Pirelli launch 10 -inch and 12 -inch racing tires for minigp

At the end of October, the Pirelli Pirelli Tire released the use of mini -racing/small racing car such as minigp. The corresponding wheel frame diameter is 10 inches, 12 inches, and the new Diablo Superbike competition (full -heating -free dissolved bald head tire for dry land) And Diablo Rain rain.

Due to the cooperative relationship with Fim, Dorna Sports S.L (MotogP Promotion Company) and Ohvale (children’s racing manufacturers from Italy), Pirelli is the only tire supplier of the FIM mini GP World Series. The annual finals of the event will be held this week in Valencia, Spain, and young drivers will compete for unified driving models (OHVale GP-160). This machine will use the SC1 formula, the latest Diablo Superbike competition for special tires. The front wheel specifications are 100/80-10, and the rear wheel specifications are 120/80-10.

Pirelli said that the new size (10 English, 12 -inch) Diablo Superbike special tires are new products that they have accumulated in the rails in the past few decades, and they have been brought to the new product of the MINIGP/small racing world. Product: It is suitable for any level of drivers, amateur enthusiasts to professionals; whether it is during the competition, or in the training environment.

The new -size Diablo Superbike competition is specially developed with a softer SC1 compound formula. The cross -curtain layer structure adopted by the carcass, and the Pirelli engineer is developed by the Pirelli engineer. Steering, and still maintaining better performance under various operation conditions. Compared with the Diablo Rosso Scooter SC tires for the pedal, Diablo Superbike has a special outline for specially designed tires, which allows a greater contact area between the tire surface and the pavement asphalt, allowing the fast -to -turn and ensure easy control when turning. And control.

The Diablo Rain raindrop tire uses SCR1 compound formula, and it is suitable for minigp/small racing and pedal cars.

In terms of product size, Diablo Superbike and Diablo Rain both provide the following specifications:

100/80 – 10 (before)

120/80 – 10 (later)

100/90 – 12 (before)

120/80 – 12 (post -)