How to choose a European chandelier? What are the main points of decoration? Detailed explanation of decoration network

The classical and elegant European decoration style can always give people a different feeling. In recent years, the European -style decoration style has also been favored by people. In order to have a stronger atmosphere, the details of the lamps cannot be ignored. So

European chandelier

It is necessary, how to choose European chandeliers?

Features of European -style chandeliers

1. European lamps achieve the effect of graceful and luxurious and magnificent European palaces with gorgeous decoration, strong colors, and exquisite shapes. European lights focus on lines, shapes, and carvings in color. The characteristics of European lamps are also deliberately produced by artificial iron rust and dark paint, which gives people a classic feeling visually.

2. European -style lamp style has several basic typical styles such as candlestick chandeliers, shields, and hat -type table lamps. It is more sophisticated on the materials. It uses welds, iron arts, fabrics and other materials to create a calm and noble feeling.

How to choose European chandeliers

1. Check the product quality


1. To check whether the number of crystal hanging ornaments is sufficient, whether the position of each ring is equipped with ornaments.

2. Check whether the crystal hanging is good and whether it is transparent and shiny, which can reflect light.


3. If the part is lacking or the chandelier is dirty, please ask a professional maintenance to evaluate the cost of repair and cleaning, so that you can ask for discounts on the original price.

4. Check whether the copper bracket is rusting for a long time. If rust, please also repair, polishing and other repair.

5. View whether the wires are intact and smooth. The chandelier wire is wrapped in cotton wires, and it may have been damaged or leaked, so be careful that you should replace it in time.

2. Pay attention to the brand logo:

Crystal lamps of different brands have a large price gap. When choosing a crystal chandelier, choose a large brand of lamps, because many big brands of lamps will engrave brand logos. In this way, it can prevent fish -eyed beads. Therefore, consumers should carefully identify when buying.

Third, the vertical specifications are particular:

Whether the vertical decoration specifications of crystal lamps are unified. The reason why crystal lamps can bloom dazzling light, showing a gorgeous and noble temperament, and rely on a crystal stringing decoration. Show. Some imitation crystal chandeliers are not standard and it is easy to crack if it is not standard. If the vertical decoration of the crystal chandelier falls from the ceiling, it will threaten the safety of the family.

Fourth, the crispness and transparency are not ambiguous:

Crystal lamps on the market generally start at a price of 1,000 yuan. The origin and purity of crystals are the main factor that causes the spread. Crystal is actually a kind of glass. It is a purification product. The price is different at the level of its lead. Therefore, when buying crystal lamps, consumers must carefully identify the crystal of good quality through the crispness and transparency of the crystal.

What should you pay attention to when installation of European -style crystal chandeliers

1. Check the weight. If the crystal chandelier is too heavy, you need to buy a wiring box that can support its weight.

2. When we install the lamps, we must cut off the power plug, and we must remove the old lighting equipment.

3. Pay attention to fixing the screws of the crystal chandelier on the base of the metal bracket. The larger weight should be fixed with the embedded hook or bolt. The chain can then hang other pendants one by one.

The above is the relevant knowledge about European -style chandeliers, I hope to help you.