Men’s cotton pajamas cut pictures, share it with relatives who like to make hands -on

I have always been sharing women’s and children’s clothing.


Someone complained that “why not share men’s clothing for us to be a family portrait?”

Come today, although it is pajamas, it is indeed men’s clothing!

Even if it is not done well, he can’t find the reason why he doesn’t give face or not. Essence Essence


Let’s take a look at the style. As long as the process is good

The XL number cuts the picture, suitable for the body shape of about 175 height

Those who need other numbers can push the board according to the crotch difference of 1.2cm with a permissions of 5cm. The length can be measured by themselves. If you can’t measure, you can push the board according to the gear difference between 2cm pants long pants and 2cm.


Calculation formula for the deep calculation of the sleeve cage is: B/4

Top of the top

Trousers cut pictures

Clothing production process commentary


The fabric can choose cotton knitting or silk fabric. Please shrink it before the fabric is cut

The collar edges and cuffs and mouths, the mouth of the bag can be used with color matching fabrics or contrasting fabrics


The edge of the neckline is sewn with oblique 45 degrees, and the side edges of the cotton rope will look full and gloss.

The cotton rope is sewn with a unilateral foot, and the edge of the teeth should not be pulled too tightly.

Neckline tooth edge effect

The pocket mouth uses color schemes to achieve the same size and width of the left and right bags. Use the method of fastening seam to sew it to the clothes body


Clothing sewing process: Patching bags before sewing — Switching front and rear side sewing shoulder sewing, sleeve bottom sewing — suture collar —- upper sleeve — The middle collar tooth edge before stitching — squeeze the noodle collar- -Stling cuffs — Blind rolling edge — Deducting your eyes, nailing — Whip

Okay, that’s it for today’s sharing!

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Men’s cotton pajamas cut pictures, share it with relatives who like to make hands -on