Hundreds of underwear boxes, make your storage steward!

We have to change the underwear every day and clean the socks every day. If these small clothes are randomly put in the drawer, we will look very messy. A lot of time. At this time, putting a classified storage box at home seems to have a underwear storage steward.

Besides, after the underwear is a good housekeeper, we will feel that life has become more refined, especially at the moment we get up early, turning the underwear is no longer troublesome, and life also has a good rhythm with the storage box. So what are these changing underwear storage boxes? Let’s take a look together!


– ❶ –


Fang Fang Zhengzheng, non -woven measuring box

The storage box of non -woven fabrics is brown, placed in the corner of the wardrobe, which is not conspicuous at all, but it is very practical. Fang Fangzheng can make full use of the remaining space in the wardrobe. It has three models: large, medium and small, and different underwear can be placed in different specifications of storage boxes.


– ❷ –

Fresh and simple, green storage box

The storage box of linen is green, which gives others a very fresh feeling. On the outermost side of the storage box, there is a PU leather handle, which is more convenient when pulling the storage box. Above the storage box is a dust -proof lid. After putting the clothes in, gently put on the lid, the dust is clean and clean.

– ❸ –


Organic, underwear storage box

The white underwear storage box has a small grid in it, like a separate grid shop. Some underwear and bra can be separated in it. You can find it at a glance, and you can find it easily. Japanese style and white tone are also visually clean.


– ❹ –

Pink loli, drawer storage box


In real life, our bras, underwear, socks, etc. There are also a lot of types. It will look messy in the drawer, but this drawer storage box can classify all the underwear doors. The appearance of the storage box is pale pink, which is more suitable for girls.


– ❺ –

Hollow pattern, breathable storage box

The square and Zhengzheng storage box is a hollow design. The curve of the flowing pattern is curved, making the storage box look more refined. Because it is a hollow design, when putting some underwear inside, you can also put the entire storage box on the balcony. In this case, the sun will also be illuminated in the underwear through the gap to sterilize the underwear.


– ❻ –

Ellipse arc, dividend storage box


There are square grids in the elegant storage box. The material of the plastic makes the storage box more strong. Putting some small clothes such as bras underwear in it will also feel very convenient. There is also a small lid on it, which is ask to prevent ash and moisture. When placed in the closet, it will not take up too much space.

Is the convenience of the clothing storage box trembling? Seeing that every underwear has a place of settlement, sometimes I feel that my personal life is also arranged.