Liang Shan. He jumped into the water and saved the girl on the shore.

At the scene, a middle -aged man wearing a horizontal vest introduced that he was called Li Hongzhou and was a passenger driver. He was usually waiting for customers near the incident, and Liang Shan was also a truck driver who was waiting nearby. According to him, the incident was at 12:50. At that time, he was sitting on the steps by the river to eat lunch, and suddenly found a wave of waves on the river surface, so he stood up and went to the direction of the powed bridge in the top left. Looking at the river, it was found that a girl’s head appeared on the river surface of more than 10 meters downstream from Pauding Bridge and a few meters away from the shore. “The girl’s hands patted the river from time to time, and the waves on the river came from this; I realized that the girl was going to drown, but I couldn’t swim. I thought of the truck Liang Shanhui, so I immediately ran to his truck. forward.”

“At that time, I was eating lunch. When I heard someone falling into the water, I immediately threw the rice and followed Li Hongzhou to the pedestrian trail.” Liang Shan told reporters that all the girls in the water in the water were drowned below the water In the lower hands, the Jiangshui was fiercely patted by the river, and the river water was poured into the mouth from time to time. How could it be seen that a life disappeared! So, he quickly took off the clothes on his body and ran to the row bridge and jumped into the river … After he helped to comfort the girl, walked along the downstream of the river embankment; when he was about to the steps, he listened At the sound of the siren, the patrol police and police station police appeared in front of him, and then he handed the girl to the police.

The woman claims to fall in the river, and the witnesses call it the river jump

Later, the reporter learned from the police station that the girl was 17 years old and was from Maolin Town, Yadong New District. After returning to the police station, Police Officer Mo found her ID card from the girl’s bag, and then learned the information of the girl’s parents through household registration information. Soon, the girl’s parents rushed to the police station. The girl told the police that she accidentally fell into the river.


However, at the pedestrian trail under the Paibuqiao, the reporter learned from the two people with two fucking accents that around 12:46, they went to the pedestrian trail to prepare for fishing and found that the girl was sitting alone outside the guardrail. On the other hand, crying about the rain; in less than a minute, the girl resolutely jumped to the river. Because they could not swim, they had to take out their mobile phones to call the police and call loudly. After that, Liang Shan saved a scene. Essence