Creative toys from Japanese artists, automatic wood devices

Hi! This is Xiaotu toy!


Today, I want to introduce some very creative handmade toys. A artist from Japan. His name is ———

Harada Hesuke


First of all, let’s find out through a few animations!


Pig exercise

Dancing vegetables

The monkey with a banana boat, the pig who raised the dumbbell Page, and the dancing radish and taro … These works look so incredible, but full of childlikeness, leaving a deep impression on people.

Harada and Ming use wood as raw materials, drive each part of the toy subject through connecting rods, gears and other devices, and then provide power with a handcules. The entire toy is active!

Let’s look at some close -up pictures of the link work to understand their working principles more clearly.

Transmission through gears


Connecting rod transmission


How about it, do you find it interesting?


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Harada Heming works