In autumn and winter, the bottoming shirt is also beautiful

The autumn and winter cold wind comes, how can there be a sexy and beautiful bottoming shirt in the closet? Although the bottoming shirt is not complicated, how many styles can be matched depends on the “clothing” Q of the sisters. Sometimes the bottoming shirt can also be responsible for wearing it. It depends on whether you will pick it up. Xiaobian is for everyone. After finishing the match strategy, let’s take a look!

1. Korean version of large -size slimming mesh long -sleeved T -shirt

2. Install the new lady’s top high -neck mesh long -sleeved Korean version of the slim lace bottoming shirt, retro luxurious hook flower lace, multi -layer lace decoration, slimming versatile, romantic and elegant

3. Long -sleeved loose round collar sweater female jacket

4. Korean female round collar long sleeve bottoming shirt

5. Packing under -collapsed underwear long sweater female jacket

6. Autumn and winter lace mesh plus velvet thickened high -necked bottom shirt

7. Grass women’s lace shirt girl

8. Long -sleeved lace stitching bottoming shirt T -shirt T -shirt

9. Korean version of slim short -sleeved long -sleeved sweater bottoming shirt

10. Loose pattern long -sleeved T -shirt women’s bottom shirt

11. Hollow lace shirt chiffon shirt bottoming shirt

12. Very suitable for autumn and winter wear. That is to keep warm and windproof, but also noble and gorgeous. You can wear it inside. Winter is indispensable for warmth. Eliminate bloated, one winter. Those who are moving to act quickly!

13. High -collar tight cashmere sweater to repair wool sweater

14, pure color long -sleeved bottoming shirt, women’s clothing

15. Black long -sleeved bottoming shirt women’s tide

16. Long -sleeved professional dress Korean version of self -warming bottoming shirt

17. Korean version of the gauze long -sleeved top T -shirt bottoming shirt

18. Mao woolen dress

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