Shaped rubber parts self-stained adhesive

The adhesive self-staple rubber is generally compressed by double-sided adhesive adhesive, but there are too many inconvenience and bonding phenomena for many difficult-in-shaped rubber parts.

Yishen Rubber Co., Ltd. combined with more than 10 years of production experience, after all of the experimental tests, finally broke through this problem, and the shaped rubber products were perfectly achieved.

异形橡胶件 自沾背胶一体成型

Adhesive integral molding does not need to use a cumbersome treatment agent + 3M and other double-sided adhesive, finished adhesive surface full transparent unopened paper, high-resistant shaped rubber products can also achieve high viscosity self-suction effect, while increasing production efficiency It also reduced cost problems.

Industrial rubber mats usually have transparent rubber pad, rubber mat, silicone foot pad, circular mat, semi-circular transparent foot pad, rubber pad, silicone pad, rubber pad, PU rubber pad, PVC mat, EPDM transparent pad, Glass rubber pad, Poron pad, hemispherical foot pad, hemispherical pad, glass mat, collision pad, non-slip mat, shockproof mat, and more.

Due to a series of physical chemical properties, especially its excellent retraction, insulating, water-resistant, resistance, cold resistance, resistance, resistance, etc., etc. Therefore, it is widely used.

Mainly used in industrial, agriculture, national defense, transportation, transportation, mechanical manufacturing, medical and health sector, and daily lives, such as tires used in traffic transport; industrial transport tape, transmission belt, various seals; medical gloves , Blood transfusion vessels; rubber shoes, raincoats, warm water bags in daily life are manufactured by rubber-based, national defense, cannons, tanks, and even rockets in the field of science and technology, artificial satellites, spacecraft , Aerospace, etc. need a large number of rubber parts