Evaluation Report 3: Comprehensive evaluation and admiration for better urban beauty at the bottom

Author: Reporter of this magazine/Yang Zhuang Rong March 27, 2016 Reading Number of Reading: 1

The bra can express two opposite desires more than everything else -while covering the body while strengthening and displaying it. While aesthetically, the comfort of the bras is personal, and the breathability is the key indicator of measurement of product performance.

测评报告三:综合评价爱慕较好 都市丽人垫底

Performance indicators such as comprehensive comfort, shoulder strap fatigue, breathability, fiber content and other performance indicators, as well as safety indicators such as two harmful substances, the content of decomposition of aromatic amine dyes, “Consumer Report” (WeChat: Consumerreports) 2016 The admiration, Metropolis, An Lifang, Dianfen, 37 ° LOVE and other 6 brands including the inspection of the inspection in January have the performance of the six brands in the steel ring.

The performance of Bedifferen’s bras with a discounted 37 ° LOVE sub -brand is not as good as the branches of other big brands, and the comprehensive evaluation of urban beauty is relatively poor.

Available for good bedifferent cost -effective

The 6 brands of the 6 brands of this magazine have a high underwear market share. In the journal in January 2016, the 137 readers’ duty questionnaires were also used.

The results of safety tests show that 6 products are excellent, and both harmful substances -formaldehyde and decomposition of aromatic amine dyes are not detected.

When women wear bras daily, they feel the most direct impact on the body at the same time. The stress comfort is the second, followed by the fatigue resistance and breathability of the shoulder straps. The questionnaire of this magazine also shows that the first few performances that consumers are most concerned about are the comfortable part (83.9%), the support effect (54.0%), the structural design (31.4%), and the breathability (27.7%27.7%) To.

Based on this, combined with expert opinions, the weights of this magazine giving pressure comfort, fatigue resistance, and breathability of shoulder straps were 26%, 22%, and 22%, respectively. Considering that subjective experience is also particularly important in the actual dressing process of the bra, it occupies 15%.

测评报告三:综合评价爱慕较好 都市丽人垫底

Comprehensive performance and safety indicators, the love gathering series performed well. The 37 ° LOVE sub -brand Bedifferent gathering series is also worth buying, and the city’s comprehensive performance is not good.

In terms of cost -effectiveness, the price of BEDIFFERENT is only nearly a quarter of the brands such as admiration. Compared with the remaining several products, it has a significant price advantage. (As shown in Figure 7)

No scientific verification of breast disease caused by steel rings

Is the bra? Choose a steel ring or no steel ring underwear? This is almost the most concerned issue for each bra.

The first step of buying the pair of branches is to know the size of your bust. After the correct metering size, the online shopping underwear is not afraid.

Consumers can use a soft ruler two breasts (upper bust) and breast bottom (lower bust) before buying underwear. 75cm under the bust. (As shown in Figure 8, 9)

This magazine recommends that women with wider chassis, drooping or expanding on the chest are wearing steel rim bras, and women with standard or smaller chest types are more suitable for wearing no steel rim bra. It is not advisable to pursue excessive gathering. To make sure to find a chest that is truly suitable for you, consumers are advised to try on purchases in person.

As for the states that the branches of the steel rim hinder blood circulation, are not good for health, and even easily cause breast disease, the underwear researcher Miao Fengxiang said that from the perspective of the physiological structure of the breast, the impact of the steel ring on the human body cannot be ignored. The proper use of the bras of the bras is the steel ring. Ensure the premise of breast health.

Because the average Chinese cup is the B cup, for the needs of the people to meet people, some designers will set a narrow steel ring, and the steel ring is too narrow, and people will naturally wear uncomfortable people. This underwear is really unfavorable to the breast. healthy.

“Domestic steel ring specifications only depend on industry production experience, lack of human data verification, and the size of the steel rings of different brands of branches is large. Excessive emphasis on the aesthetic significance of the product will lead to a high incomparable rate.” People and Yanjun added.

However, no modern medicine can prove that breast diseases are inevitable to connect with bra. The bras of the bras cannot gather the dairy body without restrictions, but are limited by skin tension and slippery degree. As long as you wear a bra, you can prevent the breast sagging and expansion. The bra will maintain an ideal state without compressing the lymph and cause breast disease.

Use different types of bras at different stages

Generally, the back buckle of the bras is 3 rows, which adapts to the change of women’s body in a certain range, and plays a role in regulating the size of the bras under the bra. The three rows, three buckles, or three rows and four buckles are relatively stable, while the three rows and two buckles look relatively beautiful and more beautiful.

Among the 6 bras tested in this magazine, the 37 ° LOVE sub -brand Bedifferent and Mannifen are three rows and three buckles; Ai, Anlfang, and Dianfen are three rows and two buckles; urban beauty is three rows and four buckles.

Because the colorful bras are more likely to have harmful substances, the pungent underwear may exceed the standard. Therefore, the quality of light and light lingerie is relatively safer.

In addition, it is recommended that women choose different bray types in different periods.

Girls’ days are focusing on protection. It is not advisable to choose underwear with a tight, steel circle style, and the soft bra with a full cover is the best.

Breast hyperplasia is the most obvious before and after menstrual period, so there will be pain when collision, so when wearing, you should focus on the bras made of soft materials.

During pregnancy, you should choose a special bra for pregnant women. Do not buy ordinary large -sized bras, no steel trays, and no pads. It is a better choice.

测评报告三:综合评价爱慕较好 都市丽人垫底

Breastfeeding women’s bras should be selected for white, because pure white contains bleach can cause the skin to be unwell, which is not good for the health of the baby.

Correct wearable habits are as important as the quality of the bra. The wrong way of wear even causes breast diseases. When consumers wear bra, the upper body is leaning forward, and all the breasts include a pair of milk in the cup, adjust the back buckle and shoulder straps, and the bra can be tightened appropriately during exercise. In addition, it is not time to wear a bras in a day for more than 10 hours, and it is best to remove the chest when you sleep.

测评报告三:综合评价爱慕较好 都市丽人垫底

The questionnaire data of this journal shows that more than half of women spend more than one year using a bra. (As shown in Figure 10)

In fact, the normal service life of a bras is less than March to June, as many as June to October, and the wearing time will deform for a long time.

It is best to use a laundry solution or shower gel after finishing the bra. Try to choose hand washing as much as possible. It is best to use the bras special washing bags when machine washing. In addition, it is not advisable to mix the bras with other clothes to avoid small chemical fibers on the bra on the bra. When wearing it, enter the breast pipe, which can easily cause blockage. After washing, pay attention to hang upside down and dry it.