In the past 39 years, the starring star is very different. Some people are 86 years old.

“Heroes of the Condor Heroes” has been adapted and remake into multiple versions of film and television dramas. Among the many versions, the 83 version has won the sought after by many fans.

This version of “The Heroes of the Eagle” is Hong Kong TVB before the filming


The form of telephone communication


To investigate the majority of audiences, we mainly understand the audience’s opinions on shooting “The Heroes of the Eagle”.

As a result, 70 % of the audiences have high hopes for TVB to shoot “The Heroes of the Condor Heroes”


This makes TVB more firm to shoot the confidence of shooting this Jin Yong drama.


In order to shoot the TV series TVB, the powerful production team has been gathered.

The director is Wang Tianlin, the father of Wang Jing

The executive director is Du Qifeng and Xu Ke.


The director of martial arts is Cheng Xiaodong. The consultant group invited Ni Kuang, Chu Yuan and others. In terms of music, Gu Jiahui, Huang Zhan, and Deng Weixiong wrote songs for the show.


After the Biography of the Heroes of the Eagle in 1983, the ratings were very high and even set a record record.

After being introduced to the Mainland, another wave of viewing was set off, becoming a recognized classic martial arts drama.

To this day, the 83 version of Douban has a score of 9.2 points, which is not only rated as the closest version of the original book by the audience, but also becomes a peak in the field of martial arts dramas.

Unconsciously, 39 years have passed since the premiere of this classic TV series.

So what happened to the actors who stood out of the past time in the past time?

This time I will talk to you about the 10 main actors of the 83rd version of “The Heroes of the Eagle” to see how they live now?


01. Huang Rihua (Play as Guo Jing)

As one of the Wireless Five Tigers, Huang Rihua was the representative of the golden age of the Hong Kong drama in the 1980s.

As an actor Huang Rihua and Jin Yong drama, they have a special fate. In 1982, Huang Rihua starred in Jin Yong’s martial arts drama for the first time, decorated with virtual bamboo in “The Six Pulse of the Eight Pulse of Tianlong and the Legend of Xuzhu”.


It is precisely because of this character that he was selected as Guo Jing by director Wang Tianlin, and it turned out that the director’s choice was very correct.

Whether Huang Rihua’s image and temperament are in line with Guo Jing, he interpreted Guo Jing Geng’s straightness and chivalry.


Huang Rihua also became popular on both sides of the strait with the corner of Brother Jing, and opened the screen mode, leaving classic works such as “New Flying Fox Wai Zhuan” and “Blood Sword”.

In 1997, Huang Rihua once again starred in Jin Yong’s martial arts drama “Tianlong Babu”. In the play, he played a tragedy hero Qiao Feng, and won the TVB thousands of star Heba celebrate the best actor performance award for the best drama.

The role of Qiao Feng also brought Huang Rihua to the peak of career again. In 2004, Huang Rihua announced his withdrawal from the performing arts circle. After that, friendship appeared in some film and television dramas, focusing on his family.

He and his wife Liang Jiehua met in 1980. After experiencing the division and combination, the two joined hands to enter the marriage in 1988. After the marriage, there was a daughter, and the family was happy and sweet.

Unfortunately, his wife Liang Jiehua suffered from acute leukemia in 2013. Huang Rihua accompanied his wife for seven years of illness, and eventually died in the enemy.

After his wife’s death, Huang Rihua promised to never marry for life. Countless people were deeply impressed by his affection for his wife. He hoped that Brother Jing would live happily with his daughter in the future.


02. Weng Meiling (played Huang Rong)

Before the filming of “Heroes of the Condor Heroes”, Huang Rong’s candidates have not been suitable for those who have not appeared.

Therefore, through the way of public TV, the wireless TV station finally selected 6 of more than 5,000 beginners to enter the final audition link. Weng Meiling was one of them.


During the audition, Weng Meiling changed into the costume, holding a willow branch, and flipped to Jin Yong to make a road. Huang Rong, the daughter of the junior peach blossom island, met the predecessor Jin.

This move made Jin Yong’s eyes shine. This playful and smart temperament was not Huang Rong she was looking for, so he settled Weng Meiling to act as Huang Rong.

After getting the role, Weng Mei carefully studied the role. Not only did he ask the seniors of the same crew to ask the acting skills, many of them played in person, and even scratched his eyes for this.

Weng Meiling’s efforts have also been rewarded. Once “The Legend of the Condor Heroes” was broadcast, she was well received. In the play, she played Huang Rong’s ancient spirit, naughty, and loved by the audience.


Although there are many actors who have played Huang Rong, Weng Meiling is the most classic Qiao Huang Rong. The audience even gave Weng Meiling’s evaluation of Huang Rong.

With the fire of Weng Meiling, a 24 -year -old corner of Huang Rong, various films came.

For a while, it became one of the most popular stars in Hong Kong. It was selected as the top ten film and television stars by “Overseas Chinese Evening News” for two consecutive years.

It is a pity that this popular actress has caught herself in trouble because of love. Weng Meiling met Tang Zhenye when filming “Thirteen Sisters”.

But this optimistic relationship, because of Weng Meiling’s lack of security, gradually ended, Weng Meiling also ended her life.

In the end, the dazzling and beautiful actress was always set at 26 years old, and the ancient and strange “Qiao Huangrong” also became her best memories.

03. Miao Qiaowei (as Yang Kang)

In 1980, Miao Qiaowei participated in the debut of the 9th issue of Wireless Artist Training Class. In the third year of his debut, he starred in this “Heroes of the Condor Heroes” and played Yang Kang.

Although her debut time is not long, Miao Qiaowei interprets the qi Xuanang on the surface of the character and the vicious and cunning of her heart, allowing the audience to see Yang Kang, who is gathered and evil.

After Mr. Jin Yong watched Yang Kang, he gave Miao Qiaowei’s Yang Kang, which was more attractive than the characters in my pen.

After so many years, although many people have played Yang Kang, the only Miao Qiaowei version of Yang Kang has become an eternal classic in people’s hearts.

After becoming popular with “Yang Kang”, Miao Qiaowei starred in works such as “Yang Family” and “Successor of the Rivers and Lakes”. They were called “Wireless Five Tigers” with Liang Chaowei, Andy Lau, Tang Zhenye, and Huang Rihua.


However, Miao Qiaowei did not continue to work hard in the performing arts circle like other five tigers.


He founded the “Yishi Glasses” and even opened branches abroad. When the turnover was the best, it exceeded 300 million a year.


In 2002, Miao Qiaowei sold Yichang glasses and returned to the entertainment industry.

His “Apostle” became the TVB annual viewing champion with a cross -platform ratings of 30.5, winning Malaysia’s “View Emperor” with the role of Zhuo Sir.

Although it was already 40 years old, Miao Qiaowei told everyone to return to the king.


Today, Miao Qiaowei is getting older. He is still active in the entertainment industry. Many netizens are appreciated.

04. Yang Panpan (as Mu Nianci)


Yang Panpan studied Peking Opera as a child, and also performed with his master to Japan, Southeast Asia and other places, so she had the foundation of martial arts and dance in her youth.

At the age of 9, Yang Panpan performed in the movie “Fast Sword”. After her debut, she starred in martial arts such as “Xianhe God Needle”, “Yangmen Girl”, “Thirteen Sisters” and other martial arts films.


More audiences knew her because in the 83rd version of “The Heroes of the Eagle”, Mu Nianci’s fate she played was bumpy and infatuated with Yang Kang, and she performed touching.


Although Mu Nianci of Yang Panpan’s version is not the most beautiful one, it is the one that impressed us the most.

After that, Yang Panpan starred in “New Peerless Double Pride” and “Gold Sister” and other works, most of them were martial arts action movies.

In addition, she also moved behind the scenes to make producers. The “Yasha” and “Shaolin Zombies” we are familiar with are the producers.

In 2018, Yang Panpan accidentally accidentally filmed the fire scene of “Earth Return to Spring” in Malaysia, causing facial burns.


After the treatment slowly recovered, Yang Panpan gradually lived a simple life away from the entertainment circle.

05. Zeng Jiang (as Huang Yaoshi)

Zeng Jiang is an old opera bone in the entertainment industry. He used to study architecture. After graduating, he transferred to the drama and television circle after three years.


After becoming an actor, he filmed seriously. In 1983, he was well known for his “Huang Yaoshi” in the “Heroes of the Condor Heroes”.

Whether it is an image or temperament, Zeng Jiang is very consistent with the role of Huang Yaoshi. He has also become an immortal classic with a paranoid and arrogance.

After becoming famous for Huang Pharmaceutical’s corner, Zeng Jiang got more contracts. After 60, he still appeared frequently in Hollywood movies, starring in “Anna and Kings”, “Speed ​​Moment 2”, “007’s choice of death” and so on. Film.

Zeng Jiang, who is now 88 years old, is still active in the film and television industry. He has performed wonderful performance in works such as “East and Rain”, “Overseas Action of Interpol” and “Bao Qingtian”.

In 2011, Zeng Jiang also won the “Most Outstanding Actor” Performing Power Award for his superb acting skills in “Eavesdropping Feng Yun 2”, and then won the Hong Kong Film Awards Best Supporting Actor with “Eavesdropping Fengyun 3”.

Two years ago, there were media reports that the 86 -year -old Zeng Jiang personally went to the dazzling to hang in Weiya.

It can be said that it is respectful and admirable. After all, there are not many actors who are so old.


06. Liu Zhaoming (Playing Master Yiren)


Liu Zhaoming’s original occupation was not an actor but a dance teacher. When he was young, he went to France to practice dancing in order to practice dancing. He became the first Chinese to chore by French dancers.


Coincidentally, Liu Zhaoming was invited by Xu Ke to participate in the filming of the movie “Butterfly Change” in 1979. He officially entered the actor’s industry and later became a TVB artist.

In 1983, Liu Zhaoming starred in “The Heroes of the Eagle”, and the “one lantern master” who saw the red dust and the empty door played in the play.


Later, Liu Zhaoming has shaped a lot of classic screen images, such as the tree demon 姥 in “Ghost Girl Ghost”, and the old lady in “Lu Ding Ji”.

Although Liu Zhaoming debuted halfway, when he received any role, he would carefully figure out the character’s personality and strive to achieve “the combination of human drama”.

With hard work and serious Liu Zhaoming, he became a gold supporting role in TVB, and in 2013, he also won the 46th TVB thousands of star entertainers awards.

Now Liu Zhaoming, who is 90 years old, sometimes invites a guest to play a role. He once bluntly said that he did not retire, saying that there was a suitable role and wanted to play.

07. Liu Dan (Playing Hong Qigong)


Many of the names of Liu Dan may not be familiar with, but his son and former daughter -in -law must know that Liu Kaiwei and Yang Mi must be.

Liu Dan’s original name Liu Qingji entered the entertainment industry with “Shaw Film” in the early years. Later, he joined TVB and started to appear in TV series.


Liu Dan played Hong Qigong in the 83rd version of “The Heroes of the Eagle”. Not only is the shape or performance, it has highly restored the Hong Qigong in Jin Yong’s original work.


Because it was too classic, in the future, Liu Dan looked like Hong Qigong’s audience.


Since his debut, he has also starred in Hong Qigong four times, and has become the “Hong Qigong professional household” in everyone’s mouth.


In an interview, Liu Dan said that I don’t know if there is still a chance to re -shoot “Shooting Carving”. If there is any, I also play Hong Qigong.

In addition to Hong Qigong, Liu Dan also has a classic character is Feng Jingyao in “Shanghai Beach”. Although it is only a supporting role, he is very eye -catching in the play.

As an old drama bone, Liu Dan has been dedicated since his debut, and won the “Thousands of Star Awards” in 2020.

This is also the first time he has won the prize for 52 years. Coincidentally, it was his birthday that day, and Liu Dan was excited to his tears on the stage.


08. Qin Huang (played Zhou Botong)

If Liu Dan is “Hong Qigong professional household”, then Qin Huang is a professional household in Zhou Botong. He played the role of Zhou Botong four times before and after.


Among the four played Zhou Botong, the most well -known is Zhou Botong in the 83 version of “The Heroes of the Condor Heroes”.

With wonderful acting skills in the play, Qin Huang interpreted the 90 -year -old “old urchin” Zhou Botong, who was only a few years old.

This character seemed to be born for him, and Qin Huang seemed to be born for Jin Yong’s martial arts novels.

According to incomplete statistics, although countless actors who have performed Jin Yong’s martial arts drama, Qin Huang is the most actor in Jin Yong’s drama so far.

20 Jin Yong dramas such as “Blood Sword”, “The Dragon Slaughter”, “Lu Ding Ji”, “The Legend of the Condor Heroes” have his figure. He also became an irreplaceable gold supporting role in Jin Yong’s drama.


Qin Huang, who has been over 70 years old, is blessed, and it is no longer the old naughty boy who is strong in Jin Yong’s drama.

In May last year, Qin Huang was admitted to the hospital for illness. From the photos broke out from the media, he could clearly see that his feet were swollen very seriously.


It was only half a year before the last time, and I couldn’t help but worry about his physical health. I hope he pays more attention to his body.


09. Huang Wenhui (playing Mei Chaofeng)

The audience who has watched the 83rd version of “The Heroes of the Condor” is definitely impressed by Mei Chaofeng played by Huang Wenhui.


In the play, Huang Wenhui’s black outfits and gray hair, coupled with the smoky treatment on the eyes, make this character look daunting.


Although the role of Mei Chaofeng played by Huang Wenhui is scary, it also shows that Huang Wenhui performed this role successfully from the side.


In fact, before playing Mei Chaofeng, Huang Wenhui followed the sexy route. Most of them played a negative role of women, and their fame was not great.

It wasn’t until she appeared in Mei Chaofeng that she was recognized by the audience, but this role also limited her drama. Since then, most of the characters she starred in were silent “ugly horns”.


Although she is mainly acting in green leaves, she never regrets and is unhappy, saying: “In fact, I will participate in the performance, and I will be satisfied with any role.”


Huang Wenhui, born in 1947, is 75 years old, but is still alone. Some netizens even broke the news that Huang Wenhui had purchased the tomb for himself in Macau.


Someone once asked why she kept being single. Huang Wenhui said that she had never encountered the right one. When she was young, she worked hard and had no time to find it. Later, it was because she wanted to take care of her parents.


Although it has always been a single state, Huang Wenhui himself was not very pessimistic, but he was very satisfied with his single state, indicating that single is very free.

10. Huang Zeshi (as Hua Zheng)

Huang Zai Shi was the cousin of Taiwan’s famous singer, Tong Ang, who started an actor career at the age of 17. Because of Huang Zu Shi’s exquisite features, he was called a sweet girl with big eyes.

In 1983, Huang Shengshi starred in “The Heroes of the Eagle”, and in the play, she played the “Hua Zheng” of Guo Jing.

Although it is a supporting role, Huang Zeshi is still glory in the play, showing his sincere feelings to Guo Jing through a slight motion expression.

This role also allows Huang Zenshi to open the popularity. The “Huazheng” she plays also becomes a role that is difficult to surpass other versions in the future.

Later, Huang Jianshi also participated in the performances of TV series such as “Qin Shihuang”, “White Hair Witch Biography”, “Heroes of the Times”, but there was no influence of Huazheng.

In the late 1980s, Huang made a fading in the performing arts industry. By the end of the 1990s, it was reported that she had immigrated to the UK.

The TV Red Star, who was active in the 1980s, left the entertainment industry. Since then, there were few news. Only rumors said that she had married a woman after retreat.


The above is the recent situation of the 10 main actors of the 83rd version of “The Heroes of the Eagle”. It has been 39 years since the broadcast of this classic TV series.


The actors in the play have also changed a lot. It can be described as the situation of the situation. Some of them have become front -line superstars. Some are 90 years old and are still acting. Some withdrawn from the performing arts circle.

The status of the above -mentioned actors is very different, the difference is huge, and each has moved towards different lives. In addition, there are many excellent actors in the 83 version of “The Heroes of the Eagle”.


In the play, Zhou Xingchi, Wu Mengda, Carina Lau, Ouyang Zhenhua, Wu Zhenyu and others in the play have become the half of Hong Kong film and television.


The most regrettable thing is that according to incomplete statistical dramas include Weng Meiling, Dushu, Shi Jian, Jiang Yi, Guan Haishan, Hui Tianci, Su Xingxuan, Guan Jing, Tan Bingwen, Lin Wenwei, Luo Guowei, He Yijian, Tan Yiqing, Bai Wenbiao, Bai Wenbiao 16 people and other 16 people have died.

Although these actors in the play are different, the lifelike characters they play on the screen are destined not to be forgotten by the audience.


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