What kind of jewelry of the concubines of the Qing Dynasty in August 18th

The jewelery of the courts of the courts of the Qing Dynasty was generally done by the flowers, tiredness, jade work, teeth, inlaid, enamel work and other places by the Guangchu Division and the Creation Office.

Gold -embedded Jewelry Flower

These palace jewelry shapes are noble and elegant, with meticulous workmanship, and the number of gold and silver jewelry used is difficult to count. Similarly, these jewelry also reflects a strict hierarchical system.

The concubines of the Qing Palace

Although the photos of the maiden are a bit confused, the main jewelry of our article, so just take a look.


Movie and television works of the concubine of Qing Palace dress


The concubine’s jewelry is divided into several categories such as headwear, neck ornaments, hand ornaments, and pendants. These exquisite jewelry are made of gold, silver, jade, pearls, and gems of various textures. They are carefully carved and used in the manufacturing process.

Golden inlaid beadstone


Coupled with the unique craftsmanship such as 丝 再 and Diancui in the Qing Dynasty, the court women of the Qing Dynasty appeared more noble and elegant, beautiful, and also reflected the superb craftsmanship level of craftsmen.


The crown is an important jewelry of ancient Chinese aristocratic women. From the Tang Dynasty to the Ming Dynasty, there were gorgeous and elegant crown. Nurhachi in the Qing Dynasty reforming the clothes crown system, so strict levels appeared. The queen queen, queen, concubine, concubine, concubine above the Qing Dynasty had crowns, and they were all crowned with red crickets with rolled eaves. How many animals such as Jinji are different, concubines, concubines, and concubines.


Queen Winter Crown


The hat of the queen ceremony. Winter is a marten, with black velvet in summer and more than 300 Dongzhu. The nobles below the Qing Dynasty are often without crowns. The crown is a symbol of the status and identity of the ancient women. It is not possible to do it with money. In modern words, it is called: You can’t enjoy this treatment.

Pearl Cuicu Gold


The female family members of the Qing Palace have strict grade regulations. They must not have jewelry, let alone use their own grades, and they cannot take away some jewelry that they like.

Curma Bat butterfly Flower Gravement

The puppet is the crown hat worn by the concubine in the Qing Dynasty.

Wrist jewelry

Gold inlaid beads green bracelet

The bracelet is divided into six sections. In the middle, there is a green ring, a lotus petals in the ring, and one East Pearl. On each side of the Cuhuan, there are three east beads on each side, which shows the shape of the “Pin”. On the back of the Cuhuan is an octagonal hollowed up, the light can be transmitted naturally, and the design is clever. The golden beam is engraved with “Zhicheng Jiu Jin” and poked for the folk jewelry shop. Qing “Lin Lanxiang”: “Caiyun’s double dragon beads embedded soft bracelets on Geng Lang’s wrist.”

The Cuhuan bracelets embedded in Dongzhu are very fashionable when they come now.

Emerald Eighteen Son

The bracelets are worn with eighteen eighteen roof beads. There are two tourmaline beads, and the lower beads are connected to the tourmaline head. The card is a six -petal style of the golden dot, one in the center is embedded in the east, and the ruby ​​and four diamonds are surrounded by the center. There are two be tourmaline falls under the card.


The bracelets are decorations of the concubines of the Qing Dynasty. The texture includes agate, gems, jade, and wood. The bracelets can be worn on the wrist or hanging on the buttons of the placket.


Gold inlaid Pearl Emerald Ring

The rings of the Qing Dynasty were mostly made of emerald white jade carving or gold, which was very luxurious.


Silver Gilt Golden Filial Silk Embedded Pearls

The nail set is silver gilt gold, the whole body adopts a full -filament process, and is decorated with the bat pattern and the “life” pattern. There is a red gemstone on the bat, and a pearl on the word “Shou”. In “Zhen Huan Biography”, the queen mother and Hua Fei both wore such domineering nails.

The aristocratic women in the Qing Dynasty had the style of retention of long nails. Therefore, gold and silver used in the Qing Dynasty were used as a nail sleeve, and there were also copper -plated gold -plated tired silk, copper -plated hollow nail sleeve. This nail set is made into ancient money patterns with a full -filament process, which is finely produced and used by the concubine of the Qing Dynasty.


Golden Silk pattern sachet

The sachet is a fragrant incense hanging with you, which was originally a small bag made of cloth, also known as “fragrant bag”.

The custom of wearing sachets can be traced back to the pre -Qin period earlier, which is called “inspiration”. The emperors of the Qing Dynasty used this as decorations, which can be carried with them or hanging on the bed account.



Gold inlaid East Pearl earrings

This earrings are simple and generous, and are the accessories used by the Queen of the Qing Dynasty. The earrings are golden, inlaid with three east beads, the beads are smooth and moist, and they are full. China has been recorded by women’s earrings since the Han Dynasty, and has been made of precious materials such as gold, jade, pearls, and gems.

The concubine of the Qing Dynasty wearing earrings was different. When wearing a dynasty, the queen’s earrings were inlaid with three east beads.


Gold inlaid


The earrings are streamy, and the golden bent is embedded with emerald butterflies with a gold needle on the back for ears. The pearl is a string of pearls. The pearl is the corner of the tomato -shaped emerald, with the pink tourmaline of the lotus pattern, and the pearls are embedded on both sides. This earrings are made of folk jewelry shops in the Qing Dynasty.

(Note: Some information sources are the official website of the Forbidden City)


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