The funny man posted 3D stickers on the car, everyone saw almost called the police

The car sticker plays a role in beautifying and is welcomed by the new innovation young people. There are many types of car stickers, such as some sports stickers, modified stickers and personalized stickers. Many car owners are not satisfied with ordinary car shapes, and they will buy personalized stickers to decorate the car. Some car stickers are the slogans of warm reminders, and some car stickers are funny 3D three -dimensional stickers. It looks realistic to bluff many old drivers. If you see a car with a special shape on the car, don’t scare, in fact, it is just the creative move of the owner.


In this van, many people may think that there is a person on the car on the crushed window in the car, but in fact it is a car sticker. This 3D car sticker has a shadow design, which is very realistic under the sun, which is simply a real scene. Little demon scores 99 points for the authenticity of this car! Intersection Because it is too realistic, do you think?

This pair of blue tendons looked very powerful, and the body’s position had a sticker design, coupled with the tightly holding the car in the hand, it looked like this hand was smashed by the car. From a distance, it is very realistic. After all, it is a 3D car sticker. The true level must be much more interesting than some plane cars. How do you think this car post?


From a distance, this black car seems to have a pink car on the side. But when I approached, it was easy to find that it was actually a car sticker on a black car, and the position of the wheels happened to be together. If you don’t pay attention to it, it is easy to be mistaken for two cars to stop together, which is really stupid!

The last car sticker, if you met at night, really picked up the mobile phone to call the police in minutes. It looks particularly like a person being abducted behind the pickup truck. If you drive behind the car and do not see that it is a 3D car sticker, it is estimated that the police will be reported. By the way, what kind of funny car stickers have you seen? Welcome to tell the little demon!