Mini World: In addition to making energy swords, blue diamonds also have these 6 major uses. Have you guess right?

Since the advent of the mini world, it has been loved by the majority of players. Not only does it love the picture quality of the game, but also the free creation of the game. Urban and houses can be designed according to their own styles. They can also support all kinds of cute small animals, plant various flowers and grass, and crops. There is no unexpected. The gameplay is free to do whatever you want. Without the box restrictions on everyone’s imagination, you will fall in love with the mini world if you are not careful.

Players know that diamonds are a very cherished ore. Diamonds can be seen in the mine and dungeon, but the amount of these diamonds is not enough for us to use, but some very rich players directly create blue diamonds to create a blue diamond to create a blue diamond to create a blue diamond to create out. After a diamond house, my friends are very envious. Today, let’s talk about the blue diamonds. In addition to making a energy sword, what other methods are there? Netizens’ methods are diverse!

1. Creation tools

Blue diamonds can be used to make tools such as blue diamond hoe, blue diamond shock and drill. It not only accelerates the use of ordinary tools, but also improves the ability to damage these tools to monsters. Just as the blue diamond hoe can turn the dirt and grass into a cultivated land that can plant food, expand the range of mature crops. If you want to quickly harvest soil blocks and plants, I believe that the tools created with blue diamonds are right.

Do you have a blue diamond tool? If you do n’t use the blue diamond to create a blue diamond tool so quickly, you can greatly improve your income. Hurry up.


Second, do armor

The blue diamond armor is the most resistant to physical damage in the armor of the mini -world. It can resist 64 physical damage. The friends choose the blue diamond armor during the battle, but it is a good choice. Oh, after all, sometimes when it is too late to avoid damage, the blue diamond armor can help resist the damage. There is also a diamond cloak in the cloak that can improve the movement speed. The blue diamond suite and diamond cloak are simply a pair of heavenly sets. If you want to have fast movement skills and high -resistance defense, create blue diamond armor quickly.

Third, create weapons

In addition to the energy sword, the blue diamond creative weapon can also create rockets and crossbow. Rockets and crossbow can not be a weapon to play. The rocket launches directly to the rocket to blow you up. These weapons require blue diamonds as raw materials to synthesize. Weapons made with blue diamonds are also very powerful. You can directly kill the Black Dragon.


Fourth, create diamond room

There is a way of showing off a show off. Many players create a diamond house on the diamonds of their mobile phones, which attracts a lot of Xiao Mengxin very envious, but the diamond house is not available in this diamond house. Very few. It is not as powerful as the weapons and armor made of blue diamonds, so players who want to be a blue diamond house may wish to experience the happiness of diamond houses in the creation mode!


Fifth, make traps anti -bear children

There is a very annoying person, that is the bear child. Some players come up with a way to deal with the bear children. They use diamonds as bait as bait to attract bear children to hook them. At this time, the explosive device of the explosives will be started, and the bear children will fly directly. In fact, this principle is the same as most trap devices.


So when you meet diamonds on the road, do not rush to dig out casually. Maybe that is the trap hidden there. As the so -called world is not white, you can see that there are diamonds on the ground on the grassland, but don’t rush over.


Six, make a cloak


Diamond cloak can be synthesized on the toolbox with leather cloak, black dye bottle and blue diamond. The synthetic diamond cloak can increase the movement speed by 6%. With the blue diamond armor, it is an invincible existence. The heart of the heart is to synthesize a cool blue diamond armor and diamond -setting wind with diamonds. Do n’t be afraid wherever you go. The interesting mini world always brings us joy. What else do you think of blue diamonds besides the use of above? Welcome to comment on the comments below and share your thoughts. Friends you like can move your fingers to follow, like and share!