Fundamental princess! Ziyu wears purple chiffon dress gently shooting makeup small movies

Li Wei / Taipei Report

根本公主下凡!子瑜穿紫色雪纺洋装 温柔拍上妆小影片

TWICE members Zhou Ziyu has a cute personality and temperament. She is very popular in South Korea and has a large number of fans in Taiwan. Recently, she has shot a makeup newspaper with the members. , Cute big eyes and light -shot movements make fans melt, and she wants to become the puff on her hand and be gently patted!

▲ Zhou Ziyu shooting air cushion powder small films like a fairy. (Photo / Refined from Esteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeladeerkr))

Zhou Ziyu recently launched a series of cute films for Estee Lauder in March to launch in South Korea, and shooting a series of cute films. I saw her replaced with a super -dreaming purple dress to show the fresh and dreamy goddess temperament. Gently shoot gently. The air cushion powder is in the skin, creating a delicate and gloss skin makeup effect, which is super beautiful.

根本公主下凡!子瑜穿紫色雪纺洋装 温柔拍上妆小影片

▲ Zhou Ziyu showed the sexy of the little woman. (Photo / Refined from Esteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeladeerkr))

Not only the foundation, but she also filmed a pictorial for the pink desire of the new product. She put on the satin purple dress with purple nail polish and a black curly hair. It looks like a doll. While showing sexy pink red lips, it can achieve the effect of repairing lips. The sexy appearance makes fans praise “it is the princess!”

根本公主下凡!子瑜穿紫色雪纺洋装 温柔拍上妆小影片

▲ Zhou Ziyu demonstrated sexy upper lip care. (Photo / Refined from Esteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeladeerkr))

Estee Lauder’s most classic is the long -lasting series of the powder. The newly launched perfect makeup pad powder is even more powerful than the past. Create a meticulous and gloss makeup effect. Not only do female stars love to use, many fans also like it very much.