“Don’t love cooking” is the biggest misunderstanding of young people

“Don’t love cooking” is the biggest misunderstanding of young people

The kitchen is not easy to use,

The kitchen gods have to frown!

My friend recently took a steel cable for love, and he had to contract his boyfriend’s three meals. But she usually relies on takeaway work, and the kitchen in her family is basically furnishings.

The decoration is pretty good, but it is not used (good).

The basis for the judgment of “not easy to use” by the house SIR is as follows:

■ The kitchen is only 5 square meters, but I can’t find something

■ 1.6 meters tall, I haven’t seen what it looks like in the hanging cabinet for three years

■ I bought a double groove in follow -up, and I couldn’t stop the pot at all

■ It is clean in the kitchen in other people’s house, but her family is too difficult …

It can be imagined that she just came to complain just a day: cooking is really too tired, why do you cook? Is the takeaway not fragrant? (Intimate a girlfriend collapse …)

“Tired, never want to enter the kitchen again”

In the final analysis, the collapse of the kitchen was not easy to use in the final night sisters’ group.

There is a kitchen mother’s heart, which can be used in inconvenience and difficulty in cleaning. (Of course, it may also be because of lazy)

But some people asked,

What do you look like to use a good kitchen?

Look at the details!

It is also the kitchen. Other people’s family is always stronger than your family. Where is the problem? Look at the house SIR to analyze and analyze it. Bleak

“Make meals, turn in the kitchen”

Why did anyone cook calmly and elegant, someone panicked like looking for someone to dry?

The house SIR calmly analyzed and excluded the extreme option of “not cooking”, and there was another possibility that the cabinet was not right.

Common layouts of small kitchens: “U -type”, “I”, “L type”.

The layout of the “type I” is common in the narrow and long kitchen space. According to the sink-operating area-the stove, each area is calculated by 1 meter. The meal is basically a 3-meter-off.

“L type” is common and rectangular space.

The “U -shaped” layout has the shortest line, and the switch between the sink and the stove only needs to turn over

In fact, everyone knows these layouts, but what SIR wants to say here is that smooth dynamic line partitions are bonus, which will save time and effort.

Recalling the process of cooking our daily cooking, it is best to lay the dynamic line layout:

Take ingredients in the refrigerator -simple treatment -sink cleaning -cutting vegetables -culinary culinary -filling the plate -ending on the table.

Specifically, you can look at the “U -shaped” kitchen of the homeowner@_404.

Refrigerator-sink-cutting vegetable operation area-stove,

Take-wash-cut-cut-fried in one go.

Picture from: Designer A Jie

When we are designing the kitchen, we just arrange for several main functional areas according to the process, and then leave enough to operate the table space. The rest is how the items collect these details.

Picture from: homeowner_404

For example, put related items nearby.

There are sufficient pots and tableware storage areas as reserved under the stove. When cooking, open the drawer to get it; there must be a fixed position of various seasonings around the stove.

Sakayazaki Industrial Pot frame

The kitchen utensils that are used every day can be hung on the wall around the stove.

Like the operation of the operation, it is best to set the trash can, which can be hidden in the cabinet, and the kitchen waste on the table can be thrown in.

Like around the sink, we all know that we can hang the cleaning tools with a wall hanging rod, but in fact, we can also think carefully when custom cabinets.

For example, open a dish.

In the case of the designer@在 在, there is a passing of a dish on the partition wall between the kitchen and the restaurant. Come.

“Challenge the kitchen and do not bend over!”

When Sir was a child, I often heard parents say back pain, especially after working in the kitchen for a long time.

When we make cabinet customization, most of them are measured by the master, and then customized according to the size of the space. The height of the countertop is often a value that is easy to ignore.

However, the same 84cm operating table is okay in 1.6 meters tall. It is not very comfortable to be 1.8 meters.

House SIR recommends that the height of the cabinet at home is best to cook, who decides, and the comfort of the TA elbow is based on the comfort.

Too high and easy to have shoulder pain, sore arms, too low, and back pain. In the daily use process, these inappropriateness will be clearly reflected.

Picture from: “Xiaoya Zoom! Key Dimensions in the Line “

House SIR shares a computing formula here for your reference:

■ Conquering elbow use: stove table = (height / 2) + 5 cm

■ Conquering waist use: sink = (height / 2) + 10 cm

Generally, there will be a height difference between 5-8cm between the sink and the stove, which will save a lot of effort to use it.

The kitchen designed by the homeowner @YCT is like this. The sink countertop is higher than that of the stove. The dishes do not bend over, and do not lift their arms to avoid the shoulder and neck and waist damage caused by long -term labor.

In addition to the height of the countertop, the unreasonable design of the floor cabinet can also make people sore back.

Especially like this old -fashioned cabinet with only partitions, it seems to be very capable, but it looks very good to find something. It is a long time to find something. Back pain is on the one hand.

To solve it thoroughly, use only storage artifacts, and the floor cabinet is more drawer.

The drawer is easy to open and close. It is clear at a glance that tableware and pots can be collected. IKEA also has a nested drawer that can be installed directly. If you feel that your own cabinet drawer is too high, too deep, the space is wasteful, you can also manually add an inside.

系 IKEA Masmai Series

The corner area of ​​the floor cabinet can also refer to the design of the homeowner@tobacco home. It is convenient to find things to find things.

布 BANAGE Benag’s little monster pulls basket

For those who have conditions, you can also use high cabinets such as steaming ovens and microwave ovens as embedded, and use it without bending over.

“The hanging cabinet is too high, it is always enough”

The hanging cabinet is too high, and it is always high to get things. It is inconvenient to use. After a long time, it becomes a chicken space.

When many people make hanging cabinets, they are accustomed to putting the cabinet to the top, so that it will look much more comfortable, but for many petite girls, it is not convenient to get things.

Many people have abandoned the hanging cabinet and changed to the Japanese housewife’s partition display.

However, this open storage is easier to stain oil, and there are many things. Unless the self -management ability is strong, it can be taken care of every day, otherwise it must be used for two times.

In fact, the problem of inconvenient to pick up the cabinet can also be solved with lift and pull baskets.

When pulling the basket down, the things in the cabinet are omnispped.

Picture from: Designer Zhang Tian

The pull baskets are usually multi -layered separately designed to facilitate the classification of items. After buying it alone, it is necessary to combine according to the size when custom cabinet.

Panasonic lifts and pull baskets

Like this, it can be set in a hanging cabinet near the stove to collect dry goods and condiments.

篮 Higher high lifting and pull basket

Panasonic also has this right -angled pumping basket, thin, can be installed in the cabinet on the sink to collect cleaning tools.

“Obviously there are lights, how do you always touch black and cut vegetables”

The top lights of the kitchen at home are clear enough. How can I always feel dark when cutting vegetables?

Especially in the kitchen with a hanging cabinet, when we cut the vegetables, because the hanging cabinet covers some of the top light sources, there will be shadow areas in the operating counter, and we always feel that the lights are not bright enough.

In fact, you only need to add a light above the operating table to solve it.

You can choose the lights. In addition to supplementing local functional lighting, it can also form a beautiful light arc, making the space look softer and more delicate.

It can also be covered at the bottom of the hanging cabinet, which is evenly distributed with light, and it can also form a beautiful outline to increase the beauty of the cabinet.

Lighting is generally added in the operation table and sink area.

Picture from: homeowner tobacco

Some lamp bands can also be used with smart devices, like homeowners@有 有


Invisible lamp

, Can connect Xiaoai audio control, just install Xiaomi smart sockets and gateways to achieve it.

店 Call on the Cultural Flagship Store

IKEA also has LED lights specifically for lighting on the kitchen table. You can buy it for your own installation.

L IKEA LED countertop lighting bar

“Follow the trend to buy dual grooves, and the pot can not be stuffed at all”

Buy order slots or buy dual grooves? Buy a big single slot if you don’t understand!

Why is the house SIR so firm? It’s not because of the small kitchen.

Although the dual grooves can be washed separately, clean and hygienic, when the width of the kitchen sink area is narrow, the dual grooves may not be stuffed with the pot, and the single slot will be different.


Black quartz stone single slot

The face value is high enough and it is not easy to hang oil, which is particularly convenient to clean.

🛒 店 🛒 International Brand Store

Picture from: homeowner, smile

It is used with a pull -up water faucet, and the corners of the corners can be cleaned.



Quartz stone single slot

You can use it with the drain basket. The washed dishes can be put directly in and dry.

浴 Pailaiya Bathing Flagship Store

Homeowner Aya’s house

Stainless steel single slot

The internal space is large enough, and it is convenient to wash everything.

TATARA stainless steel sink

In addition, large single slots can also be used with related accessories, like

Japanese LIXIL stainless steel single slot

It is multi -functional by matching multiple accessories.

For example, with a partition accessory, the sink is used as an extension of the cooking table.

Daily cleaning pot.

Drinks and vegetables can be completed in the sink area.

It is more flexible than dual -slot and can change at any time according to the needs of use.

In addition, it is best to make it into a basin during installation.

Picture from: Douyin

When there is water stains on the table, it will be cleaned by a bit of a basin on the stage. The garbage processor is installed, and the kitchen waste can be cleaned directly.

You see, if you want to save effort, the key is these humble small details. Especially in the kitchen, they all say “Golden Kitchen and Yinwei”, which is the key to spending money.

With reference to other people’s experience and skills, it is only the first step, but after all, a good kitchen must fit the habit of using someone. The skills are easy to learn, and the habits are more pondered!


What other small details are your kitchen?

The message area tells us!

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Picture from: Designer Zhang Tian

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