Serving chicken heart collar vest+loose shorts home clothing set cuts to sharing, wearing really cool and fast

Today, I will share with you the home service and loose shorts.

Nowadays, I really just want to wear this, cool and comfortable! Intersection Intersection

Let’s take a look at the style map

Generally, like such a large neckline, there will be phenomena such as uncomfortable collars, or bowing their heads.

In this version, I have handled this problem perfectly, especially a little bit of chicken heart shape at the tip of the neckline. Do not make deformation. When people do not pay attention when they are drawing or do not pay attention, they will not pay attention to make a big V -neck.)

The effect of the neckline front and back is displayed, isn’t it good?

The whole clothes are large and small, the front is loose and comfortable, the back film is not tired, perfect!

No nonsense, the picture above. L code, always trying to lose weight, always has a long distance from the national standard, hey …

Top of the top

The gap in the front film is a bit large, because I have done the treatment of the chest province and the neckline, so don’t question the version of the version, just do it directly.

This is the size of the micro -bullet fabric. If it is a non -bullet fabric, it can be used for M code. If it is too elastic fabric, you can use XL code. In short, everything is comfortable.

The drawing unit is centimeter. If you are not used to, you can buy a soft ruler. Generally, the two sides of the soft ruler are centimeters on one side. On the one side, the city is inch. No need to convert brain. Essence Essence

Need other numbers, just push the board directly according to the file difference of 1cm length of 4cm length.

Draft of the top of the top

The trousers are cut, and the cuts of the pants are connected to the waist, so when cutting, pay attention to adding the side side of the waist to loosen the side.

The width of the sewing edge is 1.5cm wider than the rubber band you use

The length of the rubber band measures its own waistline, and then minus about 6cm

There are side seam pockets on the side seam. I did n’t paint this. If you add it at will, you can not make a pocket. You can watch the videos of making pants in front of me.

This is also the tailoring of the L code. Because it is relatively loose, it is also possible to wear it as an average code.

If you are particularly fat or are particularly thin, add 25cm to the version of the hips for version production

There is no difficulty in making whole clothes, that is, special attention should be paid to the stitching of the neckline of the top, and do not deform. If you are not sure, you can fix it first before sewing.

There is no special requirement for fabrics. It is comfortable to wear, and it will be used at home. Just look at the color. It doesn’t matter if you wear it at home. If you want to wear it out, just think about it.

Well, that’s it for today’s sharing. If you like it, you can try it if you like it. If you don’t understand, you can go to the comment area to leave a message to communicate

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