Sand geckon fitness training equipment commonly used for back

As the saying goes: novices practice breasts, veterans practice back, today we are classified according to the movement of back muscle group training (see the movement of the back muscle group training quickly !!!), talk about the fitness equipment commonly used in back muscles.


1. The movement and common equipment of the pull -up (slightly inclined) pull down


1. Action: Tingules up, commonly used equipment: single bar


Grab the single bar in a suitable way. The grip method is: positive grip, anti -grip, wide grip, narrow grip. Inhale,

Concentrate to the contraction of latissimus dorsi


The flexion arms pulled up slowly, until the upper bars are touched or the chin exceeds the horizontal bar

After 2-3 seconds to stop, then exhale, so as to

The contraction force of the latissimus dorsi muscle controls, slowly drops the body to restore to the starting state, and the latissimus dorsi is completely stretched.

2. Action: sit down and pull down


Commonly used equipment: Sitting downward dropper

Facing the tensilers, the upper part of the thigh is against the limiter, and the back is straight. Grab the leisure rod on the front hand, the distance between the hands should be slightly more than the shoulder width. Exhale,

Lialing muscle contraction, vertically pull down from the top of the head to the chest to the chest, tighten the scapula to tighten the latissimus dorsi


; At this time, the body is slightly leaning back and raised slightly in order to better shorten the latissimus dorsi and stop for 2-3 seconds to make the peak shrinkage, inhale, and have controlled restoration. The muscles were stretched the most.

3. Movement: Pulling one arm, commonly used equipment: Longmen frame

Hold the D -shaped handle. Sitting on the cushion, the idle hand holding the upper end of the knee cushion (if there are other grips) to increase the stability of the body’s torso and straighten the arms; Body.

Back muscles are contracted.

Don’t rotate your body. At the lowest point of exercise,

Squeeze your scapula hard and let them get close to each other

And keep this muscle contraction for 1 to 2 seconds. Then slowly stretch your arms.

Second, rowing movements and commonly used equipment

1. Action: 划 1 1, commonly used equipment: barbells, dumbbells

The barbell leaned over the rowing


Holding the barbell with both hands, the knee is slightly bent slightly, and the upper body is bent over and tilted forward almost parallel to the ground. At the same time, keep the back straight. Both arms are drooping, looking forward; the elbows are close to the sides of the body.

Shin back muscles, lift the barbell with the rowing trajectory

At the same time, exhale.

Stay slightly at the top, and then slowly return to the starting position while inhaling. During the reduction process, you must use the control force of the latissimusisus to slow down the barbell road. The muscle is fully stretched.

Dumbbells leaning over the rowing


Dumbbells are generally one -handed to sit down and rowing rowing

; The flexion uses a positive grip method to grab the dumbbells, support the body on the dumbbell frame or fixed object with one hand. Raise your head and your waist, your waist is straight. Hold the dumbbell with one hand, and the arm is naturally hanging. At this time, the scapula is fully sinking, and the dumbbell is placed under the lowest range.

Pull the dumbbell towards the hip and pull upwards. At the highest point of action, let the elbow facing the body part of the body to the inner rotation, tighten the latissimores and back muscles.

The shrinkage is 1-2 seconds, and the dumbbells are slowly lowering down the original path to the pre-stretching state, and the next action is performed.

2. Action: sitting ropes rowing, commonly used equipment: sitting rowers

Sit, step on the pedal in front of your legs, bend your knees slightly, hold the triangular handle tightly with both hands, extend your arms forward, fix your waist and abdomen, and raise your chest.

Pull the handle to the abdomen with the contraction force of the back muscle, pull your shoulders and elbows as much as possible until the handle is touched to the middle of your body.

Keep the peak shrink for 1-2 seconds, and strive to squeeze your scapula together to maximize the stimulus. When returning the weight, the latissimus dorsis is sent forward to get sufficient stretching. At the end of the action, the pinch of your back and the ground should be slightly less than ninety degrees.

3. Action: T bang rowing, commonly used equipment: T bar

Fix one end of the barbell rod on the mines or corners, and put the barbells and T -shaped hands on the other end. The legs cross the top of the T bar, the distance between the legs is the same as that of the shoulder, hold the T -shaped handle with both hands, and the arms are straight down. Flexy your hips and knee, lean forward, the calf vertically, the back is straight, tighten the core. This is the starting position of the action.

Shin the scapula, the elbows are curved, exhaled, the latissimus dorsi mosaic power pulls the front barbell tablet to the chest position, clamp the body in the big arm, and the back muscle has a clear sense of contraction.

Slightly stay at the top, inhale, latissimus dorsi, control the arm to restore the T bar to the initial position.

Third, the movement of the lower pressure class and commonly used equipment

Action: straight arm pressure. Commonly used equipment: Dragon Gatefront, the handle includes: straight bar (backhand) under pressure, V -shaped rope under pressure, etc.


双脚与肩内侧同宽,面向训练器站立,双手正握,双手与肩同宽,手臂伸直,背部保持挺直不动,上身可微微前倾,腹部收紧;双手握杠,肘部Stretch or bend slightly, do not bend the bending range,

Lidiamus, driving the arm, and the drop -down bar in the front of the thigh;

The control force allows the horizontal bar to return to the starting position evenly, and keep the arms unchanged.